Monday, September 17, 2007

The Blackwater Boys and Why Bush Can't Win

Meet the pitbulls from Blackwater....the world's most powerful mercenary army. They have their own armoured vehicles, helicopters, and gun ships. Their boss is a right-wing Republican who is planning to bring his private army into American cities. They've already been used in New Orleans.

And in Iraq they are out of control.

Everyone knows that if you come across a convoy guarded by American troops as long as you stay 150 metres back they won't start pumping bullets into your engine block.

But if the convoy is guarded by the Blackwater doggies you'd better take your foot right off the gas and let them disappear into the distance. Because they could flip out just like that...shoot you for nothing. And get away with it.

So I was really glad to see that the Iraqi government wants to give them the heave ho.

The question is will they go?

The U.S. depends on them in Iraq to protect everything from their own officials, to deliveries of food and toilet paper. They simply can't do without them.

If you want to get an idea of just how big they are check out this video...

Coming soon to an American city near you...

The good thing is that whatever happens now....Bush and his gang of war criminals and profiteers really can't win this one.

If they go along with the request of the Iraqi government ...and send the pitbulls back to the pound...they'll cripple their own occupation.

If they don't, and force the Iraqis to back down....they'll make Prime Minister Al Maliki look like an American stooge. Who can't be blamed for ANYTHING.

Oh boy....chapter 4005 and the insane tragedy that is the war in Iraq just keeps on getting better.

Now we get to find out whether the world's most powerful military has come to depend on the services of the world's most powerful mercenary army. And who let that happen?

And who is making all the money?

And of course ...who's really running Iraq? Talk about some REALLY big questions.

Remind me to thank the Blackwater Boys...from a safe distance.

10-4 chihuahas.

Can't wait to hear them bark...


Jay said...

my money is on Blackwater staying "in theatre". The "coalition" relies far too heavily on all contractors - and BW is the largest by far - without them, even Bush and his Fools would have to state publicly that they fucked things up from day one.

That, or immediately start conscription and funnel green kids onto the frontlines. Not that this war really has a discernible line, mind.

As bad as this is just as "another incident", the blowback is potentially worse.

Welcome to 21st Century Warfare - 50% outsourced.

Simon said...

Hi Jay!! me too...I'm wasn't kidding...I don't think they can keep the occupation going without them. And remember that Blackwater has a list of 14,000 subcontractors it directs. The shit in Iraq is bad enough. But the big picture is even worse. Can you imagine an army of businesses that now DEPEND on neverending warfare to make a buck? Isn't that the absolute zenith of capitalism??? :(

JJ said...

Blackwater won't be going anywhere. There'll be a faux investigation, Blackwater will be cleared, the Iraqis will be madder than ever, and life will go on... or not...