Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bev Oda and the Mystery Hand

Golly Sherlock. Those ghastly Cons seem to be getting into trouble EVERYWHERE. Thank goodness we're building all those new prisons.

Do you think we can call this one the Case of Bev Oda and the Mystery Hand?

A two-page memorandum recommending the approval of $7,098,758 in funding to the church group KAIROS for its human rights activities was originally signed by two top bureaucrats at the Canadian International Development Agency in September 2009.

But someone — it’s unclear who — handwrote “NOT” between the words “you” and “approve” on the memorandum’s last line.

Oh definitely Watson. I've reviewed her sordid record. I do believe she's capable of ANYTHING. And I agree with Inspector Lessard Rae.

Liberal foreign affairs critic Bob Rae said the document was tampered with and changed retroactively so it would look as if CIDA was recommending the faith-based group be chopped.

“If you put 'not' in front of a cheque or if you put 'not' in front of a number on a cheque, it is called fraud,” he said.

I say Sherlock.... speaking of ideological war.... did  you see that the Con gang at Rights and Democracy has run out of time?

As of Friday afternoon, there was no sign of the requested material, which means that, barring an as yet unreported special delivery over the weekend, the standoff over the material in question...may end up being debated on the floor of the Commons, particularly if the board chooses to risk parliamentary censure -- or even INCARCERATION -- by dispatching Latulippe to Ottawa armed with heavily expurgated versions of the reports, as was, it seems, their original intention.

Yes I did Watson. It's a dark tale, and they don't call the chairman The Penguin for nothing. Although I have to admit that my attention was slightly distracted by the activities of this other Con gang. 

OMG. You mean those rotter rednecks might have been up to no good even BEFORE they were elected to clean up government ?

I'm afraid so Watson,  even before they started lying about EVERYTHING.

Or going hog wild...

With OUR money.

Jeepers. You don't think that one day we'll be able to put them ALL in jail?

I don't know Watson old boy. Right now their deranged ring leader has them in his icy grip...

Frozen by his....um... deadly charisma.

But if it's up to you or me..... or Simon.

Sooner or later some of them will  start singing like a CANARIES.

And then they'll ALL be singing this one...

Sherly, Sherly, can we send them to a prison with a guillotine... or a torture chamber? 

And can I put Bev Oda on automatic, and make her walk backwards, and quack like a duck?

PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come on Watson, it's time we went to bed together.

Goodnight Simon...


Nadine Lumley said...

Good night Simon. My God that was an awesome video; love Elvis. This was how G20 was supposed to be before HarperCon got it into his mind to make it a fascist test.

Elvis seems to have started that whole stripper pole craze here. He is very elegant except when he went down that pole. Sort of how I imagine HarperCon going down the pole hehee hehee.
Is it true Laureen is gay and sleeping with a female RCMP officer and no one in Ottawa will report it for fear they will be attacked by Harper's unelected back room goons? Separated but Harper's ego won't admit it?

Beijing York said...

Simon, blogger Alison found this gem of a Freudian slip:

"On Friday, International Human Rights Day, Minister of International Cooperation Bev Oda stood in the House and delivered the following remarkably frank assessment of the Harper government's approach to foreign aid:"

"In fact this government wants to always ensure that our international assistance is directed to helping people live in poverty effectively, efficiently, and transparently and that's what we will continue to do."