Thursday, September 27, 2012

Rona Ambrose and the Wacky Woody Show

About five years ago I made this button of Rona Ambrose. So I'm glad to see that my confidence in her was fully justified.

Canada’s minister for the status of women joined nine other Conservative cabinet ministers and dozens of backbenchers in voting in favour of a motion to study the rights of the fetus, even as the Prime Minister’s Office suggested it is time to move on.

Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth’s motion to have a committee look at when human life begins was defeated 203-91 in a vote on Wednesday night.

So I can wear it again.

Because let's be clear eh? Whatever her personal views on abortion, she's NOT the Minister of Fetal Rights. She's the Minister for the Status of WOMEN. And is supposed to be standing up for THEIR rights.

But then what can you say about the scary sight of all those old Con men, and some  Liberals, supporting a motion that would take abortion out of the hands of women and their doctors, where it rightly belongs?

Who knew the Cons had so many American-style religious fanatics? 

Although it was never expected to pass, the motion exposed a wide gap in the social politics of many Conservative MPs. Several of those who voted against it were careful to explain before the vote that they viewed themselves as “pro-life” but did not want to re-open a debate on abortion.

And what will they do NEXT time?

When their crazed leader finally decides its OK for the rest of the cult to follow the laws of God, rather than those of human society.

Like he does...

When he's not taking orders from Benny Netanyahu, or the British government.

What a nightmare. Could anyone who supports women's rights EVER trust those Cons again? 

And what can you say about Stephen "Woody" Woodworth, the promoter of that grotesque freak show? 

Who would waste the precious time of Parliament with a sinister stealth bill, that he claimed had nothing to do with abortion. Even though even a moron could see it did.  

Because he apparently believes, or Jabooba told him, that men must have mastery over women. Sperm must not be wasted. 

And you can never have enough children...

I mean what can you say to a tiresome old bore like that one?

Oh that's easy eh? 

Woody you WANKER. We won you LOST. 

Thanks for exposing all those dangerous Con extremists, so we can defeat them in the next election.

I LOVE my new Rona Ambrose button...

And as always, this one's for YOU....

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Anonymous said...

No mention of the liberals who voted for it? I guess people are only allowed to believe what you believe. But here is one thing we can agree on, all leftwingers should get abortions, you know to show their support! Lets pinch the left off at this generation.

Anonymous said...

The House of Commons is a waste of our tax dollars. Harper dictates to his ministers as well as, to everyone else. Harper is committing his evil crimes, of High Treason against this country, and nothing is done about it.

Boessekool another of Harper's drunken henchmen said. The best thing Harper ever did was, to get rid of, the national support for children. Bill Tieleman has the article on his web site. Boessenkool is a drunk, as Campbell is. Boessenkool was known for, his groping women. Harper had yet another degenerate, Bruce Carson. He was arrested for influence peddling.

Boessenkool failed Harper, in his duty of, forcing the Enbridge through BC. Boessenkool resigned because, of his drunken behavior.

Suddenly, Christy Clark is going to Albera. Rumor has it, she is talking to Premier Redford, another traitor to Canada, regarding the Enbridge pipeline. We don't doubt for a moment, Harper ordered Christy to go to Alberta,and approve the Enbridge pipeline. All of Harper's degenerates, are failing in their duties for him.

This is a wait and see. Any bets, anyone???

lungta said...

I think this one was read wrong
or as Ben Franklin said
Nothing in politics happens by accident, if it happens it was meant to happen.
This was a cleverly scripted diversion ploy
taking the pressure off all other issues
I have seen this tactic since the 70s
It never passed
No harm ..No foul
Shows divine leader as freeing the vote
coming down on women's side
Diffuses the "religious agenda" exposers
Diffuses attention on oil, china, eco disasters
To reiterate.
refocuses rage
Harper had to know and approve months ago
This has to soften his appearance of absolute dictatorial control of parliament and his muzzled minions
He voted no...being on the side of women
If contempt of parliament in months before a vote gives a majority
By next election this will only help him
mission accomplished
The conservatives that may take a hit for this will be rewarded plum positions elsewhere.

Liberals and NDP
(under one banner)
defeat the twisted C

or play “party”…steal votes from each other
let your ego help harper destroy Canada
and it’s harper for another win

pick one

Anonymous said...

Yup....its all just one big conspiracy. Give me a break, I'm not exactly keen on Redford here either but to go off the deep end and refer to her as a traitor to Canada is a bit much.

Oemissions said...

can fetuses be kept alive outside of a womb?

Stephanie said...

What a rude comment, honestly. Choice....get it? No one is forcing you or your loved ones to do anything, and each person makes her choice depending on her own values, religious beliefs, circumstances. That's why it's called CHOICE!!! Stop name calling anyone who dares disagree with your perspective. It's childish and unproductive. Just stop it.

Simon said...

hi anonymous...I did mention the Liberals. Did you even read the post before writing your ridiculous comment? You sound like one of those Con robots, repeating the same tired old talking points over and over again. But it won't help you a bit, we're going to use this issue to really hurt the Cons. The right is dying, and we shall be merciless....

Simon said...

hi lungta...You may be right, everything the Harper regime is scripted down to the last detail. I wonder if they allowed so many to vote just to make their rabid base believe that next time they will win, so keep sending those dollars in. Harper does need to soften his image. And of course it is a diversion from the other monstrous things they are doing. We can expect a lot of those in the future.
As for uniting progressives, I have always been in favour of that, and with Justin Trudeau likely to become Liberal leader the danger of dividing the vote is all too apparent. I'll try to write down my thoughts on that in the next couple of days...

Simon said...

hi a certain point they can, but the great majority of abortions happen long before that time. And as far as I know late-term abortions are rare and only performed when the mother's health is in danger. Women and their doctors have been working it out quite well by themselves, so my view is if the system ain't broke, don't bother fixing it...

Anonymous said...

Our stupid MP voted for this crap bill too. The guy's an idiot as he compares Canada to a places like North Korea, Vietnam and China of all places because he said something in a media interview that we have no legislation in place like these countries. Moron! I think things have been working out just fine between women and doctors and you say Simon. Indeed, if the system isn't broke, why fix it?!

Good on ya Brian Jean! Why don't you do something useful for a change like pressuring the feds to get our damned highway twinned?! I have to be on it in the next few minutes and I get killed on it I swear I'm coming back and finding you, you incompetent!

Anonymous said...

Haha Simon, the left is the ones in trouble. Wait till "Junior" splits your vote and half. The right has been merciless since day one, glad your finally catching on, it is a bit late, but still.