Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Stephen Harper and the Big Lie

Well there they were again. The same tired old Con gang and their weird and whacked out leader.

Blowing smoke out of every orifice, trying to smear their opponents.

Lying like thieves.

There’s only one problem with this alarmist scenario, which has been dutifully parroted by Conservative robomaulers across the country. It’s utter bovine-enhanced fertilizer. In other words, B.S.

And treating Canadians like FOOLS.

Maybe the Conservatives think you’re stupid. Maybe, more charitably, they just think they’re smarter than you. Or maybe they assume that you’re cynical enough—or enough of you are cynical—about this stuff that they can safely carry on like this. Or maybe they’re terribly confused themselves. 

But sitting at home you probably shouldn’t be joining in the laughter. Because ultimately the joke is on you.

So why are the Cons playing this insane and insulting game? Why are they trying so desperately to smear Tom Mulcair in such a crude and contrived manner?  

Answer: Because it worked for them before ...

Those foul RepubliCon thugs and bullies really do believe that if they repeat a Big Lie enough times they can fool most Canadians most of the time. 

They want to try to hang a tax sign around the neck of the environmental movement, so they can make saving the planet seem like a pain in the wallet. And the reason they are acting like maniacs, is because they're DESPERATE.

Even after a long summer break when they had the cameras to themselves, they haven't been able to shake off the NDP. They know the main reason Mulcair and his party are so popular is because of the way they have attacked the Con's Big Oil policies.

They know Mulcair has their number, and that his arguments will only become more powerful as the planet burns.

And they must surely know what we know. The Big Lie won't save them this time. Not from a people who know them all too well, and are determined to destroy them.

You know, I'm so glad the Cons came out swinging eh? Not just because they ended up on their asses looking like IDIOTS.

But also because as my old martial arts instructor used to say, you must let them throw the first punch, grasshopper. But after that you can do ANYTHING.

Golly. I can hardly wait. Ring the bell loudly.

Let the battle begin...

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  1. No party has ever sunk so low. (The deluded or dishonest pleas of harpercon hacks and chumps not withstanding.)

    1. hi thwap....I completely agree, and would only add that no Canadian party has ever acted so American. For it was the Cons who brought Karl Rove's political syphilis to Canada, and corrupted our democracy. Never in my wildest nightmares could I ever have imagined a government so foul. And never have I felt so strongly the need to remove it...

    2. Anonymous6:38 PM

      Awww, thwap still too chicken shit to let randoms post on your blog? I give Montreal Simon this, he's got more balls than you little man....still I wonder why you are still here Thwap? Plus what happened to the Tories being "out by September". Is that from the same lefty tarot cards that said Jacky would have a long and bright future? LOL

  2. Dammit Simon you make me laugh...

    Thank goodness there is the internet and therefore alternative media. I think I'd have to roll over and die if I was forced to swallow the MSM without an alternative.

    But then they are bought and paid for just like the harpercons...

    By the 1%: http://www.vanityfair.com/society/features/2011/05/top-one-percent-201105

    Of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1%" - written by my friend Joe...

    Harper has no idea what opposition he faces in BC, we are not letting that Red Chinese pipeline through. All the First Nations Land that that tube would cross have already passed native laws outlawing the pipe, ie it ain't legal no more on native land, so it ain't happenin. :]

    1. hi Mogs...I must admit I have been saving that last cartoon for a bit. But I think it represents the situation perfectly. Harper may appear to be getting his way, but the forces he has stirred up will eventually consume him. He is far more vulnerable than he appears, and however blind the mass media, the writing is on the wall. He really shouldn't have made so many people so angry, for it will come back to haunt him...

    2. Simon,

      Harper in his blind quest for power pissed off the yanks when they and I must say temporarily delayed the Keystone XL pipeline, sincerely because they where considering environmental issues.

      The Neanderthal Stephen however considers the environment something to be clubbed over the head and be dragged away.

      So to threaten the Obama regime he said piss off we will sell the bitumen to your worst enemy The Red Chinese...

      Go figure?

  3. Anonymous12:02 PM

    Bye Bye Mulcair..........just another kill ring on the CPC barrel.....lol

    1. hi anonymous...must you use such violent images? The CPC managed to get where it is because Canadians had never seen such a brutish gang before, and they didn't know how to deal with them. But now they know them well, and they are really angry, so I'm figuring Harper and his gang are heading for the slammer...

    2. Anonymous1:48 PM

      Oh I doubt that very much. So far Harper has dealt with Martin, Dion and Iggy. That is a pretty fair record don't you think? Besides, do really believe that Muclair will do better than them? Harper will grind him up and spit him out, which will be most to watch. I can't wait to see that store bought smile ripped off his face!

    3. Anon 1:48 you are a bought and paid for?

      You say grind spitted and ripped?

      A real conservative defending your master Harper eh?

    4. Anonymous6:36 PM

      I was I was paid.....but no, the best things in life are free, like watching lefty leaders get what they have coming to them, guess who I am talking about......come on, you know who I mean...lol

  4. Anonymous12:24 PM

    Didn't Harper's asinine omnibus bill. Give him the right to overrule absolutely everything? Harper's own "personal scientific panel", will be who decides regarding, the Enbridge pipeline and the dirty tar oil. At least that's what Harper said. All the top Canadian Scientists were given their walking papers by Harper. He then installed his own, panel of Scientists.

    Harper has stacked everything in Canada, into his own favor. That's what certain dictators in the past did. Harper is no different than they. They too cheated and lied to win. Hitler even made a law, there were no other political party's permitted in Germany.

    This is why, I didn't criticize Quebec for wanting to separate from Harper's Canada. At least Quebec won't be sold down the road, to Communist China. it's very easy to see, the abuse Harper is inflicting onto BC. All Harper wants is money. Harper has no concern for the people, the dirty Bitumen pipeline bursts, nor will he care when, the massive Chinese tankers spill into the sea. Convince me, BC wouldn't be better off, out of Harper's Canada.

    1. hi anonymous...in addition to being an outrageous violation of the democratic process, Bill C-38 has undermined environmental regulations all over the country. But it has not undermined our will to resist. In fact it has had the opposite effect. It has only made us more determined to evict the Cons from power. Because of the guy he is, I don't think Harper quite understands that yet. But he will, he will....

    2. Anonymous6:34 PM

      You gonna make him? Haha, poor lefty so far from power.....so far from hope....so far from a clue.

  5. Anonymous4:35 PM

    Dear Mr. Harper: Would you please help the OSC to start an effective communication with the Chinese government regarding the Sino-forest case, so that the unfair Restructuring Plan can be stopped or changed for shareholders? If the current Restructuring Plan is approved, it will be just like the media reported,"Sino-forest's assets far exceed its liabilities, but shareholders are likely to end up with nothing..."

    1. hi anonymous...I'm not familiar with this case, but I do know that anyone who gives some of those big Chinese companies an inch is likely to end up giving a mile. Harper and his Cons are making it up as they go along, and leading this country to disaster...

  6. The dumbass Cons LIE about Mulcair and the NDP daily, recently about their supposed 'carbon tax' plan. Except, the NDP policy is not for a carbon tax, it is for cap and trade, instead. During the 2008 and 2011 elections, the NDP proposed a cap and trade system to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. During his run for the NDP leader, Mr. Mulcair offered his own cap-and-trade proposal. And, the Cons themselves supported cap and trade policies until 2009. In 2008 the Con liars proudly condemned a carbon tax - while proposing cap and trade! The Cons put it in their platform. And the Harper government put it in its Throne Speech. Jim Prentice lobbied the Alberta government to join the Harper government’s initiative. As late as December 2009, the Harper government claimed to be ''working in collaboration with the provinces and territories to develop a cap-and-trade system.''And even so, now, in 2012, the Cons can’t promise they won’t pursue cap-and-trade if the United States decides to do so. Now the Cons LIE that the NDP wants a 'carbon tax', which is false on its face, but the Cons KNOW their dimwit base hasn't a clue as to which is which, anyway.

    1. Anonymous6:34 PM

      The NDP want to crush the tar sands, hope they never get in and try that stunt.....it would be bad......very bad......well, funny to watch.....but still.

  7. Simon,

    Ya gotta get a cartoon together about a HUGE NDP steam roller flattening the Harper-cons.

    In the next BC provincial election the NDP is gonna win by a landslide...

    Crusty [Chrissy hissy fit] photo op Clark lieberal as she is known here in BC is self destructing.

    The BC lieberal party/government [sic on purpose] is a Harper bought funded and controlled party, which are politicos banded together called parties?

    It must be fun to rule the roost?" Yah party time, go figure...

    They are known to sell off all the natural resources to their buddies for pennies on the dollar just like harpo.

    I think I'll form the New political party called people who help people and do not and refuse to chase the ALMIGHTY DOLLAR...

    A con is just that, a liar a cheat and a theif! Con men all of them...

    Why lie to me Steve I am to old to buy that shit.

    Stephen I just dropped a toownie you are gonna be all over it are you not you sucker?

    So you can give it to your Red Chinese Masters.

    1. Anonymous6:32 PM

      The BC Liberals might go on, but watch Mushy Muclair get his ass sent back to Franco-land.....poor little NDPers, how many leaders do you plan to through? As many as the Liberals?

  8. Must say I'm starting to get frustrated by Mulcair. All we see here is him bashing Alberta and way of life, not coming here and speaking to actual, real, working people and flying over the oil sands before high-tailing it on to his next photo op. Given that Fort McMurray is full of people that were born in place other than Alberta I'd say its not just "crazy gun-toting Albertans" who are unhappy with him but Canadians from many provinces. I am soo sick and tired of these champagne socialists bashing us. Even my own union thinks they are a joke. Fortunately, while they may want to threaten my employment we can always threaten theirs (and politicians or any stripe really) by not voting for them or supporting them.