Saturday, December 04, 2010

Is Don Cherry Canada's Sarah Palin?

OMG. I was so confused. When I first stared at this bizarre right-wing creature I just couldn't decide which was the head and which was the asshole.

Rob Ford, the alleged mayor of Toronto, or Don Cherry.

“People are sick of the elites and artsy people running the show. It’s time for some lunch pail, blue-collar people.”

And I figured it had to be Cherry, for being a loud tiresome redneck who thinks ignorance is a virtue.

While the grunting bully Ford is just naturally ignorant. And does what his brother tells him.

Exhibit A: Doug Ford. The Ward 2 councillor and older brother of the mayor is the supposed brains behind the operation, but he hasn’t been appointed to anything. Still, there he was getting his photo taken with the rest of the angry white men brigade in Ford’s cabinet and being scrummed by the media long after baby brother Rob had left the scene.

Question is, who made Doug Ford mayor?

But then I remembered. Wait a minute. Where had I seen that monstrous Con creature before?

And then, of course, it was brutally OBVIOUS...

The Con Tweedle doesn't have a head. It just has TWO assholes.

“I’m happy — it seems things are shifting around a bit to the right, with Julian Fantino getting elected, and Rob,” Cherry said.

Because let's face it eh? Only a Con asshole could call his opponents Nazis.

“ I think they [the Liberals] intended to hurt my campaign. The things they said ... a lot of them were absolute lies. They keep repeating [them]. I call it the Hitler Theory. You tell a lie often enough you hope that some people will believe it.

The moment they took his muzzle off.

Oh. My. Mussolini. Rock me sock me. What an IDIOT.

I mean what else can you say eh?

Except who made Don Cherry a politician?

The undisputed King of the Canadian teabaggers...

All hail The Flowered Messiah !!!!! Canada's Sarah Palin.

Golly. Do you think the CBC knows it has a rising Con star on its hands? And if so what is it planning to do about it ?

As for Rob Ford...he will do as he is told. If he stays sober. Either way it will be a disaster. And he'll be out of there in less than a year. 

Julie Fantino will achieve the impossible: make Fascist talk both scary and HILARIOUS. And make the Con's law and order platform look even more ridiculous. In a sinister sort of way.

And of course, the lesson for the rest of us is, if we want to get our country back we will have to defeat them ALL.

Because we can't afford this freak show.

And a Con is a Con is a Con...


Bina said...

Gawd help me, every day Don Cherry looks more and more like a friggin' sofa. But I wouldn't sit on him; he'd probably paw my boobs. Ugh!

marie said...

Too funny Bina. He is a frigging idiot isn't he. Loud mouth, bad manners and fits right in with the Reformatories idiot misfits.

I just love the people the Harper Tories attract. It sure says a lot about them. Useless pieces of crap that stink to high heaven. which in turn gathers up the misfits of society and Canada.

I just love your blog Simon. Your humor is something we need to wipe the stench of these freak misfits.

Way to go Harper. Keep collecting these jokers and see what Canadians really think of the no brain's and the entire CRAP party.

D said...

"The Con Tweedle doesn't have a head. It just has TWO assholes."

Thanks a lot Montreal Simon, thanks. Now I have to spend part of my morning cleaning up the coffee I spit all over my laptop.

Well done!

Anonymous said...

not a sofa... Drapes!

Rick Mercer had Dr... er, Grapes on one night, who took him shopping... for fabric, which he picks out acc. to how he likes the pattern, & then gets someone to tailor it into suits for him, even tho', yes, it's usually fabric for furniture or drapes rather than for clothing. Even Mercer couldn't quite believe what he was seeing.

Anonymous said...

Here's a youtube video of that Mercer segment of Grapes picking out his next Drapes at the bottom of:

Simon said...

hi Bina... Personally I think he should be stuffed after he dies and placed in a glass cabinet in the Hockey Hall of Fame. But if you want to make a sofa out of him, that's OK with me... ;)

Simon said...

hi's bad enough that he's turned his lousy hockey commentary show into a militaristic let's support our troops show. Where he poses as the Mr Super Patriot. But he's becoming more and more Con and that's just revolting.
And thanks for your nice comment about my blog. I think it's important to try to keep a sense of humour, to give us the strength to defeat these Cons, and take them down a peg. First we laugh at them and then we beat them... :)

Simon said...

hi Dylan...sorry about your keyboard.
But I was only making a scientific observation. These tweedles are alarming and they must
tweedled. :)

Simon said...

hi know I was going to tell Bina that. He'd make a very uncomfortable, but I swear my granny had one of his leafy jackets turned into drapes in the kitchen. Or was it my grandfather's golf bag? Oh well whatever it was it looked better than it does on him... :)

Simon said...

hi anonymous...thanks for that thread. The picture of him in those golden threads, and that ridiculous beret on his head, was absolutely priceless... :)