Friday, September 21, 2012

Saving Our Democracy: When the People Awaken

As Stephen Harper drags our parliament into the pit of democratic depravity, by accusing the NDP of supporting an imaginary carbon tax only he can see.

Repeating a Big Lie over and over again like a shameless con man, or a desperate maniac. Going after Tom Mulcair, as one pundit put it, with a zeal bordering on that of a religious fanatic.

As we stare in horror at what Great Economist Benny Cuckoo Leader is doing to our Parliament, the Star's Bob Hepburn asks the burning question. Can we save our democracy?   

Finds light in the darkness:

Encouragingly, though, people across Canada are starting to fight back. They are doing it in small ways, in classrooms and weekend workshops, on websites and at coffee parties, by writing letters and even joining a knitting campaign.

On their own, these initiatives may face more frustration than success. Collectively, though, they could well play a major role in deciding the outcome of the next federal election. 

And is cruelly mocked by Chris Selley.

Jeepers. Batten down the hatches, Mr. Prime Minister! There’s a storm a-comin’!

Because you know this is Canada eh? And that kind of stuff doesn't work here.

Except that it just did, in Quebec...

Where a student strike became a popular movement that helped bring down a government, retire a Premier, and today celebrated this great victory.

The PQ cabinet has ordered university tuition hikes introduced by the Liberals to be reversed and voted to dissolve Bill 78, the anti-protest law. Bill 78 will officially come off the books Friday.

It wasn't easy. Almost three thousand were arrested. Many were injured... 

But in the end they WON.

And if it can happen there, it can happen HERE. 

In fact it already is eh? Quebec activists are teaching others in the rest of the country how to organize and get out the vote. 

Banners like this one are showing up all over Canada...

And as the Con regime drags us ever deeper into the darkness, and becomes even more corrupt and cruel, this movement will only grow. And all together we will crush the Cons like BUGS.

Here's to the Quebec student movement in its hour of victory.

Here's to le printemps Québécois, the Quebec Spring.

Here's to the Canadian Spring.

Quand le peuple s'éveille.

When the people awaken...

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  1. You're right Simon. It was a convoluted process and there were other factors involved, but Charest called that election to get a mandate to crush the students and he lost his own seat and his party lost power.

    1. hi're right there were other factors involved, but the way the student movement was able to switch from creative protest to political action is a lesson for us all. And in Charest's riding the students were almost singularly responsible for his resounding defeat.
      And as you point out, you can't argue with reality. The government was defeated, and the students got what they wanted....

  2. Rick's rant is back and he really does in Harper...

    1. hi unknown...thanks for that, it's excellent so true, and it couldn't be more timely. For I fear this second Trojan horse budget will be worse than the first. The Cons are out of control and they really have to be stopped...

  3. Replies
    1. hi O.B...thank you. I wanted to pay tribute to the students, and to try to revive the sagging spirits of some progressives. For everywhere I look these days I see despondency and despair. When in fact there is a lot to celebrate. The Cons are imploding, the Quebec students have shown us new and creative ways to build a broad based movement, and use social media to help organize demos and get out the vote.
      And personally I can't wait to hit the streets.... ;)

  4. Anonymous10:45 AM

    Speaking of bugs, lice or vermin, how do Quebecers plan to pay for all this? Going to come begging to the rest of us again? Think your new pimp in Ottawa will get you more cash, after all that is why you voted for NDP isn't? You ditched the liberals, PC and PQ when they wouldn't completely become the Franco bitich, I guess the same is in store for the NDP.....there is a storm a coming.......and isn't going to break over Harper.

    1. yes
      if anything "storm" happens the harp will be out doing a midnight deal with the peoples republic of china.
      as far as the students go
      If we can provide tuition, clothing, room and board, training, travel and a paycheck for a military career
      I think we should be able to do it for all other students...the money is the rich

    2. Anonymous5:57 PM

      Why? So many students get suckered in by the left so I think a life of debt slavery is only fair to them.......slavery of the left, I like the sound of that.

    3. Anon. You are sick. "Bugs, lice, vermin"? Your rhetoric is on par with the way Nazis spoke of Jews. Get help.

    4. Keep digging anonymous
      An education will push you into a fact based leftist position alright.
      I would reconsider free education again if i were you
      There is a remote possibility that if that was the case you could stand in a class of your peers and defend your views in a much less inflammatory and ignorant manner.
      Politically you may be correct as there is no indication i can see of the left(liberals, ndp and QP) getting over themselves or realizing that harper is waging war on all things canadian and a united front is required.
      A free education might serve them too
      Failing a united left front slavery by debt might be the future for most of us, possibly even you anon.

    5. Anonymous3:47 AM

      Lungta, my schooling was paid partly through the tax payer and partly from myself, I let you chew on that one. Actually, what I saw of the leftwing profs at my school so disgusted me I could never taken them seriously again. They were so fully of themselves and so desperate to be 'politically correct' that snookering them was easy. They believe any sob story that fits their 'world view'.

      The ones that really got my goat where the 'revolutionaries' who were going to change the world, but didn't have the guts to admit that revolutionary change often only comes from violence. They couldn't kill for what they believed in. However, when asked about those who kill you to defend what they believed in.......they couldn't answer that, just just stood there and sweated. Hence I couldn't take the left seriously again after that....not that I ever really did.

    6. hi anonymous 10:45... I am always polite to people who leave comments here, even if I don't agree with them. And I don't mind a few angry words. But this is not on:

      Speaking of bugs, lice or vermin, how do Quebecers plan to pay for all this?

      For as others have pointed out, that's Nazi talk, and I won't tolerate it here.

    7. Anonymous5:30 AM

      Oh whatever Simon! The way you talk about people you disagree with! Nice double standard, but hey that is what the left is all about isn't?

    8. I agree anon
      Most professors, left and right, have zero world experience...17 years inside a system has poor results either way coupled with a job in the same system may not be the best examples of working philosophies.
      Harpers only real job was in an imperial oil mailroom and then as their IT know "unplug and reboot" miracle worker.
      What worries me most about him is that his "economic genius" is not from experience It appears to be just a re-hash of his churches edicts (emboldened by passing grade term papers) and an incredible spin machine taking credit never earned.
      The calgary school of economics he attended has plenty of skeletons too if you read deep enough.
      Regardless of how flawed our education system is
      i cannot help but advocate more knowledge from any source as worthwhile and to be supported by society in general in the same way a military career is supported.
      Left, as i understand it, has to do with a more egalitarian, equal, open and inclusive society.
      That said, world war two was fought (complete with the killing) on defense of those principles and may be again.

    9. Anonymous2:58 AM

      Well at least we agree on the Prof thing. You mean Harper worked medium level jobs as a opposed to some of our sliver spoon socialists who were born into that life of privilege that so many on the left claim to hate? Seems like a bit of a blind spot there, if you ask me.

      I dont have a problem with Harper's Christian beliefs, if anything it makes me support him more. But that is just me. I agree about knowledge is a good thing, but frankly I don't see the need to pay for it for everyone else. I have my own life and needs thanks very much. As for WW2, I don't fully get what you are trying to say here.

    10. "snookering them was easy. They believe any sob story that fits their 'world view'."
      So let me get this straight. You're a deceitful, lying creep, but you think your fraud gives you a license to be "disgusted" by the people you took advantage of? Whatever.

  5. Going to ignore this racist, cowardly troll after this.

    1. hi thwap... as I just toldanonymous, I'm going to tighten up the screening on my comment board. I'm not going to allow it to be used for racist comments or personal attacks on other bloggers like yourself. I've been a bit slack, but enough is enough...

    2. Anonymous5:31 AM

      Can't Thwap fight his own battles or do you have to do it for him?

  6. Simon..despite your strict adherence to democratic principles, when it comes to this "version" of anonymous, you should just quietly delete his spew..
    And, BTW, hooray for Quebec and her noisy, progressive students...they once again show the rest of Canada the way....

    1. hi Wendi... I'm afraid you're right. I do believe in giving everybody their say, even if I disagree with them, and even if they criticize me harshly. But I won't allow my comment boards to be used to spew filth in every direction. So either they restrain themselves or they will be DOA (Deleted On Arrival)
      As for the Quebec students, it was the most amazing struggle I've ever seen, and the first time I've ever been on a winning side. :)
      I've learned so many things, at their artistic headquarters, The School of the Red Mountain, I can't wait to use them against the Cons....

    2. Anonymous5:33 AM

      First time you won? Jesus what team are you playing for? Some of those kids came to Ontario to spread this stuff, didnt take and doubt your luck will be much better.

  7. Anonymous5:11 PM

    You are absolutely right. Quebec student's stood their ground, said enough, and followed through.

    Harper has been kicking Canadians in the face and, scores of Canadians are really pissed by, his arrogant dictatorship. BC is just as angry as Quebec. We have had enough of Herr Harper too.

    We have had enough of the corrupt, Campbell/Clark BC liberals. They seem to think, all they need to do is change the party name. Well, the stink of skunk, clings for a very long time. Especially skunks that work for Harper and betray and steal, from their own damned citizens and their own damned province. Even after all these years. The people of BC, have never forgotten about, Campbell's theft and sale of our BCR. We have never forgotten, Campbell twice, lied and cheated to win his elections too.

    BC citizens, will see Harper in hell, before we permit Communist China, Enbridge, Alberta and Harper, to use BC as a conduit for dirty Bitumen. China is showing their aggression around the globe. We want no part of that country.

    1. Anonymous3:35 AM

      And the majority of seats remain in CPC hands? Care to explain? Why is the left such joke out here anyway? As for the NDP, wait Muclair attempts to sell us all down the Franco river.

    2. hi anonymous... I am very much hoping that BC will be the next province to follow the example of Quebec, and rise up against the Cons and their plans to build that hideous pipeline. It's the kind of issue that can bring together people of all ages, and as in Quebec, spark a massive debate about the priorities of a civilized society. I can hardly wait, and when the uprising begins, you can count on my support....

    3. Anonymous5:34 AM

      Uprising? Pffff, don't flatter yourself. You really think there will be an uprising by the left, hell they can't get a demo going before noon......pathetic.

  8. Anonymous11:22 AM

    Au contraire Anonymous 5:34am, they've been quite successful in their student protests. Glad to see people stand up for themselves although I must admit I don't necessarily agree with everything they say. I'm not sure that it is free education as ultimately someone will be footing the bill. I already paid for my university education and I'm saving up to help my son so I'm afraid my wallet is tapped out, however, if they want someone else to pay it for them, more power to them.

    1. Anonymous2:52 AM

      There you go! That some one will be you! These people are than willing to rob your future and your sons future to pay for themselves. Do you want your tax dollars to pay for lazy PQ and QS perma-students? Should we all futher impoverish ourselves for the benefit of Quebec? Quebecers only care about themselves, not you, me or anyone else who isn't part of the 'nation'.