Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Planes, Kids, Schools and Bullies

I spent the last afternoon of the Labour Day Weekend lying on my back on my favourite sand dune watching these little planes soar through the sky.

When on the beach in front of me I noticed this little guy....trying to turn a piece of driftwood into a floating skateboard.

And I couldn't help but wonder how he felt about going back to school the next day.. Was he excited and happy about seeing his friends again...and learning new things?

Or was he as sick to his stomach and frightened as I once was?

Because he knows the bullies will be waiting....

As you know, I consider bullying to be something horrible and evil that no child or teenager ....gay or straight...should have to endure. I've written about how it almost wrecked my life .

The bad news was that back then nobody seemed to care.

The GOOD news is that now more and more Canadians are starting to realize how serious our bully problem is. And they're actually doing something about it.

Because bullying IS a crime.

New programs are springing up all over the country. Like this one from the Canadian Red Cross.

We've still got so much more to do. But the message is getting out. At last.

And not just in Canada either.....In Britain the government is also using the police to crack down on bullies. And in Australia they've got this great website...with a Chillout Zone where you can write how you feel.

Just like Julie did.

And she's right. If you are bullied don't keep it to yourself. Tell your teachers. Tell your parents. Get the bullies off your back.

Just like Timmy did...

And of course if you're an adult you have to care enough to hear what the kids are telling you....even if they can't say it.

Imagine a world without bullies.

Wouldn't it be WONDERFUL?



If you love planes and flying like I do. You've gotta admit this is an AMAZING shot....

(Click to enlarge)

Now all you have to do to make me even HAPPIER than I am today. If that's possible.

Because yes kids you CAN survive....and live happily ever after.

Is buy me the one on the left.



Anonymous said...

Excellent and timely post Simon. Bullying can be a wound that keeps on hurting.

I just checked my coffers and seems no can do with the plane BUT if I run into Santa, I will let him know about your suggestion. Have you been naughty or nice or some of each?

Anonymous said...

oh simon, i'll buy you two of the one on the left :D

gee, i was a skinny, buck toothed kid but never really got picked on. but those big dumb jocks got it from me when i caught them in the act. i even threw a book at one's head after he tossed it at what would be considered a retarded guy.

and i yelled at them when they pushed the crippled girl down the stairs. don't know why they listened to short little me.....i wasn't a babe, didn't stand out in any particular way.....maybe they were afraid of my spit hitting them when i buck toothed talked :)