Saturday, September 22, 2012

Stephen Harper and the Dead Parrot

When I first started portraying Stephen Harper and his Con Regime as a sinister freak show, I took a bit of heat even from some of my friends.

The MSM was busy polishing Harper's ass, and calling him a political genius, so some of them thought I was exaggerating. Or said that people wouldn't take me seriously.  

And sure enough some snooty progressives were appalled. One well-known blogger even accused me of suffering from what she called Harper Derangement Syndrome.

Can you believe that eh? As if I was crazy and Harper wasn't. 

But I never changed my views, and tonight I'm feeling vindicated.

Because when Jeffrey Simpson accuses Harper and his Cons of suffering from carbon amnesia.

The Conservative Party’s attack machine, with its television ads, canned speeches and pre-written scripts, has always been constructed on exaggeration tinged with mendacity. To this, since Parliament resumed, can now be added flagrant hypocrisy, since the machine and its mouthpieces, Conservative MPs, are attacking with customary vehemence the very policy on which they once campaigned.

And Stephen Maher accuses Harper of sowing confusion, by manipulating the truth.

Stephen Harper took a bold step forward this week to a new kind of creative, performance-based politics, uncoupling himself from the mundane world of facts and deftly using confusion as a weapon...One of the interesting questions for this fall sitting of Parliament is how effective that attack will be, since it is mostly based on nonsense. How far can a government go from the truth and still succeed in getting its message across?

And Dan Gardner accuses him of flogging a dead parrot.

Stephen Harper is looking us straight in the eye and saying, “it’s not dead. It’s resting.” He thinks he can get away with that. He thinks we’re morons. Maybe he can get away with that. Maybe we are morons. But still, the goddamn parrot is dead.

I know I was right...

This really is a sinister freak show. Stephen Harper really is a dangerous maniac who will say or do ANYTHING to get his way. Even if it means lying like a thief. Or hiding the truth from Canadians.

Canadians are being deliberately kept in the dark about how billions of dollars in the Harper government’s spending cuts may reduce the services and programs they count on from Ottawa, says the federal spending watchdog.

And unless him and his foul Cons are stopped, and eventually defeated, they really WILL kill Canada. 

Oh well. Maybe now that the MSM has finally seen the madness, they will put the trees together and see the forest at last. For surely they can't call others morons for not seeing what they cannot see themselves?

This government is so corrupted and power crazy, it's unfit to remain in office.

And of course I'll just keep saying it my way eh?

Free the poor parrot.

Cage this dangerous leader...

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  1. Hey Simon, I remember when I first found your blog I thought to myself OMG this dude is a genius, of course genius is often accompanied by

    I love to be proved right except when it comes to Harper. But yes I see the tide finally turning. Harper's shelf life has just about expired.

    1. hi Kev...believe it or not I actually belong to a very artistic family, of painters, sculptors, and now one of Britain's most promising young graphic artists. But unfortunately I was adopted, so alas I have no talent. ;)
      However, I am completely mad. A few years ago I vowed to keep blogging until the day the Cons were defeated. But that was when I was sure we were going to win the last election, so now I'm coming up on seven years, with three more years to go.....

  2. Sadly all the harper-worshiping zealots out there have their fingers in their ears going "Na, na, na, na, I can't hear you, na, na, na".

    1. hi Canajun...yes you're absolutely right. They seem to have an aversion to reason. And when they don't like such things as scientific facts, they invent their own, and muzzle the scientists.
      But don't worry we'll soon be singing the na na na song. As in na na na na, na na na na, good bye, so long.... :)

    2. Anonymous2:45 AM

      Don't bet on Simon, don't bet on it. Did guys like you make the same claim before the last election? Ask yourself, is Muclair better than Layton? If Layton couldn't beat Harper, than what chance does Muclair have?

  3. Anonymous9:23 AM

    And Harper Derangement Syndrome sits in the lap of the PMO and the PM...

    Simon you know how to call it;]


    1. hi Mogs....thanks for that. It is brilliant, and so true. And yes, judging from the sad state of the Con caucus, Harper Derangement Syndrome is not just horrible, it's contagious... ;)

  4. I never doubted you for a minute, Simon. Too bad certain media claws were retracted during the 2011 election, endorsing Harper in their editorial pages from coast to coast to coast except for 2 publications.

    1. hi Bejing...I know you didn't. You were always such a strong supporter even when I was starting out. And thanks to the encouragement of you and others, I did continue blogging, and now it's almost seven years. Can you believe it? How time flies...

  5. Anonymous4:22 PM

    So, we all know Harper for what he really is. Why is Quebec called stupid, for wanting to separate from Harper's tyranny and dictatorship? I don't get it?

    Some provinces are, bitching, bitching and more bitching, of Harper's destruction of Canada, and selling us out to Communist China. The anger of Harper's, lies, deceit, corruption, dirty tactics, dirty politics and his robo-call election cheat. Then, get the hell out of Harper's, so called Canada. In what way, does this country, even remotely resemble Canada anyway? Do you really think, this country is your Canada? Well it isn't. Our Canada has been stolen from us.

    Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini and Harper are all dictators, with the same typo personalities. They all used dirty tactics to win their elections too. Their number one mission, meant absolute, total control and dictatorship. Did any of them even remotely try, to stop their paranoid, insane behavior, towards their country and their people?

    Do you really think Harper is going to change? Our Democracy is vanishing, our Civil Rights and Liberties ignored, and our Freedom of Speech is even under attack. And, this is OUR Canada? Convince me.

    1. Anonymous9:20 PM

      Quebec has threatened to leave long before Harper came on the scene and they will keep up the same scam long after he is gone. All Quebec wants is more money in order to build their "perfect", basically white and Franco, society. Harper is merely the latest target they use to whip-up their base of racists and bigots.

      Harper is hardly in the same place as those tyrants you mention above. We still have opposition parties, shitty as they might be. You yourself still have your freedom, you are able to speak out aren't you? Just because you are ignored doesn't mean you can't say what you want to say.

    2. What you say is mostly true anon and it is overwhelming
      You want our country back? and i agree there too
      The web isn't going to do it for us because not a single conservative will change a vote on what we say here.
      The opposition parties may not do it in their party dispute mode with egos preventing alliance and stealing votes from each other will allow harper to again run up the middle.
      4 out of ten didn't vote last time
      That means for every ten friends you have 4 didn't vote.
      Corner them , talk to them and next election drag them to vote.
      I am betting not one of your friends will vote conservative.
      I am on all the party email lists but conservative.
      Everytime i get an email from them
      I email back and tell them that the future of Canada is at stake and unless the left unites they too are Canadas' destructors
      I don't care who wins just that the conservatives lose
      i'm ABC that way...anyone but conservative
      I'm doing that because where i live if every non voter voted for a single opposition party plus all opposition votes added together the tories still win by 20,000.
      Conservatives are not going to change or back down but can be defeated if frustration and anger turn to conversation and calculated action. Remember next election is take your friends to vote day. Fill a bus. Save Canada. Convinced?

    3. hi anonymous...I'm afraid I can't convince you that this is still OUR Canada. Because I don't believe it either. I'm still not ready to choose independence, and neither are most Quebecers. I remember what a better Canada was like, and before I give up, I'm going to fight like hell to get it back...

    4. Anonymous2:41 AM

      The vast majority of friends are voting for the Tories next time around. They like most of what they have done, not all but most. From where I stand none of the other parties even come close to meeting my needs, even when they are not being outright threats.

      Quebec won't leave, they can't afford too. I wish some one would just pull the rug out from under them that is a hollow threat and no one is buying it anymore. Personally, I want too see them go, Canada would be a better place without them, but that's just me.

  6. What irritates me is that pundits from Andrew Coyne to Carol Goar rightly excoriate harper for being a threat to democracy but then the media continues to write about him as if he isn't what he so clearly is: A villain to be defeated. His policies should be irrelevant to the main story, which is that he needs to be defeated.

    1. Anonymous9:22 PM

      Harper is hardly a villain, the villain is the left and they are ones who are being defeated, slowly but surely. It isn't their Canada anymore, I suggest they leave.

    2. hi thwap...I feel exactly the same way. They register his crimes one after the other, but they never see the pattern or the big picture. I can forgive them for giving Harper a pass during his early years, for like the rest of us they had never seen anything like it. But if once it was blindness now it's a cover up...

    3. hi anonymous...are you seriously suggesting that Harper isn't guilty of contempt of Parliament and of making a mockery out of our democracy with all his Big Lies? You are only aiding him wreck our country which I remind you belongs to us ALL. So we aren't going anywhere, but we will send Harper and his Cons back to Alberta where they belong...

    4. Anonymous2:44 AM

      Actually it will be Muclair who is sent packing, just like all the others who came before him. No, I don't think this is the left's country, but they are free to move to Quebec and build their "paradise" there. Not sure how they will pay, but once they are gone that isn't my problem.....they starve in the streets for all care.

      Who is Harper in contept of the? The Liberals? The NDP? I don't have a problem with that.

    5. hi anonymous...please try to remember that Harper has the support of only about 35 percent of Canadians. So we are more than you, and the day we unite it's game over for the Cons. So actually it's the right that will eventually be sent packing.
      As for your question about who he is in contempt of, the answer is the Canadian people. For when he lies to them, or treats them like morons, he insults us ALL. You too anonymous...

    6. Anonymous5:13 AM

      Maybe, but if the Liberals fold into the NDP, how many will drift over to the Tories? More than a few I would bet. I am not that worried about you uniting at all, in fact I know you wont. The left is so splintered, so broken, you could barely agree on a menu let alone how to run the country. Not liking Harper is not enough of a platform to get elected. You are going to have to better than that.

  7. hey simon
    glad i got here your style

    1. hi lungta...thank you. I'm glad you got here too. And I'm also glad that you belong to the ABC Party, because I do too...;)

  8. Send Harper to Alberta? I don't want him here either, Simon.....although we do have some conveniently located tailings ponds not very far from here.

    1. hi Way Way Up...OK that sounds good. We'll put him on a burro backwards, and point him in your direction... ;)

    2. Anonymous10:44 AM

      he should be put in a barrel and sent off Niagara, I'm sorry I meant Viagra Falls...

    3. Anonymous5:31 PM

      Yeah, I would rather send Muclair over a the falls, sans barrel of course. I mean his ego should protect him right?

  9. e.a.f.3:31 AM

    the carbon thing was a joke. like did stevie slime really think anybody was going to believe it? I didn't. I thought it was just funny. Stevie slime, that's my name for him, because he is slimie, as are the rest of his party. Maniac, ya, that works. I don't know what goes on in stevie slime's mind. I can't even say it is driven by a political belief. I would suggest he suffers from megalamania. I think he believes his own press & that is a very dangerous thing to do. I can't wait for stevie slime & the slimers to leave parliament, give it a really good clean & go back to being Canadian.

    1. Anonymous4:15 AM

      I like to call him Mushy Muclair. Here is a man who is the follow on to one of the greatest frauds every, Jack Layton. He clearly believes that he destiny to rule this country because phony Jack said so in his last press and testament. What will see, however, is Mushy and his band of neophytes, kooks, cranks and PQers get there ass handed too them and be pounded so very flat. Hope you enjoy the show, I know I will.