Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Day the Cons Cut and Ran

Well cock a doodle do me. I see the Cons have chickened out, and are cut and running from the Afghanistan torture and rape scandal.

And no wonder.

Canada was faulted by military allies in Afghanistan over the secretive manner with which it handled detainees in the early months of its Kandahar mission, The Globe and Mail has learned.

One of the complainants was British Colonel Dudley Giles, a senior military police officer with NATO's International Security Assistance Force the 40-plus nation coalition fighting insurgents in Afghanistan. In August of 2006 he brought his concerns to the Canadian embassy in Kabul, saying Canada was stonewalling on providing basic information on the Afghans it was capturing.

"According to Giles, when he contacts Canadian [officials] in Kandahar, 'their first response to requests is 'Why do you want to know?' followed by 'We know what you want, but we won't give it to you.' "

It just keeps getting worse every day, and if the chickens lose any more feathers they won't be able to fly lie anymore.

For more on why we need a public inquiry, and why we should be outraged, you should really read Dave.

And Boris.

As I've said so many times before, the Cons can run but they can't hide.

And the truth will set us FREE...


Mark from Slap said...

Disgraceful. Every day that goes by, I am more and more confused by how the polls continue to favour the cons...

Surely this has to be the last straw for a lot of people?

Simon said...

hi Mark...yes it is disgraceful, and it is depressing the so many Canadians still support Harper.
But the good news is that his polls are sagging. A few months ago he was at 42 percent... in majority territory...today I saw a poll that has him at 34 percent.
So slowly but surely the Con snowman is melting. All we've got to do is pour a little more road salt on it and it will soon be a PUDDLE. Either that or he will get a majority and we'll all be in JAIL... :)

P.S. I voted for you at the Blogging Awards, even though I didn't even get nominated.