Sunday, September 09, 2012

Benny and Steve and the War with Iran

As you know I'm a real romantic eh? And I'm usually a sucker for movies about two men in love. Especially if they're R-rated.

But I think it's safe to say that with the Middle East on the brink of a war that could kill millions of people, the last thing I needed to see was Stephen Harper on his knees blowing  Benjamin Netanyahu.

For surely only a man in love could assume such a position.

Although his swearing-in at Rideau Hall must have happened in the dead of night, Canada appears to have a new foreign minister. His name is Benjamin Netanyahu. His day job may be prime minister of Israel, but Canada’s abrupt actions against Iran seem to confirm that the Harper government’s outsourcing of Canada’s Middle East policy to Jerusalem is now complete.

After shooting himself in the foot. 

Closing an embassy is rarely done even in moments of hostility. By its very nature, it prevents the possibility of further relations with the country in question, good or bad, influential or ineffective. Messages of protest, off-record moves to quell an eruption, clandestine efforts to build relations with reformists within the regime – all of these options are no longer possible. Once you’ve pulled the plug, you’re out of the game.

Bibi...Bibi...It hurts sooooooo much. But I'd do ANYTHING to please pleasure you !!!!

And this tawdry little porno number couldn't have come at a worst time. Just as Netanyahu and his right-wing settler regime are debating whether to attack Iran before the American election. Because they know that only by striking in the next few weeks can they be sure that Obama will order American forces to finish the job.

Since the Israelis, and their Saudi allies who hate the Shia even more than they hate the Jews, can't do it alone.

 Despite the increasingly sharp rhetoric coming out of Jerusalem, the idea of Israel launching a unilateral attack is almost as bad as allowing Tehran to continue its nuclear work unchallenged. It would invite wave after wave of Iranian counterattacks — by missile, terrorist, and a boat — jeopardizing countries throughout the region. It would wreak havoc with the world’s oil supply.

Without going nuclear.

And even if the reactors are hit, the ”Iranian retaliation will have a devastating regional consequences,” he adds. You don’t even want to know what the Middle East would look like the day after Israel attempts a nuclear strike on Iran.

Which would set the whole region on fire, usher in a new era of terrorism and dirty bombs, plunge the world into a brutal recession, and increase the chances of a catastrophic superpower confrontation, that would scorch the planet and salt its fields with radiation.

Oh boy. Once upon a time Canadian diplomats worked to promote peace between the warring parties in the Middle East. Now they're running for cover like rats, while their Con masters cheer for war and Mitt Romney's Republicans, by trying to undermine Obama's efforts to keep a muzzle on the Israelis. 

You know...I don't know why Stephen Harper has this freaky obsession with all things Israel. And why he puts its interests before those of Canada. But I can't help thinking it's treason, and that it's got something to do with his angry God, and the apocalyptic beliefs of his missionary church. For everything he says these days sounds so phony and so creepy. 

And this is so weird.

Can you believe it eh? I wanted to ask John Baird about Harper's man love for Netanyahu, only to find him on his knees.....PRAYING. 

But then maybe we should all be doing that. Because you don't need a weatherman to know which way this one is BLOWING.

Bibi, Bibi, I LOVE you !!!!!!

God show us the WAY !!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Maybe the Mayans got the 2012 thing right after all?

Anonymous said...

Poor Iran, can't get no love in Canada. Oh well I am sure they will keep lobbying through their bought and paid for I wonder which province many of them live in? Could be the one that still has the most anti-Jewish feeling in it?

Lorne said...

I think increasing numbers of people are willing to challenge Israeli government policies, even at the risk of being labelled anti-Semitic, the sole retort the country and its uncritical supporters seem to have in their arsenal.

In my darkest moments, and I hope it never comes to pass, I have often wondered how these cheerleaders would react if Israel ever did deploy its nuclear weapons. Would they simply repeat the tired refrain that Israel has a right to defend itself?

As Orwell said, political speech and writing is the defence of the indefensible. Never has that been more apparent than during the perilous times in which we live.

Anonymous said...


I'm scared. Hold me.

I never thought it would get this bad, but it did. I'm not even sure if Canada is a valid Democracy anymore, and to be honest, I don't know WHAT to call it anymore.

Kev said...

Gee thanks Simon I'll never get the image of Harper on his knees before Bibi outta my head. The HORROR

Anonymous said...

harper in Afghanistan "we won't cut and run"
i am seeing a nuke described as a conventional bomb being dropped on iran and being pawned off as "proof" of nuclear development
anne coulters "invade, kill their leaders and convert them to christianity " comes back too.
the withdrawls seem reminiscent of the israelies not going to work in the towers on 911.
100% conservative patronage appointments might not have been the best idea
i would wonder where this mad man is taking us
but i'm pretty sure i'm not invited anyway
blessings mike

Anonymous said...

We know, Harper used the robo-call cheat to win the election. We know there were two Americans, that directly participated in 14 Conservative campaigns. Robo-calls came out of the U.S. We know the American police, are operating in Canada. We know Obama said, Canada has to pick up the slack, for the next wars.

ICC's Chief Prosecutor, found Harper guilty of stonewalling and obstructing, the torture of the detainee's investigation. We all remember, Harper proroguing Parliament, to cheat his way out of it. However, ICC permitted the RCMP, to investigate Harper.Well, we all know about Harper's RCMP squads, do we not? Scores of Canadians, don't even want the RCMP, as an icon for Canada anymore. Harper was under investigation for, crimes against humanity and war crimes. Shame on the RCMP, for supporting an evil monster such as Harper.

We all know, Harper is stupid enough to bomb Iran. He was stupid enough, to put Canada in a war against Afghanistan. Harper is guilty, for the torture of the detainee's. Harper was also stupid enough to bomb Libya. If Harper manages, to persuade the Arab country's to retaliate against Canada...Harper will then be a traitor, committing High Treason. Mind you, Harper has already betrayed Canadians, on many occasions.

I blame no province, that wants to leave Harper's Canada. This country is no longer our Canada anymore. There are provinces, that are not safe from Harper. To be their own little country's, provinces don't have to participate, in Harper's insanity.

Anonymous said...

go look up an essay
“Our benign dictatorship “
Canada's system of one-party-plus rule has stunted democracy.
Two prominent conservatives present the case for more representative government
by Stephen Harper and Tom Flanagan”

and then look up

Democratic Totalitarianism: Is this Canada’s Last Summer? By Greg Felton

democracy means you get a counting vote or the illusion of a counting vote
how your selected meatsack votes after you install them is completely out of your hands.
harper style governance is no different than it has ever been
it is just by his vindictive,vengeful polarized,fundamentalist ideological agenda that makes him what he is

for what he is access:
Understanding Harper's Evangelical Mission

"get this bad"????
this has been year one of the "majority"
revisit now 3 years from now and it will seem like now is a cakewalk

Simon said...

hi anonymous... that's funny, because as I wrote this post I was thinking the same thing. Just when we though we were safe, it looks like the last few months of this year could still turn out to be really scary. Everybody needs to take a deep breath, or a valium, before a bad situation becomes even worse....

Simon said...

hi anonymous...tell me something, are right-wingers incapable of seeing anything except in terms of black and white? There are few things I would like to see more than the toppling of the brutish Mullah Regime in Tehran. But are you not aware that most decent and smart people in Israel are against the idea of attacking Iran, including some of its most distinguished military and intelligence leaders? Are you not aware that nobody wants war more than the mullahs because they fear their own people more than they fear Israel? The regime is imploding and only a war can save it. Let nature takes its course....

Simon said...

hi Lorne...I'm not the slightest bit afraid of being called an anti-Semite for criticizing the Netanyahu regime, since I'm with the Israelis who also think that Netanyahu is leading that country to disaster. And of course I'm not bigoted against anyone. All I want to see is peace in that region, and a senseless war can only make that elusive goal even more difficult. As I told anonymous above, the best way to topple the theocratic fascists in Iran is to let that regime implode. And the best road to peace is to solve the festering sore of the Israeli occupation, that continues to fuel anger and terrorism all over the world...

Simon said...

hi anonymous...I know how you feel. We do live in scary times.Our only hope is that out of this fear and madness will come the change that we need to build a kinder, gentler, world. Humans usually need a good kick in the ass before they change their ways. So although I'm really worried about the situation, it only makes me want to work harder for change, and I remain unshakingly optimistic that we can still save the world....

Simon said...

hi Kev...I'm sorry about that. As you know I'm not usually that vulgar, but I did write this post at the end of a long day, and I'm just so frustrated to see a Canadian government working for war instead of peace. This world doesn't need more warmongers, we need peacemakers desperately. We all need to raise our game a bit, and clearly after this post so do I.... ;)

Simon said...

hi Mike...yes I thought of that "cut and run" remark too. For surely there can be no more shameful sight, than that of Canadian diplomats fleeing a country like thieves in the night, leaving Canadians stranded in Iranian prisons. If you choose to work in the foreign service, you should be braver than that. But of course it's not their fault, they are only following the orders of their Con masters, who wouldn't know bravery and decency if they hit them in the face.
I have always stood up for the right of all people in the Middle East to live in peace and security, and now is the time to speak out before the warmongers on both sides lead us all to disaster. In that regard I saw that some Israelis have started a Facebook campaign to bring ordinary Iranians and Israelis closer together. It's got tens of thousands of followers in both countries.It's just a small thing of course, but may it glow as bright as a mighty star in the gathering darkness...

Simon said...

hi be fair Harper didn't get us into the Afghan war, but he did try to get us involved in the Iraq war, and his foreign policy is betraying the decent values Canada once believed in, and leading us all to disaster.
Just one more reason the Cons must be defeated in the next election, for the stakes are now too high for us to fail...

Simon said...

hi anonymous....I have read that article in the Tyee, and it only reinforced my belief that Harper is hiding something from us. Surely this obsession with Israel is more than just winning the Jewish vote, and destroying the Liberal Party. Because all my Jewish friends hate the Cons as much as I do. So there has got to be something else that explains his bizarre behaviour. We may never find out, but one thing is for sure, either we mobilize to drive the Cons from power, or sooner or later they will bring down the house on our heads...

Kev said...

Hi Simon No apologies required It was brilliant I just have this over active mental picture thingy. I tend to think in pictures :)

Anonymous said...

found this as background info
definitely worth a read

Anonymous said...

Congrats Mr. Harper as you've certainly soured this small "c" conservative. Closing an embassy and stopping communication in times of tension is never a bright idea.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I think this is a disturbing post exemplary of a particular problem. Not in Iran, not in Israel. In Canada-in North America. Iran is a dangerous player in world politics. But who is getting criticized most vehmently? The Jew and the conservative-for having sex with the Jew. People often think, "what-me bigoted?" You are suspiciously way too extreme in your criticism of Jewish politicians when there are very nasty actors out there. "No, I'm just criticising Israel, not Jews". Right. When there are really really bad evil doers out there, you choose to criticize a country quite-and justifyably-concerned about being annihilated. Heavy handed, though their actions may or may not be, YOUR criticism is suspect.

Mariette said...

Curious. As I'm sitting at my computer in Tel Aviv, I'm curious what you envision is the solution to the festering sore of the Israeli occupation. Nothing seems so easy.

As I see it, the regular folks here across religious and ethnic borders get along alright. It's the extremists and the political elites on both sides who continue to fuel the conflict. I see no way to satisfy the extremists and the political elites. But I must remain hopeful that someone out there has an answer.