Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Stephen Harper and the Red Line

When it finally hit me why Stephen Harper suddenly cut ties with Iran, I felt slightly dizzy. 

So great was my horror.

For it seems obvious to me that  it had little or nothing to do with security, and everything to do with an orchestrated campaign by Benjamin Netanyahu to try to blackmail Obama when he is most vulnerable.

And force him to set a so-called "red line" for joining the Israelis in an attack on Iran.

"The world tells Israel: Wait. There's still time. And I say: Wait for what? Wait until when?" said the Israeli prime minister. "Those in the international community who refuse to put red lines before Iran don't have a moral right to place a red light before Israel."

Even if that means intervening outrageously in the U.S. election, and giving Mitt Romney's Republicans ammunition to attack Obama, at such a critical stage in the campaign.

Even if it means getting his pathetic lackey Stephen Harper to join this deadly charade.

For consider the evidence. First Netanyahu engineered a confrontation between him and the U.S. ambassador to Israel, in the presence of the chairman of the House of Representatives intelligence committee, Mike Rogers.

A former senior Israeli foreign ministry official and diplomat who served in the US, Alon Liel, said Netanyahu engineered the confrontation in front of Rogers. "It appears to be an attempt to help the Republicans in the upcoming election." 

"The entire show, under the patronage of Rogers, is meant to prove to the American public, and in particular to the Jewish community, that the rift between Israel and the United States is more significant and deeper than we thought."

Then three days later, out of the blue, the Con Regime cut ties with Iran. To ratchet up tensions, prepare the ground for war, and allow Mitt Romney to claim that Canada was tougher on the Mullah Regime than Obama.

For let's face it eh?

This is the red line Netanyahu and Harper are really worried about...

The red line of their man Mitt sinking like a stone. For both of them know that if Obama is re-elected it's game over. Netanyahu won't get his war. And Harper won't get his pipeline.

But in the meantime we could be just weeks, days, or minutes away from a disastrous attack, that could set the world on fire, ruin the global economy, and lead to a possible superpower confrontation.

Even though some of the most venerated military and intelligence analysts in Israel believe it would be an act of folly. Even though it would only delay the Iranian nuclear program. And even if Iran did get the bomb, it could be contained by the threat of  Mutual Assured Destruction. 

If the U.S. arsenal deterred the Soviet Union for decades of cold war and now keeps North Korea’s nukes in their silos, if India and Pakistan have kept each other in a nuclear stalemate, why would Iran not be similarly deterred by the certainty that using nuclear weapons would bring a hellish reprisal?

The regime in Iran is brutal, mendacious and meddlesome, and given to spraying gobbets of Hitleresque bile at the Jewish state. But Israel is a nuclear power, backed by a bigger nuclear power. Before an Iranian mushroom cloud had bloomed to its full height over Tel Aviv, a flock of reciprocal nukes would be on the way to incinerate Iran. Iran may encourage fanatic chumps to carry out suicide missions, but there is not the slightest reason to believe the mullahs themselves are suicidal.

So what is Stephen Harper doing? Using his influence to try to restrain the Israeli hawks? Trying to find a way to avoid a war, that after what he has said and done, will almost certainly lead to attacks against Canadians?

No. He's cheer leading for Armageddon, licking the boots of the brutish Bibi and his racist settler regime, campaigning for Mitt Romney, snubbing the United Nations. And being honoured as the Statesman of the Year.

Can you believe that eh? Could there be anything crazier or more OBSCENE?  

Oh boy. Pray for sanity. Pray for peace. And for the sake of everything good and decent.

Defeat this monstrous leader.

Before he destroys us ALL...

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ck said...

"For both of them know that if Obama is re-elected it's game over. Netanyahu won't get his war. And Harper won't get his pipeline."

Actually, if re elected, Obama will indeed give Bibi his war and Harper his pipeline. Obama only suspended these issues in order to fight an election campaign.

Professor Graeme Decarie basically says the only difference between Obama and Romney on those issues is that Romney would do them faster.

zoombats said...

Harper would dearly love the idea of Mittens in the white house. He has slid under the door for the Statesman of the year.

Anonymous said...

Defeat him how? We can't get him out of office. We have 2 more years before we can even start to campaign against him, regardless of Mulcair's influence by that time. Why are we one of the nations that can't get rid of a bad leader? Our idols, the 'murkans can. If we are so hell bent on emulating them, why can't we do what they do? They got rid of Nixon.

Anonymous said...

This is what kills Canada. You get politicians as corrupt and evil as, Harper and ex BC Liberal Premier Gordon took forever to get rid of Campbell. He was working for Harper. Between the two of them, they dismantled and destroyed BC.

Harper has been itching to bomb Iran, for a very long time. For a while, that was all he could talk about. However, Russia and Communist China are allies of Iran. Those two country's have said, it would be a mistake to attack Iran. Harper backed right off for a time. So what then? Harper is selling Canada out to Communist China. Why would Harper offend China, by attacking Iran?

Elections Canada said. They can't chase Harper's robo-calls into the U.S. They have no jurisdiction. However, the U.S. has their police operating in Canada. Then there were the two Americans, directly participating in, fourteen Conservative campaigns. The U.S. are given Canadian contracts, bringing their own workers with them. Premier Redford is bringing U.S. war vets, to build the pipeline in Alberta. Harper persuades Canadians to shop in the U.S. There are the border talks between, Obama, Harper and Calderon. Then if you read: Harper gives a speech in New York, at the Council of Foreign Relations. This was Sept 25/2007. Then a war with Iran doesn't make sense. It only makes sense, if the U.S. wants Harper to start a fight with Iran. Obama out and out said. Harper has to pick up the slack for the wars. The U.S. wanted to lay back for a while. Wars are very costly and the U.S. was feeling the pinch. Obama has cut the U.S. military spending right back, as he said he would do. Harper has to do the dirty work, this time.

Something really stinks, about the crap going on.

Simon said...

hi ck...I'm not suggesting that Obama is perfect, far from it. But he has to deal with the reality of America, and when he doesn't have to worry about being re-elected, I'm pretty sure he'll be better.
He's under enormous pressure from Netanyahu and his armed gang to attack Iran, and so far he has resisted admirably. And since the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs also backed him up, I'm pretty confident that he can be tougher after the election. Polls show the Americans are not interested in more foreign wars, so for Netanyahu it's now or never....

Simon said...

hi zoombats...I'm sure you remember that the Cons tried to sabotage Obama during the democratic leadership campaign, and I'm pretty sure that these days he loves Mitt Romney even more than he loves Jason Kenney. Mittens would give him EVERYTHING he wanted, and the Koch brothers would rule Alberta.
However, I don't think that's going to happen, and I'll be writing to the White House once a month to remind Obama how Harper tried to screw him TWICE. And urging him to help us in the next election... :)

Simon said...

hi anonymous...yes I know two or three years is a long time. I used to end my posts urging people to organize, unite, take to the streets, and eventually defeat him. But then I realized that Canada is not Quebec, and urging people to stage massive protests is probably never going to happen.
So urging progressives to unite and defeat him is all I can say. Although I still haven't lost hope that the robocall scandal and others may eventually result in criminal charges, and drive the Cons from power before the next election. Being an optimist isn't easy in Harperland, but I'm still trying... ;)

Simon said...

hi would think that the way things in Afghanistan, Iraq, and now Libya have turned out, that the Cons might get the message.
But they are a government of rabid right-wing ideologues, their leader is in my opinion deranged and dangerous, so I'm pretty sure they will continue their dangerous games, until the day we give them the hook. And believe me that day will come....

Dave said...

There's this Neo Con Lobby to begin a preemptive war on Iran leading into a nuclear World War 3, and that's why Republicans like crazy Mormon Romney are guests of the hard right Likud on visits there, because they want to wash away the Muslims from in and around Jerusalem, so Jesus has room to return and destroy the Earth. Our international embarrassment of a PM, a religious nut himself, obviously buys completely into this absurdity. I hope Jesus has hit the weight room in the last 2,000 years, because Jesus needs big shoulders to carry all the evangelical Christian Rapture ready crazy people to Heaven after he kills everyone else. Which means Jesus must be a Republican, and a card carrying member of the NRA.

mizdarlin said...

And now this suspiciously-timed group of attacks on US embassies makes many of us wonder just what it is that Netanyahu will do, what is the lowest rock he will crawl under, to force Obama's hand?
Luckily for all of us, Obama is a cool customer, and isn't likely to jump the gun and react (so to speak) but the timing of all these things, coupled with the anniversary of 911, seems pretty damn suspicious to me!