Saturday, June 23, 2012

Quebec and the Movement That Will Not Die

In the last few days right-wingers in the media and the twittersphere have been going around claiming that the Quebec student movement is running out of steam.

And if you read this story you might think that was true.

Large daytime protests are being held in Quebec today, just as they have for each of the last four months, on the 22nd of each month.

Thousands of people are marching in Montreal and Quebec City. But the crowds are noticeably smaller than in the past.

Until you saw this photo of the crowd in Montreal today...

(click pic to enlarge)

And realized that everything is relative. And that although many students are back in their hometowns. A lot of Quebecers are on holiday. Almost everyone is exhausted after months of pounding the pavement. 

And it was a brutally hot day...

Still they keep on marching.

You know the other day Sébastien, who has read the same gloomy reports, said the thing that would hurt him the most would be to see me disappointed. And it sort of blew my mind eh?

Because surely he of all people should know that's IMPOSSIBLE. I mean I survived the disappointment of the Coalition, when I was SURE we going to unite to defeat the Harper Cons. Before they destroyed our country. 

So I can survive ANYTHING.

And when I look at the state of the world, and the horror of Harperland, and I see all those marchers out there in the blazing heat. Or I read about the solidarity of other Canadians who were marching with them  today. 

It makes my spirits soar. 

For I know this awesome printemps érable or Maple Spring will continue, and hopefully inspire the resistance to the Con regime all over Canada. And that one day, along with others, we WILL change the world. 

Oh yeah. One more thing. Attention right-wing media.

From stuffy old conservative Quebec City today, the last crumbling bastion of the Harper Cons.

More images of a movement that is running out of steam...

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  1. Anonymous1:24 AM

    Yeah, Here in Cowichan Valley BC in the pouring rain we were stretched out along the sidewalk for about the length of two blocks. NOTE Cowichan Valley is a rural community and WE WERE THERE MARCHING AGAINST HARPER and FOR THE STUDENTS and in SUPPORT OF OUR FIRST NATIONS!

  2. Good point Simon The whole province goes on vacation in the summer, which is one of the reason's I love QC.

  3. Anonymous2:44 PM

    BC certainly hears Quebec. We know what it's like to be under siege by, more than one government.

    Spiteful Stevie, has struck BC many blows, for we are dead set against Harper's Enbridge pipeline. We forced ex BC Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell to resign. Campbell did a lot of dirty work for Harper. The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, all work for Harper. The BC Conservatives also support Harper's Enbridge pipeline.

    We know the citizens of Quebec, are not ever going to forget the unjust force of their government, on their very lives. Nor will the BC citizens forget, the force of all the governments against them either.