Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Yunel Escobar and the Bigot Moment

With all the scary things happening in the world today, from America to China. And our foul Con regime leading us to disaster. 

Just about the last thing I felt like writing about today was Yunel Escobar's bigot moment.

Because why should I care what a second-rate baseball player, on a losing team, thinks about ANYTHING?

But since I do speak Spanish, and I do know and love Cuba, I know this is bullshit:

'A joke between players' "That word doesn't have the same significance that we [Latinos] put into it. That's a word we use often among players," said Escobar. "It was a joke between us players, it wasn't the first time I write something on the stickers. It wasn't directed at anybody specifically.

Because in Cuban Spanish maricon means faggot, as does pato, ganso, or mamapinga.

And this irritates the hell out of me:

"I have close friends that are gay," he said, "my home decorator is gay, my hair stylist is gay and I have several friends that are gay. And they haven't felt offended about the situation. This is just a language misunderstanding."

Not just because the stereotypes are pathetic. All that's missing is a florist and a ballet dancer. 

But also because believe it or there are a lot of gay kids who dream of being baseball players, and who worship the Blue Jays, as bad as they are. Publicly broadcasting that bigot message could only hurt them. So I'm with him.

Three games is meaningless. It’s worse than that — it’s an acknowledgement that wrong was done, but a wrong judged so perfunctory that it requires only a sop to the whiners.

Escobar should have been suspended until the end of the season, and the Blue Jays should be ashamed of themselves. On the other hand, I also know that fighting anti-gay hate, when it is fuelled by the power of religion, is a much larger and harder battle. So I also agree with him. 

For only education can save us from the haters of this world. This is a great organization.

And all I can say to the kids who who dream of being baseball players is don't let the bigots discourage you. It will get better.

Fight for what you love... 

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Anonymous said...

None of the lefty peanut gallery jump on this? Ok, I'll bite. It was dumb, if they can snap shots of celebs at a mile or more, you can't be surprised that they could get this.