Thursday, September 06, 2007

APEC Follies and the Canadian Bin Laden

I must admit I howled like a maniac when I read how a group of Australian comics managed to embarrass the army of security people guarding the APEC summit. By pretending to be Canadians.

Eleven comedians, armed with a three black cars, two motorbikes, cheap Canadian flags and a lot of cheek, managed to beat security by convincing police they were an official motorcade carrying a Canadian delegation - despite the fact one was dressed as the world’s most wanted terrorist.

After watching the video with the comedians dressed as secret service types running next to the limos I think I know how they managed to get so far.

How can we blame the poor security people for thinking it was just Stephen Harper playing PRESIDENT? Again.

But as good as that gag was...I thought some of the others by the same Chaser's group..taking aim at Fortress Sydney.

Were pretty good too...

And then there was the time one of the Chasers checked himself in at an airline counter as Al Kyder ....and then had airline employees page him over the airport public address system.

Oh boy....doesn't it make you long for the time when Canadian comics used to shake things up? When our comedy was practically subversive. When Rick Mercer used to kick ass...instead of kissing them like he does now.

Which reminds me I have a little comedy note of my own to contribute tonight....

I couldn't help but notice that some blogger had landed on a recent post of mine called The Great Iraq Pig Fuck and Swindle.

It's about how contractors in Iraq are ripping off the U.S. government.

But something tells me this blogger wasn't looking for information on that....

The name of his site or blog?

Because I'm a good gay boy I didn't even DARE click on the link.

But boy did I laugh myself stoopid.

Coz he must have been soooooooo DISAPPOINTED....

What would we do without the internet?



  1. sweet jeebus monkey christ that's funny. I wonder when a Canadian comic will have the courage to pick up where Mercer & his lot left off....

  2. Anonymous11:22 PM

    i went to the website! it said "the internet ate this website"

    I guess im not a good gay boy :P

    oh, and i just watched that on the news. coninsadence?

  3. Ha! It's amazing what some people are googling for... makes you wonder, eh?

  4. Anonymous4:46 PM

    oz comedians rock..and you're right....what happenend to the great canadian ones (all vying for the spotlight in the states i guess). even 'dead dog cafe' has toned it down now that they're 'dead dog in the city'.

  5. Anonymous9:46 PM

    Yes scout,

    I just to love listening to Dead Dog Cafe.

    Good catch Simon - gotta love it!

    What has happened to comedy in this country - lord knows there is enough fodder out there.

  6. Hi Jay!! I'm glad you liked it. Apparently this group has won all kinds of awards. And yes I don't know why our comic scene...which has always been so rich...has gone so flat right now...The Harper Years....zzzzzzzzzz...

    Hey Rashid!! DIDN' could you? No your NOT a good gay boy. In fact keep it up and I'm going to have to start thinking that the gay youth of today are OUT OF CONTROL!!!! :) But did it REALLY say "the internet ate this up."
    I wonder what that means? But don't worry I'm NOT going to find out....

    Hi JJ!! Yup.Because I use the word gay a lot I do get some ...ahem...interesting visitors. But this one kind of jumped out at me. And as I explained to Rashid I really don't want to know. Oink Oink... :)

    Hi Scout!! yeah I don't know what's happened. As I said to jay maybe it's just the times. Maybe we're so rich and comfortable that we can't even laugh at ourselves anymore....although I do my best :)

    Hi Sassy!! I've never listened to the Dead Dog Cafe but I'm sure that we still have our funny bone. I think we just buried it somewhere and now we can't find it... :(