Monday, June 04, 2012

Jason Kenney and the Royal Jelly

As you probably know I'm not exactly a fan of Jason Kenney.

Ever since he said that gays should be free to marry, but only if they married someone of the opposite sex, I have had trouble taking him seriously eh? 

And I don't think I could EVER trust a middle aged religious fanatic who is "saving himself" for marriage, but believes that WE are the ones who need saving from Satan...or the Liberals. 

And is now threatening the health of refugees.

So imagine how surprised I was to learn that he has some royal jelly in his genes godly matter 

And that his grandfather was one of Canada's most famous Big Band leaders...

Which made me feel guilty eh? 

Could I have been unfair to Kenney?

Could I possibly have overlooked some hidden artistic talent?

Nah. I didn't think so. 

Because from what I've been able to determine, unlike Jason, Mart was REALLY popular.

And this song is EXCELLENT...

I left Alberta where the weather is sunny.

To come down East to make a lot of money.

But now I own a share in an oil well there.

Calgary is the place for me !!

Howdy Doody. How things change. But of course that was before Dutch Disease killed the rest of Canada. And the Cons sold Alberta to foreign interests.

Oh well. I still found the song inspiring in a funny sort of way eh?

How about we send ALL the Cons back to Calgary or Alberta?

And make Canada sunny again...

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  1. Anonymous8:45 AM

    And there's poor Manitoba caught in the middle, not quite part of the west, yet not quite part of the east.

    Happy Gay Pride to everyone.