Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sebastien and the Gay Pirates

As I explained the other night, Sébastien my companion has just returned from Haiti where terrible things are happening. Remember?

And the suffering, the despair, and the violence he saw there has saddened him. And of course I'm still recovering too eh?

Because I'm the one who stays at home, thinking of him, the mob, and the machetes. And quietly going CRAZY.

On the other hand, almost since the moment we met, when he pulled me off a bully I was beating with a pool cue, and received a vicious elbow in the ribs as his reward, I've become rather attached to this noble hunk. And I can't stand to see him sad.

So after I read this story.

Depp said Disney initially "couldn't stand" his version of Sparrow, with one person asking if the character was homosexual.

Depp told the Disney executive "all my characters are gay", adding that "really made her nervous".

I got a great idea.

I told him if he insists on living such an adventurous and dangerous life, why don't we join the gay pirates?

He could be the skipper and I could be his bodyguard cabin boy.

And if the shit hits the fan, at least we could walk the plank TOGETHER...

UPDATE: The two gay heroes jumped the Cons and made THEM walk the plank. The cabin boy jumped the skipper...the little nipper...and made him smile again. But now they're both going to have to take the day off to recover. AAAAAAAAAARGH.

As I said the other night... love is CRAAAAAAAAZY. In a pleasant delicious sort of way.

Remember the poor people of Haiti. Hug the one you're with. See you on Monday...


Unknown said...

Good post!

I saw that Johnny Depp quote also and thought was fascinating, not only in what he is saying, but also because the word "gay" is so loaded to everyone.

Simon said...

hi Brahm...Thanks. I love Johnny Depp and I can't believe those dumb Disney people. Keith Richards should sue them... :)