Friday, December 17, 2010

Remy Beauregard and the Con Bullies

His name was Rémy Beauregard. He was a Canadian human rights champion. He was the President of Rights and Democracy. He was a gentle, decent, and fair minded man. But that didn't stop Stephen Harper's Cons from bullying him to death.

They hated him for his Canadian values, and for daring to criticize Israel. So they appointed a gang of right-wing ideologues to make his life hell. This ghastly group attacked Beauregard like sharks in a feeding frenzy. They bullied him, they humiliated him, they cut him out of the decision-making process. They savaged his noble legacy.

The night after another brutal board meeting, he wept in his bed. The next day he suffered a fatal heart attack.

But even that didn't stop the bullies. They set out to try to discredit him by commissioning an audit. But now that audit has finally been released. And so much for that.

It shows what Beauregard’s defenders have long asserted: that the agency was run without scandal, and without unusually lax management, even before his arrival; that he was taking clear steps to improve its management; and that specific claims against him and his staff from Gauthier and others hold no water. In short, that Rémy Beauregard died while fighting back against an unfounded witch hunt perpetrated by scoundrels who today stand unmasked and humiliated. The government of Canada under Stephen Harper and his minister Lawrence Cannon today continues to support those scoundrels, to its shame and ours as citizens.

Rest in peace Rémy.

So now I want need to know this:

(1) Who in the PMO decided to launch an ideological assault on Rights and Democracy? Because anyone who thinks that the PMO didn't orchestrate this foul operation has got to be delusional. When a recent article in the Globe summed up how it operates:

"Message discipline is carefully enforced at all levels and a high level of secrecy surrounds internal deliberations. The overall atmosphere is almost military ..."

Because he likes it that way....

And he's WEIRD.

(2) Was this ideological assault, like the one against KAIROS, carried out to appease the rabid Christianists in the Con's base? Christianists like Charles McVety,  who believe that Israel can't be criticized, because it might delay the return of their Messiah?

Or just to please the Christianist Bully in Chief ?

Hallelujah. Hallelujah.

(3) Who broke in to the offices of Rights and Democracy, while Remy's friends were attending his funeral? And stole the computers. 

Montreal Police confirm that property was stolen from the offices of Rights and Democracy between Friday and Saturday evening last week. Two laptop computers belonging to staff members were taken. One of the laptops belonged to the organization's media liaison.

And was this convenient  heist  the work of ordinary criminals, or is there a Con plumber's group operating in the sinister military atmosphere of Stephen Harper's government?

I believe that when Canadians find out one day what Harper and his political thugs have really been up to, they will recoil in horror. Because I have always believed that Stephen Harper corrupts everything he touches.

Oh boy. I hate bullies.

I don't just want to defeat those foul Cons. I want to ARREST them.

Rest in peace Rémy.

You were a good Canadian...


Bina said...

And even worse, his replacement recently went to Venezuela to piss on their democracy and hand over money to the fascist opposition. I blogged on this and got trolled by Kowardly Kustard Katie's flying monkeys for it. The sycophancy of these HarpoCon schlong-suckers is unbelievable.

R & D is officially defunct. The next PM should scrap it.

Orwell's Bastard said...

And the Liberals have been where through all this? Hiding under the bed? Looking for Iggy's spine? Googling the word "integrity?"

Once again: a difference which makes no difference is no difference ...

Simon said...

hi Bina...thanks for drawing my attention to that story. But what do you expect? Latulippe was Stockwell Day's minion, he has opposed gay rights, warned about the "dangers" of Muslim immigration, favours the death penalty, and was forced to resign as Quebec's Solicitor General over conflict of interest allegations.
And he's the president of what was once a respected human rights organization that mirrored our Canadian values? WOT?
However, I favour saving Rights and Democracy, and scrapping the Cons instead... :)

Simon said...

hi Orwell's Bastard...Good question. But don't ask me I haven't a clue.
Iggy'd spine could be ANYWHERE. ;)
Seriously though, he isn't the only one. The MSM, with the honorable exception of Paul Wells, are uncomfortable with this story because it inevitably leads to religion and Israel. And when they do tackle the story they'd rather look at the parts rather than the whole. They don't look at the big picture, ask the big question: What kind of government would launch such a brutal ideological assault?
Why are they doing this, and what else don't we know? And who the hell are they?
Until some progressive party or leader can work the above into a compelling narrative that can shake Canadians out of their passivity,
and we can unite in common purpose we're not going anywhere and the shadows will just lengthen...

Anonymous said...

The next PM should rebuild it, using Remy Beauregard's example as a template.