Saturday, June 16, 2012

Coping With the Horror of Harperland

Sometimes when I stare at the horror of Harperland, like Simon in the Lord of the Flies stared at the head of the pig, I get a bit depressed eh?

I don't know how I'm going to make it to the next election. Three years seems such a long time.

And one really has to wonder whether there will even be an election the way things are going in Harper's Canada  police state, 

But then I read how the Con's Trojan Horse budget is now out of control, and spewing manure all over them.

Conversations with Conservative caucus members conducted on condition they would not be quoted suggest MPs are hearing complaints from Tory voters in their ridings about the government’s bundling several measures into a budget bill that have nothing directly to do with the nation’s finances.

And how the Dean Del Mastro Affair is now MORE entertaining than even I thought possible.

“I went around to everybody and said, ‘Hey, can you all contribute to my cousin’s campaign? I would really appreciate it.’” He said it was reasonable to believe that his employees volunteered to each give $1,000 to a candidate running for election in a riding three hours away. “Why wouldn’t they?” he asked.

Because we all need some comic relief eh?

And suddenly I feel better.The Cons are slowly unraveling just like I knew they would. This isn't a government it's a Roman circus.  

And this on the same week my doctor told me I won't have to have another heart operation. So I definitely won't miss the glorious day Harper and his corrupt gang get taken to the cleaners.

How great is that?

And then I think what's three more years?

When life is so precious.

And it's still Canada in my neighbourhood.

What's three more years, when I can dream of that day?

Woohoo!!!  The Cons are crumbling.

And I feel like this guy...

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  1. Hi Simon,

    Glad to hear your good health news. I often feel the same depression you mention when contemplating the road to 2015, but like you, I take a degree of solace in that Globe story about disaffection amongst the ranks. I just wrote a post on my own blog talking about how now is the ideal time to begin mobilizing, and part of that mobilization has to include letters ot our Conservative M.P.s.

    I have written to mine (David Sweet) several times in the past, but of course have always received nothing but the party line, Harper loyalist that he is. But I think that if we put enough effort into publicizing the destructive path Harper is following amongst friends, colleagues and blog readers, we can at least begin to work upon this new vulnerability being felt within the Tory ranks.

    1. hi Lorne...I have a bit of a Scottish temperament so sometimes I can get a bit gloomy. But most of the time I remain optimistic that we will defeat those ghastly Cons in the next election. as I believe you wrote recently, there's nothing like a hanging to concentrate the mind. I admire your efforts to communicate with your Con MP, despite his no trespassing sign. And I also agree that all of us can make a difference by engaging our friends, neighbours, fellow workers etc. Luckily I live in an NDP riding, but I am thinking of volunteering to work for a progressive candidate in a Con riding. So I can adopt a Con like a Chia pet and annoy him or her relentlessly. All I have to do is learn how NOT to tell those who voted for the Cons last time what I really think of them. Because that might be counterproductive... :)

  2. Although I'm just as frustrated as you are, I too take heart in my naturally beautiful Canadian surroundings. and I never take them for granted..
    How I wish that there were some Con MPs with the stones to cross the floor, finally, and say, enough!
    Congrats on finding out that you remain healthy, that is always a good light in a dark tunnel...

    1. hi mizdarlin...yes I must admit that I've had the possibility of an operation hanging over me for the last few months, and it's a huge burden off my mind. It was just a small operation to correct one I had when I was a child, but as I said in the post, just the slightest possibility that I might not be around to see the Cons hit the floor like a sack of potatoes, was enough to drive me wild. I want a front row seat !!!!!! And popcorn !!!!!!

  3. Anonymous3:56 PM

    How can anyone, normal and sane, with morals and ethics, possibly support Harper? Oliver and Toes have called Canadians very bad names, with Harper's blessings. Harper did his own, little boy juvenile name calling too. Flaherty and MacKay have done their share, of lie, deny for Harper. However, I am totally horrified, by some of the other Conservative ministers. I wouldn't be the least surprised. If Harper pulled a Hitler and made law....There will be no other political party's permitted in Canada.

    Canada used to be a good, decent country, accepted and welcomed around the world, until Harper. I wonder what would come out of a, mental evaluation done on Harper? I feel, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini and Harper, all have identical personalities. All dictators of the world, have those same characteristics.

    1. hi anonymous...your question is a good one:

      How can anyone, normal and sane, with morals and ethics, possibly support Harper?

      And the answer is they can't. But then nobody has ever accused Con supporters of having morals and ethics. And as we all know Great Ugly Leader is definitely not playing with a full deck...

  4. Anonymous4:17 PM

    I too, am very happy to hear, of your good news regarding your health.

    I really love your web site. I never see anything I would disagree with you. You nail it the way it really is, each and every time.

    I see Harper so evil and hideous, this country can't possibly still exist, with three more years of Harper. Never, never, have I ever heard, of a person being arrested, for reading a book in Canada. We know, Hitler ordered the burning of books. Every German family of course, bought Hitler's Mien Kampf, if they knew what was good for them. Harper is so much like Hitler, it sickens my stomach.

    1. hi anonymous...thank you for your kind words. I have a knack for ending up in hospital after falling off my bike, or off a mast,or banging my head all over the place. But I think I could get about two dozen nurses to sign a solemn statement that I'm practically indestructible.Touch wood.:P
      And I plan on blogging until the day they carry the Cons out feet first or in handcuffs. For it will be a beautiful day....