Friday, September 07, 2012

Steve Harper and the Road to Ruin

Oh no. How embarrassing. That old Con man Steve Harper is at it again.

He's been spotted preparing to leave for the APEC summit, disguised as an economist, and already he's lecturing the Americans on how to run their economy.

Concerns about a so-called "fiscal cliff" in the United States are warranted but they should not overshadow the need for America to "get a grip" on its longer-term fiscal situation, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said on Thursday.

Because you know, he's an economic genius eh?

And we're number ONE !!!! FOURTEEN !!! 

Canada’s economic competitiveness on the world stage is being pulled down by — among other things — government handling of the innovation file, says an annual report from the World Economic Forum.

Canada slipped two notches to 14th place in the forum’s ranking of global economic competitiveness, released Wednesday.

But don't worry eh? Only about 50 per cent of Canadians are living from paycheque to paycheque. 

So when the landlord or the collection agency bangs on the door, just sign up for more of Steve's Eeeeezy Credit !!!  If you're feeling lucky. 

There is more than a 20 per cent risk of Canada falling into a second recession — and though much of that risk comes from outside our borders, Canadians’ sky high debt loads could push the economy over the edge, warns a new report from Moody’s Analytics.

Because you see Steve Harper and his Con gang can't raise interest rates without bursting the housing bubble they created, or without sending our petro dollar soaring to even greater heights. Which would make us even LESS competitive, and destroy what's left of our manufacturing industry.

At least until commodity prices tank, or the loonie bubble bursts.

And the stock market goes down the toilet.

But don't panic. You can get a $10 food voucher every two days from your local E.I. office, if it's still open. But you won't have to, because Great Economist Helmsman Huckster Leader has a master plan to save sell us all...

Even if it's really painful. 

“Those short-term gains very often create long-term pain in such a terrible way that I [have seen] the suffering of those people [who] were raking in new opportunities and then all of a sudden they dry out.”

And besides if all of the above fails, there's always the Con's Economic Weapon of Last Resort.

Little Jimbo Flaherty...

Who when he's not stuffing his new Trojan Horse budget like a turkey, and leading us to economic disaster, is busy sending out nasty e-mails accusing Thomas Mulcair of trying to destroy EVERYTHING.

“Despite our economic strength as a nation, Canada is not immune to the fragile global economy. That is why the dangerous economic schemes and the higher taxes proposed by Thomas Mulcair and the NDP would be damaging to the Canadian economy and have the potential to hurt businesses and kill the jobs Canadians need to provide for their families.”

Oh boy. Can you believe that? Talk about the turkey calling the kettle crazy. And can you believe that so many Canadians voted for this mob because they thought they were good money managers? 

If stupidity and poverty weren't so painful, it would be hilarious eh?

Simon to Interpol. Keep your eyes peeled for the old Con man Steve Harper.

Be advised he may be wearing a hat...

And he should be considered both dumb and dangerous.

So when you do finally catch up with him. 

And he claims he's an economist.

Please arrest him on the spot...

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Anonymous said...

i have been calling these guys ...harper, jimbo and menzies
the princes of tides
economically all they can do is watch it rise and fall
rise they take credit
fall they assign blame
this mornings image is of him adrift on the sea screaming "look i still float!!!!'
i think when he was originally recruited by the bilderbergers to deliver their agenda there must have been several laughs at his only real world job as mailboy at imperial oil in calgary
welcome back all refreshed :)
blessings ...mike

Beijing York said...

"Talk about the turkey calling the kettle crazy." I have, HAVE, to find a way to incorporate that in a conversation :-)

Obama must be shaking in his empty chair knowing that Stevo the Economist does not approve. On a more serious note, I would love to see Harper openly endorse the Mittens/Creepy Ryan ticket so that those 38% Canadians wake up and realize what an extreme right wing f*cker he is.

Anonymous said...

I think we, and most of the world knows, it was another P.M. that saved our Canadian bacon. Harper started out with a, $13 billion dollar surplus. Harper has Canada is the deepest debt, this country has ever been in. Harper is the worst and most corrupt P.M. in the history of Canada.

Harper has permitted a Communist country, access to our Nation. They are permitted to bring their people, to take Canadian jobs in the tar sands, the Enbridge pipeline and the refining jobs. Now Harper is planning to sell Canada out even more. Communist China is waiting for the traitor Harper, to sell Nexen out to them too.

CSIS warned, Communist China is making huge inroads into Canada. BC was specifically mentioned. Gordon Campbell sold BC to China too. Campbell also worked for Harper, and not for BC and the citizens. Campbell was very nicely rewarded, for doing Harper's dirty work for him. Both Campbell and Harper cheated to win their elections.

How can we blame any province for, wanting to get out of Harper's Canada? What part of this Nation is Canada?....except for Alberta of course?

Country's pulled their company's out of Canada, because of the high dollar. This put thousands of Canadians out of work. However, Harper is responsible for doing so and, that we all know.

As we see. Harper has not done one thing, to benefit Canadian citizens. Harper only cares about Harper, and loading up his own coffers, and to hell with the people.

WILLY said...

Until the old feel the sense of frustration, felt by the young and the young feel the sense of loss, felt by the old, all will remain the same.

e.a.f. said...

willy is quite correct. However, given how things are going in canada, this might happen sooner than later & things won't remain the same.

Anonymous said...

Harper arrested? Lol, I must be sweet to live in never never land! Is this the same place were people think Jack Layton wasn't a two-bit huckster?

Anonymous said...

You know something is up when the website pro-harper trolls suddenly clammed up. Harpo has made too many enemies and actually everyone is realizing that he is the number ONE ENEMY OF THE STATE!


Anonymous said...

Enemy of the state? Spare me. The left wouldn't know an enemy of state if they flew a jumbo jet full of people into an skyscraper......

Anonymous said...

Oh can you do a poster of Jack Layton "Wanted dead or.......oh, right. Lol

Anonymous said...

Almost everything we are told by the main stream right wing media is a lie of course.

The reality is that there is no debt or fiscal problem in the US or Canada. If you are interested in reality check out:

These will get you started also follow

For what it is worth ... gf

Anonymous said...

Harper is a mail boy...