Monday, September 13, 2021

How Justin Trudeau Regained his Big Mo

I think Justin Trudeau has been stunned by how difficult it has been to get his message across to Canadians.

Stunned by the way violent Con mobs have tried to drown out his words, or attack and kill him.

Disgusted by the way our hideous Con media has lined up against him, and tried to make the grotesque Jody Wilson-Raybould a ballot issue.

But in Montreal yesterday, with his back to the St Lawrence river, he delivered the best political speech I have ever heard.

If I had asked him to sum up the precious values of this country I love, he couldn't have have done a better job. Or looked like more like a Canadian leader.

And it seems that a lot of other Canadians are coming to the same conclusion.

For the polls are moving again in the right direction...

That's very encouraging.

And so is this...

There is no other leader as popular as him.

And with just seven days to go, it seems that Justin Trudeau has regained his Big Mo, and is heading for victory again... 


ottlib said...

The polling in this election has been a near carbon copy of the last one. Call it close, close, close until the last week and then they realize that their reputations may be tarnished if they get it wrong so they begin to move towards the Liberal victory.

Simon, both you and I have been calling a Liberal victory since the beginning and I truly believe the pollsters and the pundits believed the same thing but they had to do their thing for clicks and attention.

We will see what the final result is next Monday but I suspect you and I will be proven right.

Cathie from Canada said...

Yes it was a brilliant speech, one that will go down in Canadian history I think.

Steve said...

yeah fake poll till your just about to be caught then tack to the truth, there has to be some oversight on the pollsters.
Thanks to Mad Max I think we will see majority.

rumleyfips said...

I saw ( sorta by accident ) the old fools debacle in Kanata today. Nobody there. He didn't answer a single question. The press has turned on him. He has abandoned any attempt at presenting policy and has gone to attacking Trudeau personally.

Projection. He feels the hot breath of Leslyn ready to give him the order of the big boot . And yes the door will hit him in the ass on the way out.

Jackie Blue said...

Even the useless press gallery was aghast at Tool's presser today attacking Trudeau as a "party boy." The anti-vax mob attacking hospitals has only helped him, considering his announcement today. Tool bombed Rosie's interview, and Singh has finally hit the skids as the segment of reasonable soft LPC/NDP switchers recognizes the threat of what a Con government would do. The diehard Dipper cult won't budge, but it doesn't look like they're the ones who could be relied upon to form government anyway.

Sadly, JT may not win a majority thanks to Sachi Kurl putting the wind in the asshole Blanchet's sails. Fungus Reid polls should be entirely discredited from now on, solely based upon her performance as a "moderator" essentially influencing the outcome of an election. There was one published today that appeared to put the Cons in the lead, but from what I could tell on Twitter, the regionals still worked out favourably for the LPC. Incorporate the notoriously skewed house effect and it's probably even better.

Other than that however, I'm honestly surprised that Trudeau seems to be holding his own in the RoC. Quebec gonna Quebec, but everything else seems to be in place. It's going to be incredibly close and I won't believe it until I see it but at least right now, the stars seem aligned.

What might he do, do you think, if he wins but comes short of 170? What happens to the Liberals? He's got to be exhausted from the hate mob chasing him around, and probably disappointed to have to head back into the swamp of a toxic minority parliament. But I can't see Freeland wanting to put herself in a melee like this.

Premature hypothesizing, though. Gotta get through Monday first.

Dan said...

In some ways I am not surprised how things have gone.

At the beginning of the campaign, the MSM was shrieking loud and proud about how the Liberals were stumbling and losing support in the polls (in truth they were and it was horrible.) After the disastrous weekend where Trudeau got chased out by anti-vax morons, I saw that CTV/NANOS was pointing that it was neck and neck.

After that week of bad news, I noticed that things started to get quieter and quieter in the MSM with regards to polling. If O'Toole had the momentum in his favor then you'd think that they'd be crowing/screaming wildly about polling numbers (like the last campaign where I saw that all over my news feeds where each swing that showed the Cons in the lead was treated as big news.) However, there has been a strange silence at least in my news feed.

This lack polling momentum O'Toole has in the polls might explain it. The only good thing that the MSM's desperate need for a horse race and the early campaign stumbles scared the shit/complacency out of Lib supporters and the Trudeau campaign.

Anyway, I voted early today (not often, just once.) Here's hoping for victory on the 20th.

I suspect that the recent news of Kenney's COVID 4th Wave fuckup in Alberta hasn't helped the Tories cause much.

Jackie Blue said...

Great comeback line by Trudeau, but not a single one of Tool, Jaggy or Frenchy McCokeface Blanc Cheque bothered to condemn this. Not even wolf-crying fake feminist and irrelevant also-ran, Annamie Paul.

Ashley Burke - CBC

Trudeau was heckled by a protestor today heading to an interview at Global News in Vancouver and he responded by saying “Isn’t there a hospital you should be going to bother right now”

The demonstrator was yelling and swearing at Trudeau at the time. The protestor also made a vile & offensive comment about his wife - Sophie Grégoire Trudeau.

I'm disgusted but not surprised. Not a single one of them bothered to condemn the Oswald-wannabe sausage-maker who tried to kill him either. Heck, they spent a whole year dragging his poor mother through the mud. Go have a look at the replies to Trudeau's birthday message to Margaret if you dare, but take some Dramamine beforehand. He has a really sweet picture on his feed where he gives Didi a kiss, and the replies are polluted with filth about custody hearings and the sex offender registry. Crickets from the axis of evil coalition. Sophie gets called unprintable names and no one cares, but Jody has an ego trip and Trudeau is made out to be Ted Bundy. FFS.

He has his "mo" back because he wants to defeat these vile people. Attacking his family only makes him more determined. The problem is even if he's returned to government, they're never going away.

Anonymous said...

Reality is finally settling in or perhaps it was already there for most sane, informed Canadians in spite of the skewered polls and Con media's attempts at gaming the election in favor of the tool. Their recipe of slathering lipstick on the tool while simultaneously flinging mud at JT seems to have produced a bland, BS flavored nothing burger. And yet they still endeavor with their petty attacks, desperate for any bullshit story to stick to JT. It's really quite amazing how low the Lilley's and JWR's will go to smear a decent man to sate their disturbingly toxic form of Trudeau Derangement Syndrome. Spiteful, vindictive hatred that has consumed them to the point where their scribblings are nothing more than fictional attacks that could easily be challenged as defamation in a court of law. They are beyond pathetic and truly the worst of the worst.
I share your enthusiasm, Simon and I expect a Liberal win next week. By how much remains to be seen so while the tool and his army of fluffers continue to baffle us with bullshit, we can continue to remind Canadians why these empty suits should never be given a chance to run this great country, into the ground. For any center/left leaning voter thinking of wasting a vote on a tool? Listen to this right from the O'Trump playbook.
Or JWR's new and remarkably coincidentally timed book which should be titled "Let's Play Make Believe", where she implies that JT wanted her to lie.
She is right though about an RCMP investigation except it should be against her for perjury and/or fraud because in her Sworn Statement she admits there was no interference from the PMO.

Jackie Blue said...

Fife's latest turd drop is a real shocker: JT's memoir was published in GHINA. Ooh, stop the presses! Panda bears are on the rampage and they're -- gasp -- reading books! InPeAcH TuRdEaU!!111!

Like I said, I'll believe the Liberals have won if and when I see it -- the final results will come down to ground game and turnout, which is always unpredictable in a low-interest pandemic election.

Cons are always motivated to crawl over glass due to their hatred of Trudeau, but the Liberals have really built up their GOTV game since he became leader. Nothing is certain and this is a game of inches so get out there and VOTE.

Hopefully the soft NDPs break strategically rather than get suckered in by Jaggy's nonsense, and the Max voters either cast their ballots for dear leader or stay home rather than break for the Cons.

On the latter note, Evan Scrimshaw has a great piece on the "Max factor," and who they're attracting and why.

He's a betting man and he's had the Liberals as favourites for quite some time. The PPC, he says, is one reason for this. But there's more to the PPC mentality, and it's entirely possible we haven't seen the last of Mad Max. Far from it, in fact.

Jackie Blue said...

Just chiming in again to say I'm sad about Norm Macdonald. His brother Neil (and wife Joyce Napier) are two rare examples of actual decent journalists in Canada. But Norm on SNL's Weekend Update was better than all the talking heads on Canadian "news" who are themselves a joke.

Canadian funny people are the best and we lose them too soon. RIP to a very witty man and a great Canadian entertainer, gone to the big Jeopardy reunion in the sky with Sean Connery, Burt Reynolds... and Alex Trebek.

Norm saves the interview - Conan 1997

Simon said...

Hi Ottlib…’s true that you and I have always believed that the Trudeau Liberals would win in the end. I still can’t believe that most Canadians would sacrifice our Medicare system, the CBC, a first-class childcare program, and surrender to climate change because they are angry at Trudeau for calling an early election. But this country has changed a lot, a lot of Canadians seem willing to jump into bed with Erin O’Toole. *Shudder.* So I’m afraid we’re in for a scary election….

Simon said...

Hi Cathie…..I also thought it was a brilliant speech that deserves to go down in Canadian history. And remember that some deranged Con had been heckling him and challenging him to a fight. How he could hold it it together and still be so eloquent is beyond me. But as Insaid in my post, it’s just another reason he deserves to be re-elected…l

Simon said...

Hi Steve….it would be nice to think of Bernier’s bigot party holding together, and hurting the Cons in one riding after the other. But with the Cons and the Liberals so close, I can see the Bernier bigots abandoning Mad Max and voting for the Cons, in a last ditch attempt to destroy Justin Trudeau…

Jackie Blue said...

Frank and Earl have released their seat projections one week out. They pretty well nailed 2019 despite weird toplines and regionals, so this is encouraging nonetheless.

Still a lot of uncertainty -- turnout and GOTV is key, so GO VOTE!!! -- but fingers crossed, I'll take it if this turns out to be true.

It's not as great as what Mainstreet and Scrimshaw are showing, but this is actually not all that bad.

I'll be happy with any Liberal win at this point. The LPC brass may not be thrilled to head back to status quo ante but I just want to see Trudeau win, full stop.

Praying that an LPC win is the outcome.

Simon said...

Hi rumleyfips....I was shocked by O'Toole's disgusting behaviour in Kanata. Just when I thought he couldn't go any lower, he did. He really is a monster of a man. But at least we don't have to listen to him claim that he is running a "positive campaign." And hopefully Canadians will finally understand that a man like him could never be trusted to govern this country....

Simon said...

Hi Jackie....Ashley Burke wondering whether Trudeau was a failed leader for telling some Con who was insulting his wife to take a hike was beyond belief. Where do they get those Con stooges from? But I thought Trudeau really showed them, and that's what counts. If Shachi Kurl hadn't given the Bloc a huge boost by calling Quebecers racists, i think he might have managed to get pretty close to a majority. Kurl should never be allowed anywhere near a microphone again, but Trudeau will still get many more seats in my belle province than the Cons will, and I still believe the Liberals will win the election. And again, at this point, that's all that counts....

Simon said...

Hi Dan....Like you I am hoping that the neck and neck poll results will get Canadians off their asses, and that a last minute surge will give the Liberals the support they need to win the election. My small group of friend will gather at my place, before marching three blocks down the street to vote. Fortunately in my riding the Liberal candidate is heavily favoured to win, but if enough people turn out, we can give the Cons and their shabby bought media a really unpleasant surprise. So much is at stake, failure is not an option...

Simon said...

Hi JD....I'm glad that you share my optimism that the Liberals will win the election. As I told Jackie, at this point that's all that counts. A minority is not what I had hoped for, but if it happens it will destroy the Cons, and hopefully put the faker Jagmeet Singh also out to pasture. The Cons and their bought media are in an uproar, and the Harperites have all but taken over O'Toole's campaign. They know that this is their best and last chance to change Canada beyond recognition, so if we hold the line we can still win a great victory...

Simon said...

Hi Jackie...Thanks for that Earl Washburn poll, it's very encouraging. And although I'm not a religious person, I too am praying that victory will be ours....

Jackie Blue said...

Uh oh. Shit.

According to Quito Maggi in a Twitter chatroom, he feels things are getting tighter due to Tool's viciously negative attacks on Trudeau's "character."

According to Reddit "On the chatroom tonight he mentioned he's seeing a swing back to the Conservatives and the Liberals may have peaked too early."

I really, really hope it's not too bad of a bleed and that the Liberals can still squeak out a narrow win.

Five days to go :(

ottlib said...

Jackie...These cryptic hints from the likes of Mr. Maggi and Mr. Graves are becoming old.

Mr. O'Toole suddenly became very negative yesterday and I am seeing their negative ads on TV more and more. One of my iron laws of politics is he who goes negative knows he is losing. As a corollary you can go negative because you really do not have much more to lose.

As well, I read today that Mr. O'Toole suddenly stated that he would keep the Liberals' carbon price structure. So again he is contradicting his own platform and alienating his own followers.

His going negative is designed to appeal to people who already hate Justin Trudeau, who right now are looking very seriously at the PPC. His carbon pricing gambit is him trying to appeal to centrists but it is going to alienate those very people he is trying to take back from the PPC.

You see the problem. He appears to be trying to shore up both of his flanks. He needs enough of his base to stick with him to allow his strategy of attracting centrists to work. Unfortunately, in order for him to do so he has to speak out of both sides of his mouth and hope that his target audiences do not notice. The problem is they will.

The Liberals on the other hand have left Ontario after almost two weeks. The PM went to Bloc country on Saturday before going West yesterday and he is going East tomorrow. He will probably finish his campaign with a final sprint through central Canada starting Thursday. Final visits to the parts of the country, that will give him a majority, to consolidate this support in those regions.

We are getting to the point where swing voters are making up their minds. It is also the point in the campaign where the polls have difficulty keeping up with them. I would not put too much stock in polls at the best of times but as the campaign winds down to e-day they become even more unreliable.

Jackie Blue said...

OK, so according to a few Redditors who have access to the regionals, what Mainstreet and Nanos are showing this AM may actually be strategic NDP voting out West being the cause of the (MoE) LPC drop, rather than CPC gain? They also seem to be saying that the CPC get a bump in the middle of the week for some reason. I'd be OK with a minority as long as the Liberals win. I don't think JT will run again anyway, not with all the people running amok wanting to kill him.

Frank says he'll have a "preliminary call" later today. Hopefully it's something along the lines of what Earl Washburn had up last night. He's also running a turnout model so as not to over/undershoot based on who shows up.

Five days out and it's too damn close...

Simon said...

Hi Jackie….I’m amazed and grateful for your ability to find polls all over the place. I’m still hoping to see a Liberal surge no matter how small. But I note that Gerald Butts believes that we won’t see much more movement. He says the campaign really ended when the Cons stopped climb to victory suddenly ended. But I’m glad to see that the Liberals are targeting the poseur Jagmeet Singh because he must not be allowed to split the vote when the Con-Liberal race is so tight….

P.S. I was sorry to see that you took down your blog. The world needs more Jackie Blue not less…🏂

Jackie Blue said...

I may put it back up if the Liberals win, Simon.

I too am terrified of Singh lying his way into a Con government the way Bernie Sanders conned low-info progressives into a Trump victory and Ralph Nader did a solid for Bush. All he cares about is the "long game" of his delusional gambit to become PM and have the NDP replace the Liberals as the default non-Conservative party. He doesn't care how much Canada would have to suffer. And he's good at lying just like Tool is, but they both have media help.

You should have seen Darrell Bricker on Global talking about how Trudeau benefits from hecklers calling Sophie a whore, that he leans into it for sympathy votes. I never thought Canadian media types would be so unbelievably sociopathic, sadistic and corrupt. Just because they're so craven as to shove their own mother down while escaping from a kitchen fire doesn't mean Trudeau is the same way.

I lurk over at Evan Scrimshaw's feed and he's still bullish on the Liberal odds. I have no idea where he's getting his math from, but God I hope he's correct...

Nick said...

I second that Jackie; I always enjoy your comments.

Steve said...

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Dan said...

The pollsters at Global sez, the Libs have a sizeable (20?) point lead in the GTA. I suspect they also have leads in the major cities like Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa and Halifax.

Outside the urban/suburban areas, not so much.

Also considering they won a sizeable minority despite losing the popular vote in 2019 by a smidge and that they are still ahead by 4 points to roughly 6 points going into the final stretch. Things aren't looking good for O'Toole.

Mind you this could all end up meaning shit in the end, but it's not a bad situation right now. Possible majority if the Libs win most of the seats in the urban areas.

Jackie Blue said...

So Frank is holding off on his shot call, but there's a far more foreboding and ominous one to point out tonight.

Lyin' Brian compared Tool to Johnny Genocide and said that there would be "deep and structural changes" coming to Canada if he wins.

Please Canada. DO. NOT. ELECT. THIS. PARTY.

Anonymous said...

The 'deep structural changes" are easy to guess at the top level, the details and final outcome not so much. The Cons are exploiters whether its natural or human resources and rely on tools such as diminished individual rights,laws, economic barriers, religion to establish a hierarchical society with the power brokers at the top. Given Canada's diversity this is a no go so they must change the structure. At the top of the list is the overriding charter of human rights and the power of the supreme court. Their first step will be to weaken this anti hierarchical barrier by down loading as much as possible to the provinces and letting them create their own serfdoms. A hierarchy is the natural outcome once individual rights and freedoms are destroyed. The type depends on who has the best strategy but those controlling the federal strings have the power to overlay a federal structure on the provincial authoritarian structures. Bye bye all for one individual rights and mobility, hello one for all as defined by the ruler .... interesting times!


Jackie Blue said...

Tried to post this earlier but Blogger kept giving me a CAPTCHA error

So the overnight trackers have the Liberals back on top (and now Abacus has one too, for one additional headache to add in these final days). Evan Scrimshaw (who used to be a Liberal staffer and still has friends/contacts on the Hill) says he got texts last night from distraught CPC staffers saying Kenney's COVID faceplant may have cost them the election. He wrote about it this morning. Jenni Byrne says Kenneygate won't matter, but if actual people working on the campaign say it will, then... I'd be inclined to believe them?

Jamie Carroll, who writes Fool from the Hill blog and (I think?) used to be director of (or some kind of higher-up with) the LPC, says that people he knows on the inside told him Kenney tried to hide the COVID disaster until after the campaign was over. Unfuckingbelievable. A CBC reporter says a Con candidate texted her during the announcement getting mad at Kenney: "does the premier realize what position he's put us in for the next four days?" That's... all you care about?

Tool wouldn't answer any questions about Kenney at his presser this morning. Singh won't let up on his schtick of blaming Trudeau for everything. The callous prick held a Tik Tok rave as far more serious things were happening, drawing dick pics of Trudeau on a dry-erase board to signify "Trudeau is losing to Jagmeet". Jesus Murphy, fame has gone to his head. YOU'RE NOT GOING TO BECOME PRIME MINISTER!

IMNSHO this is proof that only the Liberals actually give a damn about what's facing the country, while the CoNDP care only about themselves. Singh in particular is absolutely galling and I have really reached a point where I hate his guts. He'd let Canada suffer a nationwide Albertafication if it meant gaining 5-10 seats. Another misogynistic Bernie Bro dick who throws everyone under the bus, but women especially (not just nurses and moms but Rachel Notley).

Please Canada, don't go full Alberta. You never go full Alberta.

Jackie Blue said...


Anonymous said...

Hey what about the endorsement from Barry Obama?... good, innit?...

Pierre D. said...

No one cares what Lyin' Brian has to say. He was just a poseur with a big chin and a propensity to give German entrepreneurs cash in envelopes.

More interesting to me is that Scrimshaw (Who has been 100% right all along) is likely to be right again. Jason Kenney going back on his word and locking it down in Alberta, so to speak, is going to cost enormous capital to O'Toole. The attack adds are already out with the click where O'Toole is saying Alberta is a model in COVID management.
That is all he is being asked about and it isn't going away.

Scrimshaw prediction:

LPC: 175 (+18)
CPC: 108 (-13)
NDP: 32 (+8)
BQ: 22 (-10)
GPC: 1 (-2)
Others: 0 (-1)

LPC gaining in QC, Ontario and a few seats in AB as well.

Abacus numbers:
LPC: 166 (+9)
CPC: 112 (-9)
NDP: 38 (+14)
BQ: 21 (-11)
GPC: 1 (-2)
PPC: 0 (-)

Ekos numbers:
Polling Canada
Federal Polling:

LPC: 32% (-1)
CPC: 30% (-4)
NDP: 18% (+2)
PPC: 8% (+6)
BQ: 6% (-2)
GPC: 4% (-3)

EKOS / September 15, 2021 / n=1446 / MOE 2.6% / IVR

(% Change With 2019 Federal Election)

Check out all Federal polling on @338Canada
Sami Baaj (he/him) Flag of CanadaFlag of FranceFlag of Syria
Replying to
Number of seats according to this poll (using @2closetocall
’s Canada 2021 Simulator):

LPC: 158 (+1)
CPC: 121 (-)
NDP: 31 (+7)
PPC: 0 (-)
BQ: 26 (-6)
GPC: 2 (-1)

Still vote Red people, but don't worry too much, it will be a near-majority for the Liberals unless something catastrophic occurs in the next three days.
Oh, my polling station was changed from a kid's school to Ramada Inn, due to an influx of voting demand.


Anonymous said...

Why is it Kenney's Texas north failed the reopening plan while Texas hasn't met the same fate? Yankee ingenuity or does Texas pride force people to look the other way as they bury the dead in the basement. Fortunately Alberta did not completely transition into the Twilight Zone and self admission combined with external help will get them through the crisis and contain the destruction. Yea team Canada.


Anonymous said...

The Tool tipped his hand on undermining the supreme court and some of the press picked up on it.


Jackie Blue said...

So Evan Scrimshaw said this morning that one of the morning polls had his tracker tightening ever so slightly to dip the Liberals below majority territory, but Abacus could change that (probably will?). He also indicated (in response to two other tweeps replying) that Kenneygate hasn't had yet enough time to sink into the electorate and we'll know what effects it had or didn't over the weekend.

Nanos says that unless something happens in the next three days he's forecasting a Liberal win, and that a surprise majority is not out of the cards. He says the mail-in/early votes broke overwhelmingly for the Liberals and that if they show up in enough numbers on e-day it could put them over the top. The Star has a new report out saying the cons are struggling to find GOTV volunteers in key ridings. Scrimshaw noted in his previous article that he still knows people on the inside from when he worked on the Hill and Tory volunteers had become distraught by Kenney's announcement. If that dampens motivation for the Cons it may not matter what the polls say.

My bigger concern though, is whether enough Max fans get spooked by today's Toronto Stun cover story featuring Max putting a crown on Trudeau's head. Whether they shift over to the CPC, their hatred of Trudeau superseding their fondness for Max and/or repulsion at whatever they think "cuckservative lite" is. Kouvalis is even pushing that, and it just pisses me off that the media is content to parrot this line, but when Liberals correctly point out that NDP vote splitting aids Conservatives it's "pressure tactics" or "vote shaming" etc. etc. etc.

I won't believe any of the forecasts if and until I see Trudeau declare victory on the night of September 20th. There's an old saying that cons fall in line while liberals/progressives need to "fall in love." As was plainly evident in... the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Hillary Clinton endorsed Trudeau this morning, after Obama yesterday. Cons are once again crying foreign interference (even as they hired BloJo's digital dirty tricksters), while Dipper diehards are bleating the same old misogynistic Bernie bullshit calling her a warmonger and an elitist, yada yada yada. Waiting to see if Glenn Greenwald will come out of the woodwork and sing the NDP's praises on Tucker's show. Or maybe Jill Stein or Ralph Nader give a full-throated endorsement to Singh the saboteur.

Jackie Blue said...

OK, so I take that previous comment back (if it gets posted): Evan Scrimshaw isn't recording a Liberal majority tonight, but still close to it. He says they're still on track to win, however. Greg Lyle of Innovative has a much lower Liberal seat count than Scrimshaw (as most aggregators do). The difference is Lyle has a much, much higher NDP count, and that both scares me and pisses me off. Again, I'm not counting any chickens whatsoever until election night itself.

I was almost right about Stein and Nader, though. Bernie that POS just stuck his oar in for Singh. Probably to spite Clinton, because he's an absolute dick. I hated him before and I hate him even more now.

The story of this election -- and Canada's future -- will be told by the minor splinter parties on both extremes. If the PPC vote goes back to the Cons to stop Trudeau and Bernie's endorsement causes a last-minute NDP surge that's enough to split the Liberal vote a la 2006 or 2011, then as far as I'm concerned that corrupt saboteur motherfucker can go to hell.

Simon said...

Hi Pierre…..Thanks for those polls, between you, Jackie, and a Ottlib you provide me and my readers with so much useful polling information.As you know I have been relying on my political instincts, so I’m glad that the polls seem to be taking us to where I hoped we would be on Election Day. It’s hard for me to figure out what effect Bernier’s PPC is going to have on the election outcome, but I can”t see how it’s not going to hurt the Cons. So I have to restrain myself from shouting “Go Max Go!!!!” 😉

Simon said...

Hi RT….it’s so typical of O’Toole to state that he would never challenge provincial laws without even thinking about the implications. He’s trying to pander to the Legault regime, but it must surely make Canadians wonder why O’Toole is running for Prime Minister of CANADA. The man is swimming in the deep end of the pool, and should not be the leader of any Canadian party…

Simon said...

Hi Dan….After a brief moment of doubt, which coincided with a nasty case of food poisoning, I am back to feeling my usual confident self. Of course if we don’t win I will deny everything. And take off for the Scottish highlands in a hurry, where I will never be found again…😉