Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Dean Del Mastro and the Ghastly Cons

Uh oh. I KNEW it was a mistake to make Dean Del Mastro, the Con point man on the robocall scandal. 

One moment he was leading the charge, bellowing like a bull, claiming da Liberals did it, and that the Cons didn't do dirty stuff like that.

The next moment he was under investigation. 

The MP leading the Conservative government’s defence in the robocalls scandal is himself under investigation by Elections Canada for alleged election law violations related to voter-contact calls made by his campaign in 2008.

Elections Canada says in a court document it has reasonable grounds to believe offences were committed by Dean Del Mastro, who serves as Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s parliamentary secretary, and by his campaign’s official agent.

How ironic eh? And we find this out on the same day that another Con MP Larry Miller, the one who called supporters of the gun registry Nazis, is now calling for Canada to pull out of the United Nations.

A Conservative backbencher wants Canada to be the first country in the world to leave the United Nations. Larry Miller, the MP for Bruce–Grey–Owen Sound, says he’s upset the UN Committee Against Torture “voiced displeasure” with the Harper government’s refugee-reform bill, and sent a rapporteur on food security to Canada.

Can you believe that? The United Nations, the institution we helped found. The world body where a Canadian drafted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and under whose flag more than 100 Canadian peacekeepers died all over the world.

And can you believe John Baird? 

Later Wednesday, Mr. Baird's office issued a statement saying Canada won't be taking Mr. Miller's suggestion. "Canada has been and will continue to be a reliable and responsible participant in UN initiatives around the world," the statement said.

Claiming Canada is a reliable UN member, on the same day that he's revealed as having invented a reason to leave the UN tourism body.

While Mr. Baird said the UNWTO's recognition of the Zimbabwean leader represented the "last straw" that prompted him to finalize Canada's exit, the agency says Canada's withdrawal took effect more than two weeks before the Mugabe story hit the global newswires, leading one analyst to say it was used as a political reason to justify a decision taken a year ago.

Oh boy. Remember when Canada was a respected member of the international community? 

Remember when our peacemakers were admired all over the world? Not just for their bravery and their brilliance.

But also because of the noble values they upheld.

Remember when our Parliamentary system was a model democracy?

What are these ghastly Cons doing to our country?

How low have we fallen?

And when can we defeat them?

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  1. The CRAPs are sure making a mockery of everything this country stood for...and rationalizing it by claiming they had this massive majority of people voting for them..still another lie..
    They have no shame, because even when they get caught, they ignore it...when can we defeat them? When some (enough) Con caucus members cross the floor in disgust at these tactics..will that ever happen? Doubt it...Power is too seductive...

  2. Anonymous7:52 PM

    Harper is doing a, $60 billion dollar merger with Communist China. Seems the U.S. is now worried about their country's security. China has hacked into more than a few country's secret files. It was a bad idea, buying electronic components from China. Strangely, the U.N. security had refused Canada a seat. The New Trans Pacific Trade Group, banned Canada too. Canada has never been banned from anything, around the entire world until Harper. Now Canada is no better than, Communist China and their human rights and lack of democracy. Other decent country's are shunning Canada, because of Harper. They are taking their company's out of our country.

    Some of us learned about the robo-call cheat, from an American site, right after the election. They said, Harper's election win, was rigged, robo-calls also came out of the U.S. Some of us were posting. However, it took a year before, anyone took notice of the robo-calls. So many times, Ministers and MLA's mail boxes, couldn't accept the mail, because they get a high volume of e-mails. Harper is trying to quash, the robo-call cheat investigation. Harper should catch a slow boat to China and stay there.

    The Etioboke Center election, that was declared null and void...Seems Moritz is going to appeal the Supreme Courts decision. Harper is appointing, two new Conservative judges. Hmmmm. I guess it's a wait and see, if one of Harper's new judges, will preside over the appeal by Motitz. Seems, Harper is also trying to stop the investigations, on all the disputed riding elections too.

    Seems, there is an, anti terrorist squad of the RCMP, to protect the Enbridge pipeline, from Oliver's Canadian terrorists, that are protesting the dirty oil Enbridge pipeline. There will also be a squad, right at the dirty tar sands site. Isn't that strange? Harper, Oliver and the Conservatives, are terrorizing BC, with a deadly lethal pipeline burst and, the massive dirty tar tanker spills, in our sea.

  3. I agree with everything anonymous said, and now I need a drink.