Sunday, September 30, 2007

Pulling the Plug on Elephant Man

Remember how I told you that Elephant Man, the Jamaican singer who has called for gay people to be shot or burned alive, was due to perform in Toronto?

And how I was planning to confront him, and jump on the stage and make a citizen's arrest if he shot off his murderous mouth?

Well I didn't have to because a funny thing happened on the way to the Kool Haus club. They felt the HEAT and pulled the plug.

And not just on him but on Sizzla too.

I know I told you in this post that unlike Elephant Man.... Sizzla had signed the Reggae Compassionate Act. But a brother wrote in to tell me that had gone back to his dirty old ways.

So good riddance to that bigot too. And BTW didn't you LOVE those anonymous comments at the end of that post? Some people in the Jamaican community just don't get it. How would THEY feel if some gay singer sang about killing them?

But then some people in the GAY community don't get it either.

Marcus Marcus. Or Mary Mary. Like it's ALL about these dizzy airheads and not banning THEIR right to bump and grind their booties to murder music. Instead of making thug homophobes PAY for advocating genocide. Huh? Wot? Don't make me barf.

Look if ANYONE thinks that young gay people are all like that...and that we are going to allow bigot monsters who sing about shooting and burning gays alive to perform freely in Canada....even if our disgusting homophobic socon government doesn't do anything to stop them...they are sadly mistaken.

As the Carleton University Students Association is about to find out.

Despite public outcry from the gay community, a Jamaican dancehall artist whose lyrics encourage the killing of gays and lesbians will perform in Ottawa next week at an event put on by the Carleton University Students Association.

Can you believe that? And WTF is their vice-president Osmel Maynes talking about?

"When we were booking (Elephant Man), we knew about all the issues...."We've been assured he will not be playing anything old. He no longer holds those views..."We support people who change their opinion and no longer hold those homophobic views..."

Bullshit. Elephant Man has NOT changed his views. And inviting him to perform at Carleton is not only a kick in the face to every gay student who goes there.

It's an attack on every other gay person in Canada as well.

Damn. Here we go again.

Let them know how you feel. Tell them that allowing a murderous homophobe to sing on a college campus is something obscene.

As for me I think I'll deliver that message personally. To them and to Elephant Man if necessary.

Isn't life cruel?

I was planning to go to Montreal on Thursday.

And now I'm going to Ottawa....


Anonymous said...

I have just emailed the CUSA to let them know how that there is a difference between free speech morally bankrupt entertainment and, to say how very disappointed I am with their choice.

Keep up the good work/writing Simon.

Anonymous said...

Freedom of Speech son....he doesnt mean literally burn gays or shoot them...reggae singers say the same thing about ppl who perform fellatio and take a liking to under age kids. Reggae fans know its a form of expression and not to be taken literally...get your knowledge straight before saying you're gonna perform a citizens arrest, cause your ass would get busted for sure if you tries anything like that by the whole stop talkin so big