Friday, June 08, 2012

Stephen Harper and the Silent Coup

I've been writing about Stephen Harper for a long time, and every year the picture on the screen gets darker and more sinister.

Just as I always knew it would. For his lust for power knows no limit. And his ideological depravity knows no bottom. 

But so dark is the picture now, that I am starting to wonder whether I am witnessing a silent coup.

For not only does his Trojan Horse budget bill attack poor people, seniors and the unemployed to try to turn us into a low-wage economy, where Big Oil rules. Not only are his foul Cons scrapping environmental regulations, so they can sell us off to foreign interests.

Now they're giving Big Oil their own Praetorian Guard.

The federal government has set up a counter-terrorism unit in Alberta and one of its main jobs will be to help protect the energy industry from attacks by extremists.

And since the Cons call those who oppose their policies extremists, money launderers and radicals, who do you think Royal Canadian  Albertan American Chinese Oil  Police will spend their time investigating?

Michaud said the Alberta unit hasn't been formed to snoop on people or groups that oppose energy projects such as the oilsands or the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline to the B.C. coast.

"That being said, in our role of preventing these threats from occurring, it is important that intelligence is collected against the activities of groups before they become violent."


He's muzzled the scientists, he's crippled the statisticians, now he's trying to intimidate environmental groups, and send a message to BC: Love my big dirty pipeline while I ram it gently down your throat. Or ELSE.

Because he's such a right-wing extremist, such a tool of Big Oil, and all his troubled mind ever craves is even more POWER.

If you analyze what he is doing, what is apparent is that he is gradually stripping away the power of oversight bodies in the system. It has the obvious effect of leaving him and his inner sanctum with all the more power.

Our system of government gives the prime minister – especially when equipped with a majority government – enormous powers. But apparently they aren’t enough. Not for this prime minister.

Which makes me wonder how much more power does this maniac want? Which one of the voices in his head told him Canadians need a dictator? How dare he try to stage a silent coup to try to turn this country into a JUNGLE?

And does he really think he can scare us into silence and submission while he dismembers Canada and its values?

For if he does he can forget it eh? 

This nightmare will only inspire more Canadians to resist the Harper Cons and eventually defeat them. We shall give them no peace, and Tom Mulcair will show them no mercy.

A new poll by Nanos Research – one that was conducted two weeks after Mr. Mulcair was denounced by three Western premiers for saying resource development had afflicted Canada with a case of “Dutch disease” – suggests the federal New Democrats had the support of 33.6 per cent of decided voters while the Conservatives had the backing of 33.5 per cent.

For now there can be no mercy.  

The picture is too dark.  

And the man is too monstrous....

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  1. All we can hope for is that, way before the next election, some Con MPs with consciences (yes, I know, a lot to ask, but bet there are a few, enough to ruin Emperor Steve's majority) will cross the floor or sit as Independents, in disgust with what he is trying to do to our country...

  2. I was hoping electoral fraud would be his Waterloo moment but if that Del Mastro investigation is only being wrapped up now (2008 election), there's not much hope in that.