Friday, December 17, 2010

Stephen Harper's Miserable Christmas

Golly. When I first saw this card I was shocked. I thought could Stephen Harper be declaring war on Christmas? Leaves? Green grass? No snow? In Canada? In December? And where is baby Jesus ???!!!!!

And then I remembered the whole purpose of the exercise is to try to portray Harper as warm, cuddly human being. Which isn't easy eh? 

Not when he's a cold, calculating psychopath. And he ended this Parliamentary session by denying he's planning to kill medicare, and insinuating that the Leader of the Opposition is a foreigner.

“Myself and my family, we depend on, we have always used the public health care system of Canada. I wonder if the leader of the opposition can say the same thing.”

But goodness knows he tries...

And even though the reviews were  BRUTAL.

The Conservatives and Liberals appear to be ending the year the same way they started it — in a dead heat.

The poll suggests his party would not only fail to win a majority if an election was called today, it would come back with fewer seats than it won in 2008, when the Tories captured almost 38 per cent of the vote.

I see he is still trying to win over  women voters. 

Can you believe that? From a man whose FIRST act on coming to power was to attack women's rights and destroy a national daycare program. And who has made it clear poor women do not have a right to a safe abortion. Even if it KILLS them

What a monster. Does he really think he can fool us?

Or make this one fly again?

I don't think so eh? Because we know a Great Flying Fraud when we see one.

You know, instead of using music to try to win a majority. 

Or to try to convince us he's half human...

I think Stephen Harper should use music as a means of self discovery.

By locking himself in the washroom. Removing all his clothes. 

Staring at himself in the mirror. If he can bear bare it.

And singing this song ...

I'm a loser I'm a loser
And I'm not what I appear to be
Although I laugh and I act like a clown
Beneath this mask I am wearing a frown

Because it's so HIM. 

Santa it's Simon. Forget the inflatable Harper doll.The one that goes WAAAAAAAAAAAAH !!!!!!

Stephen Harper's miserable Christmas is reward enough. Give him a sad trombone.

And just give me my country back...


Nadine Lumley said...

This is supposed to be Prime Minister Stephen Harper, his wife Laureen Harper, son Ben and daughter Rachel are seen on the annual Christmas card taken outside the official residence of the prime minister, 24 Sussex Dr. in Ottawa.

But you can clearly see it is a studio shot that has been cut out and pasted onto a picture of 24 Sussex Drive. Are they out of their minds releasing this picture?

Laureen's arm looks photoshopped placed on Harper's arm. I don't think there is one thing real about this picture. It makes me laugh. Honestly, where is her ass? Did they dig two feet into the ground and have her sit in the hole?

The light from the daughter's head falls on Ben behind her. The house shadow falls in front of the house. The light on Harper's face looks different than the other three.


Rick Mercer's Sleepover with Stephen Harper when he shakes hands with his kids

Beijing York said...

Nadine, thanks for pointing out the faults with this poorly photo-shopped photograph.

Obviously they did their INDOOR studio photography and had stock footage of the house but couldn't put them in a snowy scene without coats.

Simon said...

hi Nadine...yes I was going to say that the family looked like a cardboard cutout, but I didn't want to be rude. As much as I hate Harper I've never said anything bad about his wife or his kids. I leave them out of it. But it is such a weird shot. They probably spent a fortune trying to make it look homey, but of course the idea is to make him look attractive to women voters. A poll in the Globe today only confirms this. The women have more sense than the men and they're standing, with Quebec, in the path of his majority. Expect to see a kinder, gentler Harper all the way to the next election. Fortunately I have many photoshops of Harper wearing a dress so I'm prepared. As for the video, the thought of spending the night in Harper's house is so horrifying, I really couldn't enjoy it. I don't know how Rick survived without being bitten by Harper at the stroke of midnight. He's definitely braver than me... :)

Simon said...

hi still doesn't make sense. After spending two billion dollars on himself, what's a few thousand to make him look cuddly?
As the ad says...some things are PRICELESS. Especially when it's OUR money...:)