Thursday, September 06, 2007

Larry Craig, Iraq, and the Tsunami of Self Delusion

When I heard that Senator Larry "Wide Stance" Craig had decided that he might not resign after all, I had to shake my head. And tap my toes.

These old closet queens really do have an INFINITE capacity for self delusion. I guess they have to or else how could they live with themselves....or their poor wives?

But it turns out old perv Larry isn't the only one who's fooling himself. A tsunami of self delusion seems to be engulfing the world!!!.

In Iraq.. the foul chimp George Bush declares that he sees signs of progress...even as a government report claims exactly the opposite.

Meanwhile the Brits are upset that the Americans think they are retreating.

When of course that's exactly what they are doing.

Leaving their Alamo at Basra Palace where they were being shelled HOURLY..and people were getting killed by IEDS delivering tea bags and toilet paper. And moving to the airport. How convenient....

And don't you LOVE this part....

Military commanders argue that as 90% of the attacks are targeted at British troops, their withdrawal to Basra airport will remove the incentive for the militias and Iran to carry on fighting. But if commanders now accept that the occupation is one of the sources of the conflict, not its solution, the troops should be removed altogether.

Cue Steve Bell....

But before WE laugh too hard....maybe we should take a look at the difference between what OUR Ministry of Propaganda and Disinformation says is going on in Afghanistan.

And what is really happening there. Oops..

Only when journalists asked about reports that the Taliban have effectively taken back half of the strategic territory in the Panjwai and Zhari districts that Canadian and other NATO troops seized a year ago did the officials concede that everything may not be going to plan.

And I especially LOVE this part...

....the presentation boasted that 420,000 square metres of land had been cleared of mines in Kandahar since March, 2005. That's less than one-half of a square kilometre cleared after 2½ years of effort.

Because now at last I know EXACTLY how long it will be before our doomed mission there is over. Somewhere around the end of February of the year 3020.

That is if Great Fat Leader has his way....

If Stephen Harper is able to hypnotize enough Canadians into believing that our mission in Afghanistan isn't doomed....or that from now on it's going to be ALL about digging wells...or digging up landmines.

Or that only a fat nerd like him ...and not a thin one like Dion... can save Canada from the hordes of terrorists and criminals...who are poised to blow us up ....or rape us in our homes. Or that he's a uniter instead of a divider. A moderate instead of an extremist.

Or that he doesn't REALLY want an election so he can get a majority and change Canada beyond recognition.

Well then ANYTHING is possible....

And self delusion will consume us all.

If you want to know what that feels like, just wait a few weeks. And ask Larry Craig.

Something tells me he's about to find out.....

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Jay said...

been a while frere - classes are keeping me up late at night. but, I thought you might like to know that the state of Iowa's first ga marriage took place this past week in my town. there was an ice cream social, and despite completely being caught unaware until after the fact, it drew quite a lot of support.