Monday, December 06, 2010

Wikileaks and the Real Canadian Bombshell

As the Wikileaks truth guerrillas threaten to strike back at the Dark Empire.

I still want to know who in the Con regime is going to be arrested for leaking this memo?

Was the leak really a breach of security in a department that rarely gives up its diplomatic secrets?

Or was the document slipped to the National Post this week as part of an elaborate government damage-control strategy to pre-empt an even more damaging leak on the WikiLeaks website?

In an obvious attempt to try to distract Canadians from the devastating impact of this one.

In Karzai's view, the extra 7,000 troops promised by Nato allies as part of this year's troop surge were more trouble than they were worth.

The president joked that it would be better if the countries announced extra troops but did not send them, as their contributions were more of a "headache" than a help.

"Admiral Mullen noted the political significance of these troop commitments, despite the challenges they might entail."

Canada's real Wikileak bombshell.

Where after 153 lives lost, thousands wounded, and billions wasted. After handing over adults and children to be tortured. After killing people and destroying villages in order to save them. And getting nowhere.

We finally find out we're not wanted.

But we're staying anyway.

Just to please the Americans.

Leaked memos show European Union President Herman Van Rompuy told the U.S. ambassador to Belgium, Howard Gutman, that the EU no longer believes in the success of the military mission in Afghanistan.

Van Rompuy, a former Belgian prime minister, suggested European troops are still being deployed only to bow to what the United States wants.

Bow wow. Thank you Julian Assange. 

Thank you Bradley Manning.

The truth hurts. It really does.

But at least now the deadly delusion is over.

And we are free at last...

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