Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Margaret Wente and the Sorry Song

I have to admit that I am enjoying every twist and turn in the Margaret Wente plagiarism scandal.

Not because I really care whether she ripped off the words of others eh? 

For that snooty right-wing hack was NEVER original. 

And in her hands even the works of Shakespeare would read like monkey scribblings.

But because she has the colossal gall to portray herself as a victim. 

I’m far from perfect. I make mistakes. But I’m not a serial plagiarist. What I often am is a target for people who don’t like what I write.

I haven’t always lived up to my own standards. I’m sorry for my journalistic lapses, and I think that, when I deserve the heat, I should take it and accept the consequences. But I’m also sorry we live in an age where attacks on people’s character and reputation seem to have become the norm.

When that miserable old reactionary has made a career out of attacking people she doesn't like. And is always smearing the character and reputation of others, especially young Canadians.

For I can never forget how she smeared the gentle idealists of the Occupy movement. Or this ghastly column, which managed to attack the poor Greek people, and the Quebec students.

These masked young men and women are the children of the celebrated Quebec model, which shares a certain mindset with the not-so-celebrated Greek model. The state owes us everything, and if we don’t get it, we’ll riot in the streets!

Meantime, the rest of Canada looks on, appalled. If this is an example of Quebec’s distinct society, we want no part of it. The student protesters are the Greeks of Canada. And we’ve had it.

So foul, so hateful, so fake. 

Which for some reason makes me think that if she can't say sorry in print, maybe she could SING IT.

Like Nick Clegg, the leader of Britain's Liberal Democrats recently did. When he put out a video apologizing to British students for failing to keep his promise not to hike their fees.

Only to have it turn into a song...

Golly. That was great. Wouldn't you just LOVE to see Wente singing something similar?

I'm far from perfect. I make mistakes. 

I'm always telling people to eat cakes.

I'm so sorry, so sorry for myself.

I like the words of others better than my own

But now I've really done it.

Because goodness knows she was wrong about the Quebec students.

They won and she LOST.

Muahahahahaha. Crisse de babette.

Wente is up the Greek creek without a paddle. 

And we're still celebrating... 

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  1. Aptly said, Simon. Wente's disgrace, even if the Globe refuses to acknowledge it as such, is richly deserved and makes me believe that maybe, just maybe, there is some justice to be had in this world.

    1. hi Lorne... I thought Wente's arrogant response was simply outrageous, but of course entirely in character. Only she could turn what should have been a dignified apology, into an orgy of self pity, and an assault on those who exposed her blatant plagiarism. The way she dismisses the excellent work of Carol Wainio, is particularly irritating. Because that lowly "anonymous blogger" could teach Wente a LOT about research.
      When the history of these Con times is written, she will have earned herself a prime spot in the crowded Media Hall of Shame....

    2. Anonymous12:02 AM

      Haha, Hall of Shame! Like Sven the Lord of the Rings? Wacko Jacko and Mushy Muclair. Actually will anyone give a shit about them in the future? Nah, I doubt it.

  2. Anonymous8:06 PM

    There is justice to be hand in the world: For example Canadians got some on August 22, 2011.

    1. hi anonymous... And what does a post about Margaret Wente and the Quebec student movement have to do with the death of Jack Layton? Right. You know anonymous, I hate to generalize, but some right-wingers are really twisted and sick. I feel sorry for you because we only have one life, and it must be horrible to live it so small, and so miserable.
      Try to be a better person eh? And until you are don't bother to come back here...

  3. Anonymous10:38 PM

    Simon, we are doing it for the lulz, and you bought it silly you.

  4. If the Globe fires her, Harper will make her a senator.

    1. Anonymous5:07 AM

      Maybe, who knows?

  5. Anonymous7:09 AM

    Shit, Simon! On a totally different subject, you sure as hell must be doin' somethin' right with this here blog! You got the rabid righties comin' here to froth and inanely blather all over it! If you was wrong, they wouldn't bother a-comin' here, see, to refudiate (see palin) yer splendiferous words of wisdom! Congratulations on a job well done! Keep up the good work/fight!

  6. Anonymous10:11 AM

    Interesting, Interesting, Interesting,...

    Simon, Sir I have loved your blog, but can not stand the righties hatred for lefty hefty wefty posts they make me wanna puke...

    I am moving to a real rural area where those right wing radicals would never be able to survive and so I will not be able to check in as often but please please please keep up the excellent dialogue...

    Man you give me hope.

    Stephens off shore accounts are more important to him than you and I, go figure...

    And they ain't even fucking Canadian!


  7. Anonymous6:56 PM

    You know that Heather Mallick had a whole piece pulled because she lied about what some one said, but I guess we can't get our panties in a knot over of the Stars faceless drones. Sure, Wente screwed-up on a piece that is 3 years old. This isnt about how she writes, but what she writes. It is a political hit job and we all know it.

    1. "Sure, Wente screwed-up on a piece that is 3 years old."

      Thanks for revealing your almost total ignorance of the matter.