Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Jason Kenney Drops the A-Bomb

They say people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones eh?

So it seems to me Jason Kenney really should know better than to call the Deputy Premier of Alberta an  asshole. 

The only explanation seems to be that when Jason Kenney, the federal immigration minister, hit the button on his personal email account, he accidentally hit “reply all.”  

Why else would he declare to the world in an email that he thinks Alberta’s deputy premier, Thomas Lukaszuk, is a “complete and utter asshole”?

Lordy. Why does such a religious fanatic have such a dirty mouth?

And why does he hate Lukaszuk so much? 

The answer to that might lie in Lukaszuk’s constant lobbying, and occasional criticism, of federal immigration policy last year when he was Alberta’s employment minister. Lukaszuk wanted Ottawa to open the door to allow more immigrants to come to Alberta to alleviate the province’s shortage of skilled trades.

But is it really that ? Or was it this twitter battle a couple of days before Jasonella sent the e-mail, that got his goat his tongue his tongues going?

For a couple hours on the weekend, Twitter lit up with an epic brawl between Wildrose house Leader Rob Anderson and PC deputy premier Thomas Lukaszuk. They both erupted over the Progressive Conservative's decision to fund gender-reassignment surgery, with Lukaszuk calling Anderson "regressive" and Anderson snapping back:

"The fact is Thomas you are the one that uses sexual orientation and religion to divide people every chance you get - it's shameful and pathetic." Lukaszuk rejoined: "As per protocol, bring church into it. Yes, God is always on your side. My God happens to be a bit more compassionate."

Golly. You don't think he hates Lukaszuk for having the nerve to attack the Wild Hog Party for the bigoted views that Kenney shares?

Because you know Jason is a good Christian who likes to attack sick refugees. 

And a good homophobe.

Refugees’ rights advocates say a law proposed by the Harper government will increase the likelihood that gay asylum seekers will be rejected, deported or imprisoned.

Like his smelly bosom buddies at  Life Shite. 

Because what would Jesus say eh?

Except if those are Christians my name is Jason. And they're all going to Hell....or the Oil Sands.

And the good news?

Decent people in Alberta might want to reconsider voting for the Harper Cons, now that they know what Kenney and his gang really think of them for rejecting the Wild Hog Party.

And as for those diseased religious bigots, give them enough rope chain.

And they can hang  heil themselves...

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  1. Laurent3:09 PM

    I gather that you don't really like them.

    1. hi Laurent...although I am an atheist, I have no problems with real Christians who preach love instead of hate. But as for those who would trample on the lives of others, for them I have no time at all...

  2. Calling an asshole an asshole. So what is wrong with that?! Will you stop picking on dropped sesame and start concentrate on real issues? You are pathetic.

  3. You are a bunch of marginalized idiots attacking osmeone who is doing a perfect job for Canadians.