Saturday, June 02, 2012

Jimbo Flaherty and the Vanishing Economy

I'm sad to see that so many GM workers are losing their jobs in Oshawa. 

The Canadian Auto Workers union received official notice Friday that GM will begin shutting down its consolidated assembly line in the fourth quarter, which will wipe out 2,000 jobs, reducing the number of GM employees in Canada to about 8,000.

I feel sorry for their families, the latest victims of the Dutch Disease, and of the Con Master Plan to turn us into a low wage economy.

The Chevrolet Equinox crossovers now being shipped to Oshawa will instead be built at the company’s former Saturn plant in Spring Hill, Tenn., which GM is reopening after closing it when it killed off Saturn during the Chapter 11 restructuring. 

 The Spring Hill plant is reopening because the United Auto Workers agreed to allow the company to hire a large number of workers at wages of about $14 (U.S.) an hour and minimal benefits. That compares with about $32 (Canadian) in hourly wages in Oshawa

But of course that's what happens when you make the nasty Con gnome Jimbo Flaherty your member of Parliament. 

Because he doesn't know his ass from his elbow eh ?

He didn't see it coming. 

He doesn't seem to understand that  putting all your economic eggs into an oil barrel isn't too smart.

If you asked him where did all these companies go? He'd probably say what companies?

In just a few short years, hundreds of companies that employ between 100 and 499 people vanished – and no one knows exactly why.

The country now has just over 14,000 firms of that size, compared with almost a million small businesses and nearly 3,000 large ones, leaving Canada overwhelmingly comprised of businesses too small to generate job growth, too small to drive an economic recovery, and ultimately too small to ensure the country can compete for trade with the new global superpowers in this post-crisis world.

Or who cares about the vanishing economy? Because if it isn't bad for Big Oil, or Alberta, he's not interested.

But like Great Ugly Pretty Economist Buffoon Leader he does so want to bleed government to the bone. His monstrous omnibus budget bill is packed with more Trojans and viruses than a Russian spam site. He is willing to wage war on seasonal workers, seniors, the poor and the unemployed, like he once waged war on the homeless.

And he does think Don Cherry deserves the Order of Canada. 

Which leads to these obvious questions eh? Who made Jimbo Flaherty Finance Minister or the Minister of Anything?

Isn't it time we let the Cons know what we think of their Trojan Horse budget bill?

And do you think people in Oshawa will vote for Jimbo Flaherty again?

Oh I don't think so eh? 
Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.

Now fight them, fight them, fight them.

Don't let them win....

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