Friday, September 14, 2007

Alvaro Orozco Gets a Deportation Date

I wrote to Alvaro Orozco today to find out what happened to him when he turned up at an immigration office in Mississauga hear the latest decision in his battle to avoid deportation.

He told me that the immigration authorities had rejected his appeal. And had set a deportation date for Thursday, October 4.

First they rejected his application to live in Canada because they said he wasn't gay.

Even though he is.

Now they are deporting him because they say Nicaragua is a safe place for gays to live in.

Even though it isn't.

And to add insult to injury...they refused to even consider that report. And claimed that Nicaragua is safe because gays can cruise at night in parks.

Even though as Alvaro said in his e-mail:

.... they didn't say anything about how many gays and lesbians have been killed in Nicaragua...they don't know that gay people are afraid to be visible during the daytime...and the only time they can feel safe is meeting in a park at night...even though they know the risks they face from the police and the homophobic people...

What kind of cretinous homophobes are these immigration apparatchiks? Do they really think that qualifies as gay life? And if they do why haven't they been FIRED?

You can read more about this travesty of justice here.

Or read this to find out what kind of a backward religious sewer Nicaragua really is.

But the important thing is that now the only thing that can stop Alvaro from being deported is a direct intervention from Immigration Minister Diane Finley.

Alvaro has a new website..... so please use it to let the Minister know how you feel.

Everything I've read about this amazing young gay man and his incredible journey....and all my correspondence with him...has convinced me that he is a really decent, gentle, and idealistic person who would make a GREAT new Canadian.

I can't believe how badly he has been treated here. Which makes how he ended his latest note to me today even more poignant.

......thank you so much for your help in this hard time.

Imagine.Thanking us. When we should be the ones thanking him.

For being such a great example for young gay people.

And for challenging us to show what being a Canadian really means.

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