Sunday, December 05, 2010

Don Cherry and the Dumbitude of the Cons

Wow. Rock me sock me. Who needs Sun TV and its right-wing garbage? When we got Don Cherry and Hockey night in CONada...

Yikes. What can you say eh? Except Don Cherry must be losing his marbles grapes. The CBC must have forgotten the difference between hockey and politics. And Stephen Taylor must be DESPERATE.

Winning an Order of Canada for spouting off like an AMERIKAN teabagger? OMG. What is Stephen saying ? TREASON !!!!!!!!

And how DARE  he suggest that winning that precious Order of Canada bling, is as easy as becoming a Con Senator...

Because let's face it eh? If Puffy can become a Senator, and Cherry can win an Order of Canada,  ANYONE can.

But speaking of the right-wing STINKO media...

Moi, je refuse: I shall cough into my cupped hands until I lose the slight dexterity that requires and then I shall hack unashamedly into the public air. By that time, I expect, I will be well into the public farting years anyway, so I figure I might as well cough too.

As I approach those years, I still have no idea why it is that as one gets older, one grows more flatulent, but I do recognize it as a curious truth...

Have you ever read anything more revolting? It definitely belongs in the Ghastly Writing Hall of Fame. Right next to this one.

"Like a lepidopterist mounting a tough-skinned insect with a too blunt pin he screwed himself into her"

I mean it's bad enough having to read Crusty's columns. But the thought of her running around casually spreading disease, and becoming even MORE flatulent, is positively alarming.

The only thing more frightening than that would be if Puffy cut one in the Senate.

And brought the house to speak.

Or if Julie Fantino looked even more like Mussolini...

OMG. Could somebody please give Crusty, and Don Cherry, and Mike Duffy, and Julian Fantino, a turkey blower...

Because enough is ENOUGH.

Oh boy. I don't know why there are so many right-wing buffoons running loose in this country.

But I do know this my fellow left-wing pinkos. The present may be STINKY.

But the future belongs to us...


  1. Shorter Don Cherry: "It might not be 'POLITICALLY CORRECT' of me, but I'm going to launch into one of my mindless tirades where I re-hash the cliches of the dominant gender, skin colour, sexual orientation, etc., etc., ... and then I'll believe that I'm BRAVE to do so."

  2. hi thwap....I don't object to Cherry being a character, and I can put up with his idiotic comments about hockey. And I LOVE his suits. ;)
    What I object to is that he is becoming more and more political and sports and politics are a horrible mix. The irony is that Cherry portrays himself as Mr Canada when his act couldn't be more AMERICAN...