Thursday, September 06, 2007

Trudeau the Giant and Mulroney the Mouse

When I heard that Brian Mulroney had dumped all over Pierre Trudeau by practically calling him a Nazi I felt like vomiting.

Brian Mulroney has stepped back into the public spotlight to promote his memoirs -- and accuse former arch-rival Pierre Trudeau of having lacked the moral fibre to lead.

What a low blow to attack a man when he can't defend himself. As if the yankee ass licking stooge Mulroney had a moral bone in his body.

But I guess he knows what the verdict of history will be....and he's so damn JEALOUS...

When he retired in 1993, Mulroney was one of the most reviled prime ministers in Canadian history. He has seemed irked that Trudeau, who retired as Liberal PM in 1984, is accorded more respect and admiration by Canadians in opinion polls.

Surprise. Surprise. How can you even COMPARE a man who had the guts to legalize homosexuality and abortion, and left behind a precious Charter of Rights a man who has spent his lifetime selling out his country? It's like comparing a giant to a miserable squeaking mouse.

As a Quebecer I profoundly disagreed with Pierre Trudeau's vision of this country. I thought he was wrong to oppose the Meech Lake Accord. But I never doubted that he had Canada branded on his heart.

Which is more than I can say for Brian Mulroney. And for him to go after Trudeau for some of his youthful if all humans don't have some they'd rather not simply too disgusting for words.

Especially when the allegations about ignoring the plight of the Jews are ill founded.

Especially when we remember what Brian Mulroney used to do when he was young. Run down to the dock in Baie Comeau and sing like Bojangles for the American bosses or millionaires arriving on their big boats or yachts.

The same rich tourists who would toss American quarters into the river for the poor Canadian boys to dive for..... like beggars.

The same lickspittle and greaser Mulroney who would go on to sing for the senile Ronald Reagan....and would practically fall over himself as Prime Minister desperately and pathetically trying to please the Americans. Even if it meant selling out his country.

Delivering us on a plate to be hollowed out by the yankees and the rest of the world.

So as for this....

"(Trudeau) is far from a perfect man," Mulroney says.

Don't make me laugh. How do you spell flunky....or scandal?

Oh yeah Pierre Trudeau WASN'T perfect.

But a hundred years from now....if Canada still exists.....Trudeau will STILL be a giant.

And Mulroney will still be a MOUSE....


Jay said...

But a hundred years from now....if Canada still exists.....Trudeau will STILL be a giant.

And Mulroney will still be a MOUSE....

Abso-fuckin-lutely. Mulroney, Martin & Harper all share the same pair of star & stripes (ss??!!?? ;P ) kneepads. Trudeau was the last PM to have any kind of sense of Canada, or vision for Canada that didn't involve being Ameripig's cum dumpster.

Anonymous said...

like you , i didn't find trudequ perfect (instilling marchall law), but i always said the history books will give him a few pages and mulroney will be lucky to get an entire paragraph.

'the man who signed nafta'.

JJ said...

Well said! Mulroney isn't fit to tie PET's shoelaces. And what a gutless prick, dumping on him when he's dead!!?! after all this time, nice to see Mulroney is still an asshole!

Simon said...

Hi Eagreenhalt!
I'm sorry I couldn't run your comment as writte. It contains some serious allegations that since I'm unfamiliar with the case I can't run. If you want to resubmit it minus the allegations I'd be pleased to run it...