Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Afghanistan and the Attack of the Flying Taliban

Of all the lousy jobs in Afghanistan being a member of an EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) team has to be one of the worst.

They don't get much credit for it, but if they didn't dismantle IEDs and blow up the junk of this old Russian rocket... our casualties would be three times higher.

It's a dangerous job. You've got to watch out for booby traps, pressure plates, infra-red beams, and bearded barbarians....with cell phones.

And because it's Afghanistan you never know what's going to jump up and bite you. As this team found out when they blew up a rock that was blocking a road.

And came under attack...

Yikes!!! Even the wasps in Afghanistan are mean motherfuckers. Talk about the Taliban Air Force. Talk about suicide bombers.

Memo to chickenhawk Hillier: hold the C4 and send more Raid!!!

Seriously though...the EOD sappers DON'T get enough credit. They don't kill people just save a lot of Canadian and Afghan lives.

Hopefully this new toy will help save even more.

Afghanistan may be a bloody disaster.

But when it comes to heroes...

These guys are mine....

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