Saturday, September 29, 2007

Stephane Dion and the Quebec Kamikazes

Well I'm glad to see that Paul Wells

agrees with Chantal Hebert

Who agreed with me that the Liberal least in starting to look like the Titanic.

Big parties are like big ships. They are designed to be virtually unsinkable but once they start taking on water they tend to go down quickly.

So it MUST be true. Who knew?

But now I'm worried about the Quebec kamikazes.... might think that the last thing on the mind of the Quebec wing of the party would be a fall election but the opposite is true.

For (those) who have lost confidence in his leadership abilities – or who never had any – an election can't come a day too soon.

Because fighting an election now rather than later might be a good or a really BAD idea. But wanting to fight one to lose it .... and kill their party and their leader.... is just NUTS.

Just like the fuss the kamikazes are making over this tempest in a tourtiere.

Is absolutely absurd.

Carroll implied that French Canadians are just another minority in Canada. In Quebec, saying anything of the sort is tantamount to political suicide. At this meeting of the executives of the Liberal Party, many of the Quebecers in the room found this to be offensive, and naturally, immediately ran to the Press, including Party President Marie Poulin.

Offensive? Naturally, immediately ran to the Press? Cry me a river. The poor babies. How about contrived?

Yeah yeah.... I know I know (groan) we Quebecers negotiate from nation to I'm humiliated...zzzzzzzzz....(snore)

But if anybody should be insulted by that alleged story...and the reaction... it's Chinese-Canadians NOT the Quebecois. And where is their outrage?

So these kamikazes or Iggyistas or Raeistas or whatever ....should just cool their jets. And remember that the REAL ENEMY is Stephen Harper and the majority government he drools for he can change Canada beyond recognition. Not other Liberals.

I know it isn't easy to be a Liberal in Quebec these days. The comedians and columnists are having a field day. And the cartoonists can be brutal.

Like this Serge Chapleau version of Lost in Space....with Dion saying " what do you mean disconnected?"

But the Quebec Liberals should work to change the message...not shoot the messenger...especially not on the eve of a possible election.

To pull this ridiculous hissy fit, and stab their leader in the back, or threaten to sit on their hands in the face of the neocon threat, demeans the democratic process...and themselves.

So they should stop acting like crybabies, suck it up, shut up, get back in the trenches and prepare to fight an election that could determine the fate of Canada....not just Quebec.

And oh yeah.

Listen to this song a lot....

If that doesn't wake them up...before they cut off their noses to spite their faces.

And fire them up to do battle with the REAL ENEMY....the neocon beast Harper and his dark and reactionary forces...who would rape our beautiful land and turn us into yankee stooges.

I can always play Blitzkrieg Bop....

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