Monday, September 24, 2012

Stephen Harper and the Great Betrayal

Well I suppose it was inevitable eh?

First Stephen Harper started clinging to the Queen like a fridge magnet. And going gaga over everything Royal. 

Then he spent gazillions to celebrate a war 200 years ago that helped keep Canada British.

And now we're a colony again.

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird and British Foreign Secretary William Hague will sign an agreement to open joint Canada-U.K. diplomatic missions abroad in an effort to extend each country's diplomatic reach while cutting costs, CBC News has learned.

Hague told CBC News, "as the Prime Minister [David Cameron] said when addressing the Canadian parliament last year: 'We are two nations, but under one Queen and united by one set of values.'"

And what makes it even worse is that the Cons aren't telling us the real reason they're doing it. For that you have to read this.

The BBC's diplomatic correspondent Jonathan Marcus says that, while money is one factor driving co-operation, this diplomatic link-up will also play well in euro-sceptic circles within the Conservative Party, where there is a good deal of unease at the expansion of the European Union's own diplomatic corps - the External Action Service.

Or take it straight from the horse's ass.

Eurosceptics don't always have cause to celebrate. The story likely to annoy the Conservative backbenches at the moment is the proposed BAE/EADS merger, to which David Cameron appears to have consented (£), which Eurosceptics rightly fear will stop Britain from having a world class independent defence industry, and instead empower the French and Germans. 

 William Hague has good - exciting - news for those who despair. Tomorrow, he will announce the launch of a network of new embassies across the world which will be shared between British Commonwealth nations, and which will seek to head off the creeping influence of European Union diplomats.

Great eh? The Cons are selling out our sovereignty for the price of a tin Jubilee medal, to please the most reactionary members of Britain's Conservative Party, undermine the European Union, and defend the British defence industry.

Just like they're selling us out to Benjamin Netanyahu's right-wing settler regime, to try to undermine Obama, and force him to bomb Iran. Or selling our country off to foreign interests.

Oh boy. So much for the True North Strong and Free.

I used to be proud to be Canadian, but not anymore.

Now I'm just embarrassed. To live in a country so young and yet so old, so slavish and so easily fooled. 

You vote for the sellout Cons.

You get a Canadian government like this one...

And the Queen you deserve....

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  1. Anonymous5:04 AM

    Simon, Canada has been royal long before you got here and will remain so long after you are gone. Pity you can't see that, but if you prefer republics, there is one just across Lake Ontario you may enjoy. This country is great again, all that had to be done was, well, hobble the left.

    1. Yes great again like the advocating torture part , or is it the nationalizing of alberta oil by china, or the evangelical based harper agenda closing science, oversight and libraries and statisics, or maybe it the destruction of our international "peace keeper" status or just the tax cuts for the rich that did zero? Maybe it is the total disrespect for parliamentary procedure leading to the harp being found in contempt of parliament? maybe it is the biggest debt in Canadian history after saying for years he would never do it? maybe it is after promising open and transparent government having Canada drop from 30 to 50 on an international scale to tie with Nigeria? maybe its CanadaS new rank of 149 out of 215 countries for the stellar mismanagement of the economy? It is just so hard to choose
      The independent sovereignty issue caused by this embassy issue is nothing compared to the American police and military having equal status as canadian agencies IN CANADA (both advanced by harper)

    2. Anonymous9:39 PM

      Yes, hobble the left, drive and beat them into ground and greatness will follow.

      Torture: Things went to far, I grant you, but I don't lose sleep over it.

      China and oil sands: I thought Red China would right up your alley, international solidarity and all. Do the left still believe in that?

      Evangelical: This country needs a good shake-up, makes certain people sweat, which is good.

      Peacekeeper: You mean hopless missions hoisted on the CF by the Liberals (ie the left)? Those missions? Yeah, I will let the "brave" left take the lead on those ones from now on.

      Parliment: Seems to be getting things done, most of which I like. If the left get run over in the process, too bad so sad, mabye they shouldn't be there in the first place.

      Government can be more open, just ask any firearms owner about that, again mostly leftwing public servants play that game.

      I don't worry about the US being here, they won't be after me after all, heck are you saying they might be here to hunt the left down? Where do I sign up?

    3. hi anonymous 5:04... I very much doubt the Monarchy will be around much longer, not after the current Queen retires. We can have a parliamentary system without having a foreign Monarchy overseeing it, even symbolically. What's wrong with just a Canadian Governor General?
      And aren't you watching the news? It's the right that is hobbling, and about to get clobbered...

    4. hi anonymous 9:39... Are right-wingers living in a parallel universe? Can't you see what is going on around you? In the UK the Cons won't win another term. In the U.S. Obama is whupping Romney. And in Canada Stephen Harper's personal popularity is at an all-time low. And sinking.
      The Cons are slowly unravelling, and when we defeat them in the next election they'll be gone for a generation...

    5. Anonymous4:01 AM

      Oh we shall see. Obama hasn't won the election yet, and is struggling harder than he should be, he who is mr. Hope and Change after all. I wouldn't count on him making it through just yet.

      In Canada the CPC still generally lead the polls. What I am betting on is an NDP melt down based on two things;

      1. Trudeau will become the next liberal leader, draining soft left and youth votes from the NDP.

      2. The PQ will force Muclair to chose between Canada and Quebec. He and his party will choose Quebec, he has to after all because he is one of them.

      Basically don't count the right out just yet. Things are better for us than the left, because it might be you lot who is out for a generation.

      As for Royal, I prefer that to any republic myself here in Canada. Trust me, it ain't going to change.

    6. So our anon is a git er done evangelist avoiding the original "closing science, oversight and libraries and statistics," part preferring a "shake up", trading gun registry for open democracy, and willing to "sign up"
      Guess we can see where that is going.
      and an allegiance to the house of Windsor formerly the German Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (a branch of the House of Wettin)
      ahhhhhhh the predictable
      can brown shirts google? try harper and northern foundation

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    8. Anonymous8:19 PM

      As long as it hurts the left, I really don't care. Brown Shirts, lol, you should be glad there is no group like that in Canada. Street violence would leave the left at majory disadvantage.....I mean come on, they would be beaten to a blood mess. Which would be bad, I guess.

    9. ok last link
      just to show you that we know who you are 8:19.
      You never googled "harper and northern foundation" did you?
      it will get you this
      "Mr. Harrison documents in the book entitled Of Passionate Intensity, that Prime Minister Stephen Harper was a member of the ultra-right wing Northern Foundation in 1989. Mr. Harrison documents that this Foundation was comprised of Neo-Nazi social Darwinist intellectuals."
      "Ostensibly, therefore, the Northern Foundation has sought to be a vehicle for bringing together several disparate right-wing groups and otherwise for disseminating a Neo-Nazi ideology. Significantly, it also had cultivated substantial connections to the Reform Party, which would eventually evolve into the current Conservative Party of Canada."
      So anon at 8:19... you are the group like that in Canada...embrace it, your lexicon says you want to...but when the pendulum swings back for you personally or for the 25.5% majority your trumpeting you might long for a more egalitarian and inclusive society.

  2. Anonymous10:58 AM

    "clinging to the Queen like a fridge magnet."

    Yes Simon I can't stand when the Royals come here and we have to pay these rich snob's way, why is that Anon 5:04 AM? This is greatness is it when the working class has to pay the Royal class to visit?

    I don't know how the Royals have managed to cling to power but to me it is like poo flung against the outhouse walls, totally useless and an ugly decoration at that.

    Imagine the brevity, Kate going to a public nude beach in France, not her country and then suing because someone took her pic and had it published. Hey you go to a nude PUBLIC beach you are available to see...

    Divine right I guess?


    1. Anonymous5:28 PM

      Yes, yes the poor working class has to pay. Well guess what we all have to pay for things we don't like Mogs, working class or not. The Crown is part of the history of this nation and isn't going anywhere. So it doesn't matter to me what you think, clearly the government or even the NDP don't either. It is here to stay and you are free to leave if you like.

    2. hi Mogs... I have nothing against the so-called "Royal Family." I don't think we should retire the monarchy before the current Queen departs. Because my mother would never forgive me. And I find the younger ones can be quite amusing, especially when they take off their clothes, or snort vodka up their noses. But that's a Made in Britain show, and I just want Canada to grow up assert its own identity, and stop living in the past...

    3. Anonymous4:45 AM

      "The Crown is part of the history of this nation and isn't going anywhere."

      Exactly Anon 5:28 PM you are to young to know your history about how the Emperor of Japan was forced out of his castle and walk the streets and admit to the working class he was not god?

      The Queen is the same lame useless piece of poo as EMPEROR HIROHITO was...

      Umm correct me if I am wrong...


      Now go back to sleep.


    4. Anonymous3:29 PM

      Mogs, and yet the Japanese still are a monarchy. Why is that?

    5. Why is that?
      It involved a lot of money actually and was for the same reason that the Japanese never had the equivalent of the German Nuremberg trials albeit the crimes were as bad.

  3. Anonymous1:17 PM

    Good grief!! Since we aren't getting anywhere with the horse's ass. Perhaps we had better go to the horses head.

    Canada was already corrupt enough. Since Harper's so called majority, Canada has become a, putrid foul mess, stinking with corruption.

    In Britain it used to be. Politicians were not permitted to be corrupt, to lie and steal from the people. Someone like Harper and Gordon Campbell would be tossed into an English brig. Even two Lords from the House of Lords, were thrown in prison for doing just that.

    Harper's partner in crime Gordon Campbell, was rewarded the post of High Commissioner to England, for doing Harper's dirty work for him. Harper is spreading his rot to Britain. This does not say, a hell of a lot for Britain, going along with someone as vile and corrupt as Harper.

    How many of our young Canadian boys, were shot and blown into fragments, by going to war for Britain? And now Britain is consorting with, the corrupt and evil Harper. There is no way Harper nor Cameron is worth their deaths.

    1. Anonymous5:29 PM

      The heck? Oddest post of the day!

    2. hi anonymous...I'm afraid not enough Canadians have been following what's been happening in Britain. Because the Harper Cons and the Cameron Cons have been borrowing from each other, and both share the same slash and burn view of government. Cameron's savage austerity program has driven the UK into a double dip recession, and Harper and his gang will eventually do the same to us with their job killing policies. Canadians need to remember that everything those hard line Cons do is IDEOLOGICAL...

    3. Anonymous4:02 AM

      Does the left not have and ideology anymore? Or you as moral bankrupt as the liberals? Is that what you are saying? Maybe more people approve than you care to admit.

  4. Anonymous9:42 PM

    Like I said, if you don't like it leave! This isn't your Canada, like it ever was anyway. Besides, you tell the right that all the time, maybe the left can't take its own blow-back.

    1. hi anonymous...excuse me? Why do right-wingers always call for others to leave the country if we don't like the way it is being run? Why are they always yammering about free speech when they would have us believe it's their way or the doorway?
      Listen, understand this, we are MORE than you, twice as many in fact. So we're not leaving, and we're not scared of the battle to come. We're looking forward to it.... :)

    2. Anonymous3:39 AM

      I personalty can not stand this right wing left wing rhetorical crap I am a moderate and see the right and left as fools...

      Go ahead Anon 9:24 PM I am going to kick your ass out of Canadian soil because you belong in a third world slum, because you have no compassion for life...
      End of story.


    3. Anonymous4:07 AM

      The left love to demand the right leave and "go south", but can't take it when the shoe hits the other foot. There are more of you? Spare me. The left would kill each other first over slight differences before they could deal with anyone else. Your movement can barely agree on anything, so I am not worried at all. Besides are you sure all your supporters are as loyal as you think they are? Are you sure there isn't a 5th Column among you? Are you sure about your friends and allies?

    4. Anonymous3:27 PM

      Mogs, you and what army? That pathetic collection of freaks, addicts and low-lifes that pass for the left. Lol, I like those odds.

  5. e.a.f.3:14 AM

    that was an interesting read. at least some of us now have a clue as to why harper wants to have "joint" embassiess. The return to the "royal" for the armed forced seemed very odd & some what less than patriotic. I have always viewed Canada as a sovergien nation. Yes, we had the Queen thing but with a GG I just figured we didn't have to vote for a president & saved money. However, when the queen dies I really don't see Charlie Wales becoming "king of canada". That is just too over the top.

    It is hard to fathom where stevie slime is coming from. After much thought I can only conclude he is attempting to destroy our national identify. Joint embassyies????? selling everything to china including selling a major Canadian oil company to the Chinese government. This is not only a major security risk for Canada & the U.S.A. but the oil rigs/platforms this company has in other part of the world gives the Chinese governmetn a lovely listening post to other western countries.

    I can understand his not wanting Iran to bomb Israel into dust but Net. is not the best Israeli politician. From some of my reading it would appear the military & Net. have different views on Iran.

    I could understand some countries wanting to "share" a compound for security reasons in very dangerous places, but that is about it. As to saving money, stevie slime is never about that. He runs commercials about a 200 yr. old war to the tune of millions & closes the Coast Guard Station in the Vancouver harbour, saying we can't afford it. He spends money on a 200 yr old war but doesn't care about the living & breathing citizens of B.C. who may drown in the harbour for lack of rescue. Of course there is also the lovely thought of no Coast Guard in the Vancouver Harbour & then a cruise ship crashing with an oil tanker. Only in canada, you say, such a pity. lets get rid of the traitor stevie slime & his slimers.

    1. Anonymous7:17 AM

      Actually the vast majority of the CF was very happy to see the RCN and RCAF return. The regiments that are royal never changed, and why should. I know it is hard for left to understand, but tradition and heritage is important to many people. The socialist vandals have tired to erase Canadian history and now they are being pushed back, something their "leaders' assured them wouldn't happen. So much for leftwing leaders eh?

      I don't agree with closing of CCG base at all. That being said do you think it will change basic respect for ColRegs? I doubt it. Plus the War of 1812 is an important part of Canadian history. I know it isn't about the left, but you lot get your egos polished enough don't you think? I mean Jack got his send off, not that he deserved it, isnt that enough for once?

    2. Anonymous6:15 PM

      Left anon 7:17? You are so far off the real gradient that you still think there is a left and a right...

      We are all humans, what can I add to that?

    3. Anonymous8:15 PM

      "We are all humans" blah blah.

    4. Anonymous8:19 PM

      "We are all humans" blah blah.

  6. I resent my tax dollars going to support these historical parasites. However teaming up to cut costs makes a lot of sense. Of course Harper will probably blow it buying Aston Martins for CISIS.

    1. Anonymous3:26 PM

      Yeah paying taxes suck. I hate the fact that I had to pay for Layton looney love in. Ditto now for hairy necks pay cheque. Taxes suck.

  7. Anonymous4:14 PM

    Go back to America if you please.