Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Jamaica's Homophobic Zombies Strike Again

Just when I think Jamaica can't be more of a filthy, crime-ridden, homophobic sewer than it already is, it always surprises me with another zombie movie.

Here comes Zombie Island 4 !!!!!!!!!

And it's the scariest and the most sickening one yet.

Between February and July of this year, 98 gay men and lesbians were targeted in 43 different mob attacks, according to the Jamaica Forum for Lesbians, All-Sexuals and Gays. Four lesbians were raped, four gay men were murdered, and the houses of two gay men were burned down.

What kind of a barbarous place IS that country? What kind of cowardly cannibal society would allow gangsta singers and religious bigots to run amok?

­Human-rights activists fault gay-baiting recording artists, fundamentalist Christian church groups and mainstream political leaders who dare not antagonize some of the island’s more prominent men of the cloth, like W. A. Blair, the head of Jamaica’s NewTestament Church of God, who has called for the public flogging of so-called Sodomites.

What kind of country would kill ITSELF with bigotry?

In 2004, Human Rights Watch published a devastating report that linked the rising incidence of HIV/AIDS cases in Jamaica to the rampant bigotry on the island.

Is that CRAZY or what?

The only thing crazier is that some Canadians still think Jamaica is a tropical paradise. When it's just a stinking crime ridden Bigot's Paradise.

Where gays live in fear...and even their rotten families don't protect them.

How were other homosexuals and lesbians treated?

Horrible. Terrible. I used to have a roommate, and when I left to come here she was killed at our place. Some men beat and cut up her and her lover.

I think it's about time that all decent Canadians boycotted that homophobic sewer.

I think it's time to find out how much Canadian aid is ending up there and ask WHY? And what can we do to stop it?

Time to ask Stephen Harper why he goes on and on about human rights...but never speaks out against that. Or ask the Jamaican Canadian community why it's so silent too.

And while we're at it ask travel agents why they are selling packages to that dangerous island....and ask their customers why they are buying them.Do they hate gays THAT much? Do they really need a KILLER holiday?

And of course..... time to plaster every wall and telephone pole near those travel agencies with these kind of posters....

If these homophobic zombie monsters want a war.

No problem mon.

I say we give them one....


Anonymous said...

ha ha ha. it sounds as if u r a batty man y it hurt u so much. y dnt u come to jamiaca n tell dem that u r gay n see what happens to u

Anna said...

I am a Jamaican and I agree that many Jamaicans are very homophobic.However,there is no need to attack an entire country and berate its peolpe.I doubt you will achieve anyting with insults. On the contrary your comments will only engender hatred and encourahe homophobic crusaders to contiue commiting the atrocities that they commit.

Simon said...

Hi Anna

I have written many times about how I consider Jamaica one of the most beautiful countries I have ever seen. I love it's reggae music Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and so many others. And I only attack the country...just like I attack the one I live in...when it violates the rights of its own people. It angers me to see how widespread homophobia there is and how brutal. But I do recognize that there are many good Jamaicans and I just wish that they could make that country beautiful again.
Anger and my hatred of discrimination, racism, and homophobia make me see red and sometimes I speak too harshly. But I think the only way to force some kind of change is to make Jamaicans themselves realize that
discrimination isn't just wrong...it doesn't pay. But thank you for your comment and I will take it into consideration.

Simon said...

Anonymouse...if u r a bigot...and i hurt u so much...y dnt u fuck off?

Translation: If I want a vacation why would I go swimming in a homophobic toilet? Huh?

Anonymous said...

I am a Jamaican Heterosexual. I am NOT homophobic. For the past 12 yrs I've been campaigning for gay rights in JA and I'm not yet 30. I am also not unique in this regard. Simon, you must understand that there is an illiterate Jamaican underbelly that needs HELP, not condemnation. Let us try our utmost to replace the hate-preaching dancehall artists as the vioces for these people to listen to. Eventually they will listen, many have listened to me - changing cultural entrenchment is slow and painstaking but will be worth it when Jamaicans remember that our motto is OUT OF MANY ONE PEOPLE - gay or straight. One love my brother.

Simon said...

Hi Mister Grant thanks for your comment. And I apologize for being a bit too sweeping in my condemnation. I just get so frustrated with homophobes just like I get so angry with racists who put down black people. I don't know if you have read any of my other posts where I explain that what makes me furious with some Jamaicans is that this is happening in the land of the Great Bob Marley one of my greatest musical heroes. So I am very encouraged by what you say and I want to congratulate you for standing up for gay rights. Keep up the good work !!! One world...One Love...that's what it's all about....

Anonymous said...

Look I don't appreciate you demeaning my country like that ok. There are many things I don't like about other countries but instead of adding fuel to the fire, find a more civilized way to help resolve the issue and cursing does not help. I totally agree with you, Jamaicans go way to far with their homophobia. You have to understand that Jamaica is a very rough culture and things like that they don't take lightly. I don't agree with what they do because if they are saying that the bible condemns homosexuality, killing them is not the way to go because they bible clearly states that we should not kill. I don't know, I love my country to death but what they are doing is WRONG and they have to take a better approach.

Simon said...

Hi anonymous....as I've written in this post and others I consider Jamaica to be one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Some of its music and icons like Bob Marley and Peter Tosh and many others are the musicians I most admire. I also realize that many Jamaicans are very poor, and that poverty fuels ignorance. And that there are homophobes like racists all over the world. But it is particularly bad and violent in Jamaica and more must be done to prevent it. I also apologize if I use harsh words in this post, but I hate homophobia just as much as I hate racism, and I was angry.
Believe me the day Jamaica cracks down on this bigoted violence you'll find me lying in a hammock in the Blue Mountains smoking a spliff, and listening to reggae music. One Love. Soon come..... :)

Kay-kay said...

you have failed to mention gays harassing some straight people in J.A. It hurts to know that a people who welcome visitors (love them alot) with the ethnocentric, yet universal demand that their culture is not eroded by something they do not support ,is being treated like this. gays have become violent when their way of life is scrutinize by over judgmental cynics. Also, Jamaican's get violent when their culture that they have fought so hard to protect, is threatened. Let's all be sensitive to each other. Personally, the rapes done by presumptuous and spiteful gays, some of whom do not come from JA, have provoked widespread attack too. I do not appreciate the Zombie idea, as it hurts our ppl. However, if u are gay... I would be utterly upset too and think worse things.

Simon said...

hi Kay-kay...look as I've said before I think Jamaica is a very beautiful island. I like Jamaican culture, music ...and rotis !!!
But the fact is too many Jamaicans are homophobic and I hate that just as much as I hate racism. Gay people don't threaten anyone, they are threatened by bigots. And who are they to scrutinize the lives of others. My advice is everybody mind their own business, and just get along in peace...