Friday, June 08, 2012

When the Harper Oil Pimps Destroy Themselves

Last night I told you how the Harper regime was creating a Royal Canadian Oil Police to make sure that nobody but NOBODY stops their planned pipeline to British Columbia.

Today they're setting up a Royal Canadian Mop and Pail Brigade to clean up this latest oil spill. 

Up to 3,000 barrels of crude oil have spilled from a pipeline into a tributary of the Red Deer River in west-central Alberta.The area around Sundre is considered pristine wilderness by many in Alberta. It’s a common getaway area for people in Calgary and popular with anglers and hunters.

Hoily Moily. And so soon after that other gooey mess.

The spill comes as Plains Midstream continues to clean up an April 29, 2011, pipeline spill of 4.5 million litres of oil northeast of Peace River, Alta.

Early estimates suggested that spill was only several hundred barrels of oil. It wasn’t until four days later that the energy board reported the full extent of the leak from a centimetre-wide crack around the bottom of the pipe.

But don't worry eh? It's only ethical oil. It only makes poor native kids sick.

“The children and staff at the school were disorientated, getting headaches and feeling sick to their stomachs,” said principal Brian Alexander in the statement. “We tried to send the children outside to get fresh air as it seemed worse in the school but when we sent them out they were getting sick as well.”

It'll be a while before children in other parts of Alberta start to be born with four legs and two heads. And in the meantime I understand that Joe "Oily" Oliver is on his way to the scene of the disaster to reassure us that water from the Red Deer River is as safe to drink as eau de tailing pond.

And besides think of it this way... now that the Harper regime is destroying environmental regulations and oversight, if it happens again we'll never know about it eh?

On the other hand, good luck with trying to convince the people of BC that an oil pipeline all the way to their pristine shoreline is safe. No wonder the Cons are setting up the Royal Canadian Albertan American Chinese Oil Police.

And no wonder Thomas Mulcair is so popular for telling Big Oil to clean up its  act.

You know...if I lived in Alberta I'd consider voting for him too. Because sacrificing the future of your children for short-term gain sounds greedy criminal beyond belief.

But if they still don't understand that, maybe this video will help...

Yup. Muzzle Big Oil not scientists, and defeat the Harper Cons.

Before they destroy Alberta. Before they destroy the Canadian economy and the planet.

Before they destroy us ALL...

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  1. Make a new OPP - Oil Protection Police.

  2. Anonymous6:59 PM

    I see your site has a button to recommend this post at Progressive Bloggers. Do you really want to be associated with Progressive Bloggers at all anymore? Altavistagoogle is advocating shoot to kill protesters in Montreal.

    1. hi anonymous...thanks for alerting me to what Altavista Google had to say, I don't normally read what he has to say, with good reason. I left a comment at his blog letting him know what I think of him. And yes, I really do like being a member of Progressive Bloggers as well as Canadian Progressive Voices. I don't judge a group of people for the actions of one asshole...

  3. hi Saskboy...OMG. One OPP is bad enough. Although I am wondering when the Harper regime will set up a special force to protect our nuclear reactors. Why do they hate Ontario so much? ;)

  4. Anonymous7:54 PM

    No way. Harper hates BC far more than Ontario.

    The BC citizens are 75% and counting, are supporting the F.N. People. Their food sources, are under dire threat from, Harper's Enbridge pipeline and the dirty tar tankers. Harper wants BC dead, this province is to be used just, as a"pass through" to, ship the dirty oil to Communist China.

    The U.S. is really worried about their country's security. Seems China has been hacking into other country's secret files. Seems it was a mistake, to buy electronic components from China.

    I don't know about the RCMP anti-terrorist squads? Most of the BC RCMP, are avid outdoors people. They love their province too. I doubt they would want BC as a, polluted wasteland for their kids either. They have to watch China very carefully too. BC citizens, don't approve of China's hacking habits either. We are more than happy, to keep China out of our country.

  5. Simon, I love your commentary, thanks for being so fresh and real.

    1. hi amazon warrior...thanks for those kind words. I never feel I'm doing enough to fight those hideous Cons, but your encouragement helps a lot.... :)