Friday, December 03, 2010

Tom Flanagan: Don Tomaso or Dr Strangelove?

OMG. I understand that Tom "Fatwa" Flanagan is having trouble trying not to strangle himself like his mentor Dr Strangelove.

And who can blame him eh? Now every time anyone mentions his name they'll think of Julian Assange.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange says Tom Flanagan — a former senior adviser to the prime minister — should be charged with incitement to commit murder for calling for Assange's assassination.

And Strangelove's crazed comments.

Which only makes me wonder, since Flanagan is Stephen Harper's mentor, what Great Ugly Leader must be thinking. Because who could ever forget what Ezra Levant once said about their special relationship?

These days, Levant sees Flanagan and Harper more as “symbiotic partners.” But he does not disagree with a Globe and Mail report that once referred to Flanagan as the original godfather of the city’s conservative intellectual mafia. “I call him Don Tomaso,” Levant says. “He is the master strategist, the godfather — even of Harper.”

Yikes. Don Tomaso? The godfather? Oh well. That explains the fatwa contract.

But of course it doesn't answer this question.

Why is it that most people are not disturbed that American officials who apparently committed heinous crimes in the war on terror will not be investigated and held to account, while Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is hunted to the ends of the Earth?

Or explain why Cons are so disgusting.

Even in Canada, Flanagan wasn’t the first to advocate Mafia tactics. That honour goes to Ezra Levant, a columnist with the Sun newspaper chain and the man who distinguished himself on the Omar Khadr file by arguing it was unfortunate American soldiers didn’t grease the wounded 15-year-old on the spot. “They should have walked up to him and shot him like a mangy dog,” as Levant put it.

But then that's Con Canada eh?

Stephen Harper is a maniac.

Ezra Levant is an asshole.

Don Tomaso is Dr Strangelove...

And you know how that one ended...

Mama Mia. I mean Mama Fuhrer. I make you an offer you can't refuse. 

Can we please get rid of these grotesque Cons?

Before they destroy us all...


Oemissions said...

While famous Americans like Sarah Palin are calling for person(s) to be hunted down, and several others using Flanagan's term, assassinate him, the public can't help but take Tommy's remarks seriously.
And... there are enough lunatics roveing about to find it heroic to take on the task.
Over at Dem Now they are reporting that Assange is guilty of not using a condom during his consensual sex.
Someone should tell those ladies,to Get it On!

Anonymous said...

Note, Levant also pretty much ordered a death fatwa on Assange, too, just hours after Flanagan:

Simon said...

hi Oemissions...The way some right-wing Americans are going after Assange is absolutely frightening. Those people are crazy and dangerous.
The first to scream Free Speech !!!!
And the first to deny it. You know I hate to say it, but first they'll come for Wikileaks, and then they'll come for us...

Simon said...

hi anonymous...well nobody ever accused Ezra Levant of being original. Just grotesque and ridiculous. You'd think as a "Free Speech Champion" he'd be delighted. But I guess an asshole, is an asshole, is an asshole... ;