Thursday, June 14, 2012

Stephen Harper and the Day of Infamy

It was the Canadian Parliament's darkest day, and at the same time one of its finest.

Each new round of voting began with a round of applause from the New Democrat benches and ended with whoops and cheers from the Conservatives whose majority might means they’ve voted down every motion so far.

I tried to watch it on CPAC but I couldn't. It was too horrible. The sight of the Cons whooping it up like they were in a bar, or at a rodeo. The sight of Stephen Harper mocking the opposition by opening his mouth and showing his teeth... 

Knowing that he was raping our democracy, wrecking our environmental defences, changing our country beyond recognition, and there was NOTHING they could do to stop him.

It was all more than I could bear eh? 

And of course this made me want to vomit.

“You waste all that time in the House of Commons last night, and then do this waste of time on the rolling voting, which accomplishes nothing except wasting taxpayers money in the House of Commons – because it’s expensive to run the House of Commons – and then have the nerve to say we want to have Question Period,” he complained. “This is, like, chutzpah, right?"

How cheap would that ghastly little Con ideologue sell our democracy? 

But despite the horror of this day of infamy, and the atmosphere reminiscent of the last days of the Reichstag, I was hugely encouraged by the way the opposition refused to rollover even though they knew they couldn't win. 

Because it's only by fighting like that can you expect to make Canadians understand what Harper and his Con regime are trying to do to Canada. So they can be motivated to resist. For resist they must if this country is to be a grand democracy instead of a sinister petro-state.

And for once I agree with Andrew Coyne.

The opposition must be prepared to bloody the government’s nose again, and again, and go on doing so, for as long as these abuses continue. It must be prepared to do so, what is more, in the face of public indifference or even hostility. It cannot count on appealing to public sentiment. It has to teach the public to care. It has to teach them why it matters.

Except that I'll go further. I swear by everything I hold dear that I will work twice as hard as I ever have, with any and all progressive Canadians, to defeat those bastard Cons in the next election. I'll hand out pamphlets, I'll answer phones, I'll sweep floors, I'll do ANYTHING to help drive those hee hawing hogs from power.

And the day the Cons are finally defeated, and we can start to rebuild Canada, I STILL won't be satisfied eh? 

I'll demand that every law the Cons ever passed be changed or declared null and void. I'll demand that everything they ever did be investigated, and that they be put on trial for crimes against Canada and the planet. And hopefully sentenced to rot in one of their ghastly jails. For trying to change a country into a jungle.

And for trying to bully and muzzle its citizens.  

Oh yeah. Some may settle for simply defeating the Cons. 

But after what they did today. After this day of infamy. After what they've done to my Canada.

I'll demand REVENGE... 

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  1. Elizabeth May MP ‏@ElizabethMay
    This is a time of grief and mourning for anyone who has a sense of the act of vandalism known as #C38. The loss and pain is keen. #cdnpoli

    I tuned back in to watch the final vote
    While the NDP enjoyed a robust round ofapplause
    for each other i could see Elizabeth in the back at end Lib line
    she stood for her vote and them immediatey turned her back and put her head down in defeat and exhaustion... hands resting on a ledge for support
    i felt so much for her with no one else to hug and commiserate as a fellow party member

    1. hi Oemissions...yes it was a sad spectacle and Elizabeth May performed heroically. I feel very sorry for her and the other opposition MPs, but also very proud of them...

  2. Anonymous3:07 AM

    Vic Toews has suggested that only despotic governments try to take away our guns, because guns are the last resort against them.

    I'm starting to think it's time to take him at his word.

    1. hi anonymous...I could never even contemplate the use of violence. I firmly believe in the power of peaceful protest. But as for Vic Toews I'm hoping when the Cons are defeated, some way will be found to jail him for his actions. I'd double bunk him in a cell with Jaosn Kenney, so they could read their Bibles to each other, and reflect on their evil ways... ;)

  3. Hi Simon,

    Read me today please.


    1. hi Thwap....excellent post, and a great primer on Bill c-38. I'm going to have to print it out and carry it around in my pocket. I've always admired your spirit and your thoughtful post about what we need to do to really mobilize Canadians is extremely encouraging. We do need to engage with people at a grassroots level and we do need to present them with solutions instead of just problems. I still believe in the value of marches and rallies because they have helped spark a national conversation in Quebec. But yeah we need fresh ideas. I'll bookmark your post and get back to you with my ideas...

  4. I feel just as you do..but I have always tried to do what I could to get my member elected..
    Luckily for me, I live in an area that has had NDP reps forever...and always will..
    Unluckily for all of us, I live in a Parliamentary "democracy" where so few vote that it's easy for Con artists, shapeshifters and tyrants to get elected...and destroy this country that I chose to be a part of..
    I am ashamed today to be a Canadian, but I am not defeated...

    1. hi Mizdarlin...I too am lucky to live in an NDP stronghold. So in the next election I'm going to volunteer to work for them in a Con riding. And needless to say I'm going to work as hard as I can to get the apathetic to vote. And I feel the same as you do, ashamed but not defeated...

  5. Anonymous1:24 PM

    It is amazing to me. Any honest decent person with morals and ethics, would ever vote for a monster such as Harper and his evil, ranting raving henchmen ministers.

    There is no doubt Canada is in, very evil times with Harper's, so called government. He is merging Canada in with Communist China. The world is also seeing Harper's evil. No wonder the U.N. security council, refused Harper a seat. They voted to keep Harper out of, the New Trans Pacific Trade Group as well.

    Although it's pretty much a given, Harper cheated to win, with the robo-call cheat election fraud. Harper is desperately trying to quash the investigation. Harper defended Del Mastro's cheat. If Del Mastro goes down, so does Harper. Perhaps the Nuremberg defense will work for Harper's dictatorship. Although in the Nuremberg trials, it did not.

    We know Harper was summoned for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Luis Moreno-Ocampo, ICC's Chief Prosecutor was who gave Harper the summons. They say, the case is still active. Harper has more than a few lawsuits against him.

    As much as we don't like violence in Canada, it is certainly going to come. Harper is every bit as evil as, Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini. Their personalities, are identical.

    1. hi anonymous...Well I wouldn't compare Harper to Hitler, but Mussolini maybe, and of course he himself compares himself to Stalin... ;)

  6. note all those faces voting yes.

    they are all going to be arrested and questioned.

    the guilty are going to prison.

    we will nationalize and re-nationalize industries and companies.

    future generations will see the con mps like we see nazis in the 30s.

  7. Anonymous4:19 AM