Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Vic Toews and the Missing Women

Is there any truth Stephen Harper's Con regime won't try to deny? Is there anyone they won't try to muzzle?

The federal public safety minister’s office tried to scale back an apology the RCMP delivered earlier this year to the families of serial killer Robert Pickton’s victims, Postmedia News has learned. 

The revised statement did not include any acknowledgement that the RCMP “could have done more” in the Pickton investigation and the apology was limited to saying “how very sorry we are for the loss of your loved ones.”

And how deep is the depth of Vic Toews' moral depravity?

Email records show that shortly before the RCMP statement was issued, Julie Carmichael, press secretary to Public Safety Minister Vic Toews, wrote to Daniel Lavoie, the RCMP’s executive director of public affairs in Ottawa, requesting changes to the text.

“Daniel — please find attached the revised product,” she wrote. The next line was underlined for emphasis: “Please ensure the statement issued is reflective of these changes.”

For he will use the grisly case of the deranged killer Luka Magnotta to shamelessly plug his totalitarian internet snooping bill.

Because once he's sunk his teeth into something, he just won't won't give up eh?

But he wasn't prepared to allow the RCMP to apologize for botching their investigation into the murderous activities of the butcher Robert Pickton. 

Even though, along with the Vancouver police force, they mishandled the case from the very beginning. As this report clearly shows. (PDF)

It's almost impossible to deal with a situation if you not first recognize it as what it truly is. Both the VPD and the RCMP initially failed to recognize the Missing Women issue. When they did recognize the problem they failed to act appropriately and accept ownership.

While investigators tried to determine what had happened to the Missing Women they were not supported by Senior Management. This lack of oversight resulted in investigations that lacked direction, staffing, and resources.

But still Toews didn't want the RCMP to apologize to the victims and all those who loved them. Because for him and the other members of Stephen Harper's morally vacuous regime, power means never having to say you're sorry.

Oh boy. Keep your eyes on Vic eh? Because until his internet snooping bill is dead and buried, he's still dangerous.

Defeat the Cons before they drag us all into their ghastly sewer.

Never forgive what happened. 

Never forget these women...

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  1. Not exactly related but when I was on the CBC website I observed the photo of Dean Deli and a smaller one of Magnotta on the same page.
    It occurred to me that Dean looks like an aged and chubby Magnotta

    1. hi Beijing...OK. Now I'm going to have nightmares. Did Vic Toews clone them at his place in the Paraguayan jungle? Seriously though, I wouldn't compare Del Monstruo with that psycho freak Magnotta, but they do have one thing in common they are both bullies and delusional. The way Del Mastro went after the opposition on the robocon scandal was outrageous considering what he himself had allegedly done.The guy may be a legend in his own mind, but in my mind he's pathetic...

  2. what is he really covering up? Could it be this?

    1. Hi Steve...I don't think Toews is covering up anything. I think he was just following the Con mantra. Never accept responsibility. Always blame others. Never say sorry.
      Which in this case is simply pathetic, because saying sorry was the right,the decent,and the Canadian thing to do.
      It would have meant something, not much but something, to all the people who knew and loved the murdered women.
      And to try to deny them that is so inhuman and so cheap it disgusts me.
      Toews should be ashamed of himself, and those classless Cons have gotta go...