Friday, December 10, 2010

Wiki Wars: Now We Are All Assange

As Julian Assage remains locked in solitary isolation in a British prison, the call has gone out. Once those who believed in freedom said we are all Spartacus. Now we are all Assange.

Apparent WikiLeaks-related cyberattacks ramped up as thousands of people around the world volunteered their computers for use in the attacks.

Downloads of free software used in the attacks have jumped by thousands of downloads overnight to over 40,000.

Although some are more Spartacus than others. 

I couldn't do what they are doing. I'd rather protest in other ways. And since I live in Stephen Harper Canada, and he'll do anything any Dark Force tells him, I'd rather not spend Christmas in jail. 

But I sure admire their courage to make sure the truth is not suppressed. And I'm enjoying seeing those who would wage economic war against Wikileaks, getting a taste of their own medicine.

Because make no mistake, this is a war for the freedom of the internet.

At the moment, the greatest invention in human history is broadly free. It allows for unprecedented communication, truly free assembly, and with these, an unparalleled forum for the exchange of ideas. It’s a seat for radicalism, and it has the potential to usher in dramatic reorganisation of established power structures.

Up until now, the apple cart hasn’t been upset enough to incline governments to make overt changes. Wikileaks has changed that, and provoked the US into action: now the powers that be can see what the Internet can do, they want it changed.

And if we don't defend it we could lose it.

Hey. I don't know if I agree with the tactics of the Wiki War warriors from Anonymous.

But I do know that we are ALL Assange.

Bradley Manning is my hero. 

The truth will set us free.

But sadly not him.

And I sure love these videos...

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