Wednesday, December 08, 2010

King Pinko and Loony Night in Canada

Well it wasn't exactly the Royal Wedding eh? But the King of the Canadian Teabaggers wore pink, Mayor Princess Piggy was as pretty as a porker can be, and the redneck coronation was quite a spectacle.

“I’m wearing pinko for all the pinkos out there that ride bicycles and everything, I thought I’d get it in,”

“This is what you’ll be facing, Rob, with these left-wing pinkos — they scrape the bottom of the barrel.”

You know... when I first saw King Pinko place the golden bling of office around the meaty neck of his beloved, the first thing I thought of was ... oh boy....Julie Fantino is going to be soooooooooo jealous.

But then I thought what a ghastly act, what a hideous thug.

Cherry’s swaggering performance was that of a classic bully. He rallied the winners against the losers and will no doubt shrug off any complaints about his graceless appearance as more evidence of what humorless drips liberals are in the first place. But when you’re paid eight hundred thousand dollars a year to opine for a few minutes a week about hockey it’s a bit rich to show up at city hall in a pink suit and claim to be striking a blow for the underdog.

How low we have fallen, after five years of King Harper and his Americons. 

And how dare King Pinko use the CANADIAN Broadcasting Corporation to promote his AMERICAN values, with OUR  tax dollars !!!!!!!!!

By associating himself with right-wing politicians to the extent that he endorses them and makes pronouncements about who should govern this country, Cherry has associated Hockey Night in Canada and the CBC with right-wing political views.

Because let's face it eh? The flowery freak can drape himself in the Canadian flag, or wear a beaver on his head, or give himself a maple syrup enema, but I know an American teabagger when I see one.

And this King of the Teabaggers, Canada's Sarah Palin, isn't standing up for our Canadian values. He's DESTROYING them.

This isn’t just a game, any more than hockey is just a game. The country is being peddled a right-wing version of itself with dollops of help from the intimidated elites and artsy people who control the CBC. What a brutal black comedy this has become.

The bottom line? The CBC should be ashamed of itself. Canada is not a right-wing country.  

King Pinko is stinko. And should be reined in or FIRED.

The redneck coronation was an abomination.

The one thousand bicycle brigade is on its way.

And if Mayor Piggy wants a war, he is going to get one...

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