Sunday, September 09, 2007

Burqa Backlash and the Disaster Called Dion

When I see someone wearing a niqab I can't help but think of a lot of bad things. The medieval madness of religion, the treatment of women as second class human beings, the chopping of hands and feet, the stoning to death of people for adultery. Or just because they're gay.

Now I've got one more horrible thing to add to that list....the awful possibility that Stephen Harper will use this controversy to help him win a majority government. And destroy Canada as we know it.

If you don't understand what I mean....and you can stomach the torrent of bigotry... just check out some of the comments in the Globe.

Harper just got my vote. I have tended to vote Liberal the last decade or so and while the Libs are also against allowing veiled women to vote while covered I think the time now calls for a Conservative government that will reign in those who would give the store away.

I never voted for the Conservatives, but I find myself agreeing more and more with Mr. Harper.

I can't believe it. I am in agreement with Mr. Harper. I just felt a cold chill.

So did I. The chill of an incendiary wedge issue on the eve of a general election.

I know my Liberal friends will say so what? Stephane Dion is against veiled voting too. But Harper will get the credit. And it will reinforce his image as a "decisive" leader.

The Liberals will probably deny that as well. But then a party where so many people still don't believe that Stephane Dion is the most clankingly incompetent decent but hopeless political leader to come along since Joe already BEYOND denial. Or maybe even help.

For example....the Liberals don't seem to understand that their waffling on the Afghanistan issue has only helped muddy the waters and feed the delusion that we can somehow continue our doomed mission in Afghanistan. As long as we dig wells instead of killing people. Which has practically DEFUSED the issue for Harper.

They don't seem to understand that the environment isn't the KILLER issue they think it is. Stephane Dion may look like an agitated stalk of asparagus...but he isn't THAT green. And besides many Canadians don't care THAT much about global warming...especially not in November.

And there's this propaganda exercise that should help Harper make the environment even less of an issue than it already is. Expect to hear a lot about how we played a LEADING ROLE.You know how Canadians LOVE that.

The poor deluded Liberals also don't seem to understand that in Quebec Dion the Disaster isn't playing with a full deck. Harper is offering Quebecers the autonomy of a "nation".....and appealing to their collective pride. While the Dion can't offer ANYTHING...because everyone in Quebec knows he's a fanatic centralist ......and likes to treat Quebecers like children.That's why they HATE him so much.

And now the veiled voting controversy...that won't just play well in Quebec...but will appeal to many English Canadians who harbour anti-Muslim feelings...even though in this case most Canadian Muslims don't like the niqab either.

Now all Harper has to do is bring down his government over a crime bill larded with reactionary heavy handed Jail State measures...that the opposition can't support but the rabble will....and the planets will be aligned for a November election.

And the best chance Stephen Harper will EVER have to fool enough Canadians into giving him a majority government.

I don't know what the Liberals can do about it at this point. It may be too late. But the first thing they should do is stop fooling themselves. Stop painting the roses red.

And start painting them another colour.

Like maybe this one?

Wow. It's hard to believe that things are looking THAT bleak. Will the Stones really keep going until they drop. Will the Liberals go down first?

It's soooo hard to know WHAT to think.

But some things are for sure. We WILL have an election in November.

And in the land of the deluded and the dum, anything is possible.

And the half brains RULE...


Anonymous said...

let's see....we've got harper - nope
dion - nope
layton - nope

it's a toss up all right.

Anonymous said...

hate to say it, but layton is teh best leader out of all of them.

but really, there are no good choices. what will i do for my first federal election?!?!