Monday, September 03, 2007

Jesus, The General, and Red Tory's Song

So I'm watching this guy drawing a portrait of Jesus on the sidewalk. And since, as you know, I'm trying to be a BETTER person, I smile and nod and give him a toonie.

I regretted that later of course. But then the OLD ME would have fixed him with an icy stare. And wondered where's a street cleaner when you need one?

Still it did remind me that Jesus' General is running a neat little music number

And after checking out THE LIST I came up with my top six

Werewolves of London

Bloody Sunday

Mercedes Benz



And of course Monkey Man...coz who could beat lyrics like this?

I'm a fleabit peanut monkey
All my friends are junkies
That's not really true
I'm a cold italian pizza
I could use a lemon squeezer
What you do?

As for the songs themselves ...well that's a harder choice. I'm not quite sure.

But I bet I know which song on that list Red Tory must be humming. Victoriously in Victoria.

After what happened to Werner Patel's blog. Oops!

It's GOTTA be this one....

Golly!! Those lyrics ARE good....I bet a lot of bloggers are humming that song...

But Asses of Fire? You don't think that's you know who's NEW blog?

Oh no there I go again. I really am trying to be a better person.

But it's soooooooo HARD....


Anonymous said...

Good one, no, wonderful one Simon .... good person Simon. :)

humming along

JJ said...

Excellent, thanks for the laugh!

Red Tory said...

LOL. Somehow I don’t think that Col. Klink would exactly appreciate Terrance and Phillip’s, um, unique brand of humour. He’d probably view it as proof of his contention that we lowly bloggers are all “human waste” and “deranged sociopaths.” Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Anonymous said...

awesome video! so true though. i remember how awesome this was in elementary school, and how much parents were like, wtf!

anywho yea.maybe you should have just walked on top of the picture, (it is public property after all).....

but then again, being a better person is always good! although, personally, i would give that toonie to one of those people who play music in the subway because its entertaining.

Anonymous said...

hey simon, its my birth day! where are my birthday wishes! *acts very stuck up with hands on hips and tapping foot*

oh by the way...

MOO! :)

Simon said...

Hi Sassy! I'm glad you liked it. As you know Werner called me the Dummest Blogger in Canada, so I'm determined to prove him mean wrong.. :)

Hi JJ!! Thanks. You're excellent post on the matter helped inspire me. Although you can deny that...and I'll cover you... :)

Hi Red!! No I'm afraid Herr Klink would NOT approve.
Of course I've never denied that I'm a deranged sociopath who is affected by the phases of the moon. I just wish Werner would admit that too.
But seriously although I poke fun at WP...because after ignoring him ridiculing him is the next best thing...I don't consider this matter a joke. The way Werner went after you was absolutely evil anddisgusting. The worst thing I've ever encountered during my short time in the blogosphere. I just hope you and your family are OK. And since I consider you such a smart and good blogger you can always count on my support.
BTW when I join you in Klink's Kooler I'm bringing a we can do the Steve McQueen thing...boing...boing...

Hi Rashid!! Are you suggesting that I could have stumbled...overcome by the hallelujah of it all...and accidentally squished Jesus' nose?
Shame on you!!!!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...


Well, that has now disappeared from his site (along with the rest of August) and who knows what else.

The explanation (in part) that WP offers is this "When both Google and Web Archive store my content (free of charge!), why should I clutter my diskspace? " Sure - either they (all those wacky rantings, threats and insults) never existed or Google and the Web Archive lost it!

WP's site has been changing almost constantly the past few days (faster than an ADD kid with a remote) The latest (changed from this afternoon) is a page just renamed "site updates" but two days ago was called "Important- please read" site update

On this page he does not even identify himself

WP must think we are all DUMBEST EVER!!

p.s. blogging blues some days - understandable but, not as a result of your blog, that's for sure.

Stay clever.

Simon said...

Hi Rashid!!! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!It's so good to see how happy you are these days. May the next year be your best year ever!!! But we'll have no MOOS please. This is a serious blog...and we've had quite enough moos from you know well as way too many cowpies ;)

Simon said...

Hi Sassy!! OMG I give up on Werner.I was happy to see that he did offer some sort of apology about the way he behaved. I hope things work out for him....that he can find peace...and just write...or blog...or whatever. And not be so nasty....or take things so personally. Blogging is blogging for's not LIFE.
And don't worry about me...I'm over my blogging blues.
It's a Scottish thing...when it's sunny and bright we're all depressed. But when the mist sweeps in from the moors we all get drunk...and we're fine!! :)

Red Tory said...

Thanks for your support. I wish the silly prat hadn't wasted so much of my perfectly awful weekend on his malicious nonsense. Oh well. We live and learn and try to take the best from it we can. Oh, and never stop laughing. That's quite an important thing too!