Friday, September 17, 2021

How Jason Kenney Made Erin O'Toole Look Like A Loser

It must have seemed like a good idea to the Con porker Jason Kenney.

He hasn't had many good ideas in his long and sordid career. So he must have been sure this one would be a winner. 

He would lift the Covid-19 restrictions, and proclaim that it would be Alberta's "Best Summer Ever!!!"

But sadly for him, and the people of Alberta, his reckless plan blew up in his face.

Now Covid is spreading like wildfire, the death rate is soaring, hospitals are on the verge of collapse.

Now it's the "Worst Summer Ever."

And for the first time ever, Kenney was forced to admit he was wrong, and that he was sorry. Not for lifting the Covid restrictions, only for declaring that the pandemic was over. 


But that was nothing compared to his buddy Erin O'Toole's embarrassment, for having claimed that Jason Kenney's approach to fighting Covid was better than the approach taken by the federal government.

But while the hapless O'Toole is only too willing to blame Trudeau, he is still refusing to blame Jason Kenney for Alberta's bloody debacle.

Even when asked about it more than FIFTEEN times in two days.

Which of course makes him look like a coward and a loser...

Or a man who is losing his marbles. 

Or all of the above.

But then who can blame poor old O'Toole?

When he owes his Con leadership to Kenney who told his faithful religious fanatics, and other right-wing extremists, to vote for him...

And still hovers over him like some depraved fairy Godmother...

But who is now, albeit unwillingly, helping Justin Trudeau to soar above them all, apparently heading for victory according to  Nik Nanos.

The Liberals are in winning territory with votes coming from mail-in ballots heavily in their favour, according to projections from Nanos Research.

“Right now, assuming that this current scenario upholds for the next two days, and there’s no significant movement, we’re looking at a Liberal win. Period. Full stop.” 

It shouldn't be that close. 

Trudeau deserves more than a minority for steering this country through a deadly pandemic, providing generous support to its many victims.

And standing up to the right-wing menace threatening to kill him, this country, and its values...

And for that, in my opinion, for his courage and his decency, he deserves to govern Canada for at least another four years.

So let's make sure he does.

Onward, forward, let's vote to make that happen...


Dan said...

Right Wing MSMedia: Oh my gawd, Tories got killed by Kenney!

O'Toole: You (completely incompetent stupid) bastard!

Dan said...

Apparently the Libs have a pretty strong lead in the GTA and I'm guessing in most of the urban areas of Canada as it was in the last election.

This news sort of confirms my suspicion why my news feed was so quiet about the polling numbers. Whatever gains the Tories made in the first weeks of the campaign were transitory and changed when the kids went back to school and people had to take a hard look at the various platforms.

Just a guess, but I suspect that if Justin's folks make some gains in Quebec, BC and Manitoba then he will get a majority.

Hopefully this takes some of the shine off of BoJo's campaign guys who did their worst here. Even they couldn't stop the stench of Jason Kenney from fouling up O'Toole. Probably on a jet back to ole' Blighty and telling prospective clients that it was the Tool (and not their sleazy tactics) that caused this loss.

Jackie Blue said...

Minority vs majority may end up being decided in part by the PPC vote, which Bumbles' craven bumbling of COVID may have inadvertently activated in AB and elsewhere. My concern is that their hatred of Trudeau outweighs their ideological extremism by the time e-day arrives, a sentiment which Brian Lilley and Nick Kouvalis are trying to appeal to. But Frank Graves and Evan Scrimshaw both say the PPC vote is solid, that this is a whole new beast and Kenney just fed it a full-course meal.

I agree that Trudeau deserves better than a status-quo minority after all this, and I don't know what his future will portend if that ends up being the result. This election will be decided by the extremists on both ends, the NDP being at the other end of the horseshoe now that the PPC has caused the Cons to worry about vote splitting too.

Some say this is prima facie evidence that Canada is destined to have electoral reform of the type the NDP has always wanted. I would be fine with ranked ballots but not PR. Fournier had a chart on 338 yesterday, showing that Max would end up with as many seats as the NDP have now if PR were implemented. If not more. Dipper diehards (who actually are fine with "working with" the Cons) have all said they'd be fine with that result because "that's democracy" and "their views should be represented." You know you're not a "progressive" party when your views echo the likes of John fucking Ibbitson. But who am I kidding, Bernie stans show up on Fox News to echo the same talking points. I digress, but this election is showing the two ugly faces of fact-averse populism. Canada is not immune and AB in particular is a tinderbox laboratory. It always has been.

How Jagmeet can continue to gaslight the populace that "Trudeau is bad for Canada" when Tool and Max are right there is beyond me. Not to mention the "Resistance" premiers like Kenney who he continues to give a free pass to, playing upon Canadians' lack of awareness of jurisdictional responsibilities. He fucking blamed Trudeau for the Kenney Kovid Katastrophe and that is unforgivable. Again throwing Rachel under the bus -- what the hell is wrong with him? Has he been so poisoned by power and fame going to his head that he's willing to lie about evil when it's right there in front of his face?

Again, I don't want to count any chickens until September 20th. But Simon, what do you think Trudeau would do, or what the Liberal Party brass would do, if he wins the most seats but comes short of 170? By 2022 or 2023 he probably wouldn't have Ford or Kenney to kick around anymore, so what would happen next? Would Freeland become the Liberals' Kim Campbell? Would Trudeau take another gamble on the public reviling Skippy or that Max would forever splinter the Cons like the Internet-troll version of the Reform Party? Kenney's not so insane he would run for the FedCon leadership, is he?

Visitor - Pierre D. said...

I mean, if he gets a minority Parliament he runs it with the Bloc or the NDP.
He isn't going to step down at all. Freeland is not Campbell; Campbell was a legal expert who had zero experience in politics. Freeland is respected on the world stage.

In the end, it should not matter. The CPC will eat itself as Poilievre or Rempel becomes its leader, they will not get a majority until they jettison all the Harper loyalists. Canada has been incrementally moving left since 2015, and fringe groups like the PPC aside, there isn't enough heft on the right to supply the ideas and policy the CPC needs so badly.

Jackie Blue said...

Update: Maggi and Graves now joining Nanos and Lyle in all but confirming a "Liberal win" most likely minority though. Which again raises my question of what would Trudeau do if that's the result? Gerald Butts told Maclean's that he felt a win is a win, and no one should count a minority as a loss, but if the intent was to go into this getting a majority and Trudeau doesn't, what does he do and/or is it his choice or would the LPC higher-ups make it for him?

This was the question he was asked on the day of the writ drop and Scott Reid of Herle Burly/Curse of Politics said it was a ludicrous question, that his position is strong within the party and no one would be so bold as to challenge him for the leadership or try to force him out. Eric Grenier thought it was a dumb question too. But I was under the impression the Liberals have an unspoken "Pearson rule" whereby two straight minorities is like three strikes and you're out. Ironically the beneficiary of that leadership bid was Pierre Trudeau.

Again, I'm not counting any chickens whatsoever until September 20th or even 21st, but let's say hypothetically the result is status quo ante. Does Trudeau see it as a failure? Does the party brass? Does he announce by Christmas he isn't going to run again? Does he get forced out at the biannual convention? Does the caucus invoke the Reform Act and give themselves authority to knife him? Does he forge some kind of CASA with the NDP to govern for four uninterrupted years? Does the government fall on the 2022 budget? Do the other parties wait until 2023 presuming he has no more premiers to run against? Does he even want to try for a fourth term if people are looking to hurt him and Canada is so fractionalized that no one can get a majority anymore?

Anonymous said...

Fifteen times Erin O'Chicken was asked about his buddy Jason and he wouldn't answer. Someone please do a mock-up of Kenney as Walter from Breaking Bad stating "Say my name!" repeatedly to the tool. He also cancelled scheduled media interviews for fear he'd be asked again. The tool is self-muting or mutating it would seem. Someone needs to tell him the typical Con way, as in Harper, is to wait until your elected before you shut down the media from asking relevant questions that we deserve to know.
Meanwhile, as endorsements pour in for JT from highly respected world leaders past and present, O'Tool gets endorsed by none other than Lyin Brian(Money Bags) Mulroney. How embarrassing. Even more embarrassing will be the endorsements from the tool's propaganda network of the Postmedia Con hacks. The Lilleys, Kinsellas, Murphys etc. who's embarrassingly biased "columns" would perhaps move a dog to drop a turd or two but not much else. Their base wont change because there simply isn't a vaccine for stupid people.
In spite of the constant barrage from the pathetic Con media, it appears JT is poised to win again. This will not only reaffirm that Canadians know who's best suited to guide us through this pandemic, it will be proof positive of who the Con media were eluding to when they said no one wanted this election.

Anonymous said...

I would be happy to rank Liberal #2 on my ballot. A pity that electoral reform became less important after Trudeau secured a majority.

Anonymous said...

One day the Tool and Kenney are best buds sharing the same vision, the next he doesn't have the decency to acknowledge his name. He made commitments to trash the assault weapons ban but then decided to let the law stand. Promised to scrap the job killing carbon tax but then cobbled up one of his own. Catered to the anti abortion leadership vote but claims to be a free choicer. A champion of getting oil to market through an eastern route but now best buds with the Quebec premier a stalwart pipeline killer. His secret vision is endorsed by Mulroney an Ontario centric Bay street red Tory.
So what exactly does the Tool stand for? Is he simply lying to trick independents into voting for him, does he have a secret plan to benefit his western or eastern supporters, does he see himself as a visionary that will transform Canada or is he simply making it up as he goes along.
The closest I have see to a vision is his statement he will use his Air Force training to act as a wingman for the provinces eg they get to fly their own missions and he will be their wingman. In short if they decide to tear up common standards for cooperation and bomb each other instead he will help. Some vision but then again its likely only transitory as he flip flops his way to prime minister. What a leader he will be.... stands for everything and nothing at the same time. Not west or east or anything in between except for a delusional Tool.

excerpt from article: O’Toole: Trudeau won’t work with every single province like I will. I’ll be a wingman for every single one. A wingman, that’s me. Did I mention I was in the air force?


Jackie Blue said...

Anon, it gets so tiresome to rehash this old saw. Electoral reform was scuttled by the NDP once again stupidly and selfishly teaming up with Cons to sabotage and undermine the Liberals. Trudeau did not force one particular format because there would have been howls that he was behaving like a dictator. So he tried to put it up for discussion in committee but the Cons and NDP made a dog's breakfast just like they did with every other committee this session.

In the end there was no consensus. If he does not get a majority this time around there won't be any electoral reform this time either. The NDP will never agree to ranked ballots because they feel that PropRep is their only hope of having a permanent (undeserved if you ask me) seat at the table. They don't care if it also guarantees Max and his maniacs seats because "that's democracy". They will probably try to force another asinine referendum destined to fail, or a nonbinding "citizens' assembly" like they were trying to push at the end of the last Parliament, that only policy wonks will care about and would be another waste of time and resources.

I too wish Trudeau had just gone ahead and pushed ranked ballots through but I understand why he did not. In a way I almost want to see the NDP faceplant again on their ad-nauseam push to force permanent pizza parliaments with increased "fair representation" of the lunatic fringe. Let them go ahead and have their precious referendum and watch it fail just like every other one that's been tried. Honestly, when Trudeau issued the prescient warning that PropRep would allow fringe parties to have a voice in Parliament, a part of me thinks or hopes he wasn't only talking about Kellie Leitch at the time. It stands to reason that the very same argument applies very well to the radicalized dirtbag-left hate group that is the NDP.

If only he could figure out a way to shut up Jagmeet and his low-info cult of teenage script kiddies once and for all, Canada would be all the better for it. The last thing a civilized country needs is a bunch of ragtag Jacobin jocks in the House of Commons, whose contribution to policy discourse is limited to fapping over AOC. Can't wait for the "working class hero" from a Detroit prep school to show up at the Met Gala, chauffeuring his Squad crush in one of his BMWs. A bespoke suit to match her designer gown, with "socialist" bromides written in hip spraypaint graffiti. Eat the rich, eh?

Anonymous said...

Trudeau will get a small majority.


Anonymous said...

Nonsense... MMP is the best system by least if you use a 5% barrier like in Germany... maybe they could do it for just a limited amount of seats in Canada, and that would actually work very well I think...��

ottlib said...

Erin O'Toole has essentially gone into hiding, which is exactly what Stephen Harper did in 2004 and 2015. Things do not seem to be going well there.

The Conservatives and their media cheerleaders have been feeding the RWNJs red meat for years but they reckoned without somebody coming along and hijacking them for their own political ends. I do not know what impact the PPC will have on the election. After all their ground game is probably next to non-existent but if they really do win as many votes as the polls are saying it is going to be a very gruesome Monday night for the Conservatives.

All of the pollsters have essentially called the election for the Liberals but they are all hedging on whether it will be a majority or not. WTF are you guys talking about? Your own data says it will not be a majority so why the hedge? For this whole election the pollsters have been showing signs of doubting their own data, which is a first. The polls for this election have been BS since the beginning. I think that they realize that and they are hedging to cover their own asses if it turns out that their polls are wrong. (Hint, that is a very strong possibility)

The NDP are exactly where they were in 2019 and they will probably suffer the same fate this time. In the 12 to 15 close races with the Liberals and Conservatives those two parties' ground game will overwhelm the NDP's. They will win seats in the places they usually win seats but that is probably going to be it.

Jackie Blue said...

Saturday morning breakfast update as of 10AM Eastern, 9/18/21:

EKOS: big Liberal lead in Ontario, Liberals trailing slightly in QC and the PPC having a massive surge in 'Berta.

Nanos: LPC 31 CPC 29 NDP 21 PPC 7 BQ 6. Redacted regionals must be decent if LPC are ahead in the topline.

Mainstreet: tighter in Ontario but substantial PPC gains holding the fort. Liberals ever so slightly ahead in Quebec and meh in BC. Unknown if tightening is just noise. Maggi and Angolano still calling a Liberal victory of indeterminate spread.

Leger: Nearly identical to their final 2019 poll. Unclear if they'll release another one on Sunday.

Still waiting on other firms and the trackers' final release.

The Polly A.I. widget currently sees the Liberals 3 short of majority with Cons at 2015 numbers. NDP and Bloc jockeying for third.

A tweep comments: "QC is confusing the hell out of me... I think that's the wildcard on Monday" -- Evan Scrimshaw's reply hearkens back to a recent article: "Trudeau will remain Prime Minister, and we’re waiting on Quebec to see if it will be in majority or minority. Same as it always was."

Evan's early seat forecast: LPC 161, CPC 111, NDP 33, BQ 32, GPC 1.

"Better results in English Canada mitigate Quebec losses. Tories still on track to lose seats."

And so, we wait. Get out there and VOTE, Liberals, VOTE!

Anonymous said...

Based on BC experience a referendum is dead in the water at least until the population is much better informed. Meanwhile MSM and the likes of Post Media have driven public awareness and bias the other way under the disguise of free speech that is actually paid for speech. Left alone group dynamics are extremely good at arriving at an accurate estimate eg the number of jelly beans in a 5 liter jar, but informational propaganda can seriously distort those estimates. First comes information maturity then comes electoral reform.


Jackie Blue said...

Anon 7:22 -- Did you not read what I said? I said the NDP is also as lunatic-fringe as the Cons and PPC and just as undeserving of a seat at the adults' table. Any party whose MPs and leader grant interviews to Jacobin and Chapo Crap House is as unqualified for public office as a party that grants interviews to Post Millennial and Ruble Media. They're also toxic, abusive and deceitful. I challenge any Dipper diehard to explain how siccing Chuckles Anus on Margaret Trudeau for a year, and destroying a children's charity at the behest of some crank podcaster with a vendetta, got Canada any closer to the policy goals the NDP claim to hold near and dear. Lying about the constitution, stanning for Central American dictators, and attempting to force Soviet-holdover central planning into a Westminster system, isn't a good look either. But it plays well on Tik Tok, right?

While on the subject, though: Trudeau answered a Q to Althia Raj at today's presser saying he would be open to doing ranked ballots if there was agreement. There isn't going to be agreement because the NDP won't budge on their PR fetish, so there goes your electoral reform. Not Trudeau's fault the NDP are stubborn and irrational and eager to cut off everyone else's nose to spite Trudeau's face.

Simon said...

Hi Dan….I have despised Jason Kenney from the earliest days of the Harper regime. So if he can take down himself, and help take down O’Toole, I will sacrifice a plate of Swill Chalet chicken and ribs to the gods. As for the latest polls I must admit I am encouraged, and sending Boris Johnson’s boys back to the U.K. with nothing to show for their disgusting tactics would indeed be a bonus….

Simon said...

Hi Jackie….After this disgusting campaign, even a minority would suit me just fine. It’s not what I had hoped for, but if it sends O’Toole off to the outhouse, and fragments the right, it will have been worth it. And of course seeing the look on Jagmeet Singh’s face when he finally realizes that he will not be Prime Minister wiould also be worth the price of admission. His claim that Trudeau is bad for Canada is so absolutely disgusting, his peace and love act is forever shattered. As for what Justin might do if he fails to get a majority, I hope he just keeps on governing. And if the opposition misbehaves again, hopefully this time their obstructionism will be properly documented, so he can cheerfully call another election and win a majority. I ‘m ready for anything…😎

Simon said...

Hi Pierre….I agree with you. The Con media is trying to spin the fable that winning a minority is a defeat, when it most certainly isn’t. I also can’t see Trudeau stepping down to allow Freeland to take his place. She’s good, but she’s not ready yet. And besides I saw that Mark Carney has been canvassing in Pierre Poilievre’s riding, So all our options are not yet on the table….

Pierre D. said...

Swill Chalet, lol! Had never heard this one before, mind if I use it?

I think the reason pollsters are hedging is twofold:
1)Refer to Scrimshaw, he is saying there could be 20-30 seats in Ontario that are very, very volatile and could go to LPC/CPC with some minor NDP tinkering. That could be your majority-maker right there;
2)Pollsters like to appear in control of the message through their polling, so they won't categorically dismiss a majority.

And the polls aligned as expected.
At the start of the writ drop, CPC came out like gangbusters and hit Trudeau with Afghanistan and so on. Once the media (acting for us) started grilling O'Toole, he "Costanza'd" in the pool scene, shrinking away and exposing himself for another Harper shill with a "moderate" face.

What can I say now but just vote. The absentee/mail-in ballots could be huge here, they alone could signal a strong minority (150-165 seats) or a more precarious one (140 seats) so...GO AND VOTE!

Simon said...

Hi Jackie….Justin Trudeau is still the greatest asset the Liberals Party has, and even if he doesn’t get a majority he has done his country great service by exposing the ugly faces of the opposition. O’Toole and the faker Singh will never be seen the same way again. If anybody should step down, they should for they are the ones who have truly disgraced themselves….

Steve said...

Late breaking wedge issue. Mr O Tool how many nuclear subs will you buy if elected, ten or 20.

Ref Crazy cons in Oz by 20 nuclear subs.

Simon said...

Hi JD….I am tuning out anybody who claims we didn’t need this election, for without it we never would have realized how much of a threat the Cons and other right-wing extremists are to this country. And how much the Con media are now undermining our democracy. And that’s without even mentioning how the Cons and the NDP had rendered this country ungovernable with their relentless obstructionism. I hope that Canadians appreciate what Justin Trudeau has had to put up with, and will reward him with at least a strong minority. Then we will be able to relax a bit, and watch the Cons slowly fall apart. Hallelujah, that day can’t come soon enough…

Simon said...

Hi RT….Erin O’Toole is the grubbiest politician I have ever had the misfortune of witnessing in action. An absolute blob of mediocrity who is for everything until he isn’t. And if he’s so scared of Jason Kenney he dares not mention his name, if he ever became Prime Minister who would really be running this country? And thanks for that Maclean’s story, it would be hilarious if it wasn’t so horribly true…

Simon said...

Hi Anon@11:49 PM….Justin Trudeau said this morning that he could support a ranked ballot, as he did last time until the NDP insisted on the PR or pizza parliament formula and ruined everything. So be sure to make Trudeau your number one choice in this election, because he is the only one who can deliver….

Simon said...

Hi UU….A majority, even a small one , would be more than I dare hope for. But since you are so confident the Liberals will win one, do you have the numbers for tonight’s 6/49 draw? I need a big win anyway I can get one….😉

Simon said...

Hi Ottlib….How many PPC supporters will actually vote for their party will be the biggest question on election night. One of my friends and I have been urging them on and reminding them that a vote for Erin O’Toole is a vote for Justin Trudeau. Because, as you point out, if those kooks do vote for Boob Bernier, the Cons will indeed be finally impaled on their own petard. And the ensuing chaos could tear them apart. I’ve waited a long time for that, and I am going to enjoy every moment….🏂

Jackie Blue said...

One more

You'll never believe what I saw from a self-identified "Leftist" on Reddit, with regards to PR vs FPTP vs ranked ballot. Quote from u/sheepo39 in Ontario, the important takeaways highlighted:

I’d rather take the risk with PPC in parliament and get governments that actually match the the vote share that they received along with having more coalition governments. Germany has made it work with the AfD in their parliament, I’m sure we can too.

This confirms what I've seen elsewhere from the left-authoritarians of orange Twitter, and what I recall from both Trump elections coming from the Bernie brigade. Nazis are welcome in Parliament as long as "democracy" is respected (read: the NDP can pick up seats and pad their pensions by displaying performative outrage in perpetual opposition). However, Liberals are the real Nazis. Max is bad but Trudeau is worse. Trump is bad but Hillary is worse. Trump is bad but Biden/Harris/Buttigieg/"the establishment" is worse. Bush is bad but Gore is worse. Or they're "all the same"... I can't wrap my head around this line of thinking. Dippers are playing with fire.

Once again, I seem to recall a lesson from history where the "coalition" thought they could rein in the fascists as long as the centre libs got pwned. And if that didn't work out, people would suffer so badly under the fascists that they'd immediately rally around the far left. And I believe that lesson was also learned -- the hard way -- in Germany.

Don't let anyone tell you that the far left isn't a symbiotic partner to the far right. They're parasites that thrive off each other.

Jackie Blue said...

New Abacus, September 18

ATL: L+27
ON: L+7
QC: L+4

David Coletto: "It's still close [but] the underlying numbers aren't great for the O'Toole/Conservative campaign. Mr. O'Toole's negatives are rising and the desire for change is waning. ... Today 33% have a positive view [of O'Toole] while 48% have a negative view. More have a negative view of Mr. O’Toole than do of Mr. Trudeau."

Get out there and VOTE people, VOTE!

The only poll that matters is on September 20th.

Anonymous said...

Look how well PR has worked in Israel. 4 elections in 2 years.


Jackie Blue said...

Another update:

Polly AI still seeing strong Liberal minority.

Fungus Reid's final release has the Cons up by two nationally (per house effect, switch the numbers) but the Liberals still holding strong in Ontario and Atlantic Canada. Tied in Quebec. BC supposedly a two-way DipperCon battle. He claims there are far more advance polls than mail-ins and those are primarily Cons. However Leger and Abacus indicate that the early votes broke relatively even. My guess is that the discrepancy among pollsters indicates a roughly neck-and-neck race among early voters. Nobody can seem to agree so my guess per the house biases is that it breaks even. Possible edge to LPC.

Quito making ominous statements on Twitter tonight: "the improbable has become probable". Some in the replies who listened to his live stream are saying he means a Con minority is in the cards, despite his statement from last night that an LPC win is "all but certain". Others saying it's just another hype tweet and what he means is that the PPC gained a seat. Truth is we won't know until tomorrow and his cryptic messages continue to be nerve-wracking until the very end.

And again the most important thing is that the red team gets out to VOTE.

Anonymous said...

I don’t get it. There are so many “progressive bloggers” that seem to have a real hatred of Justin Trudeau. Maybe it’s time for Scott to take this site down. The hatred towards Justin has nothing to do with what his government has actually accomplished - in spite of fillibusters that the media do not report on - but seems to be personal. Personally, I was not a supporter of PET back in the day. Now … he did a great job. Enough of the Trudeau Derangement Syndrome. If Progressive Bloggers is really such then prove it. Scott?


Jackie Blue said...

Meanwhile... Franky says relax

In case he deletes it:

We are looking at our new results from today . Here is what we will be predicting tomorrow . An LPC win . Take it to the bank . Full forecast and final results tomorrow. I know there are other polls and experts saying different things. We both can't be right.....

A tweep asks

Thanks Frank. LPC win is a VERY safe bet. Grinning face

The real question is by how much?

A) Reduced minority? 140-150 seats
B) Close to pre-election minority? 150-155 seats?
C) Increased minority? 155-165 seats?
D) Majority - 170+ seats?

I'm predicting B. What about you?


Will be crunching everything tomorrow with my team . Thinking C right now but still have data to come tomorrow . There are some clear trends .

Franky says relax but Franky also says GO VOTE.

Jackie Blue said...

OK so never mind Quito's "ominous" tweet -- it's the opposite. Seems to be seeing what Frank is. However they're hedging their bets, saying that early votes for the other parties may be what blunts the majority.

May be.

Can't confirm until y'all go VOTE RED en masse.

BTW, UU: There was an op-ed in the Atlantic today positing just this very question: why do so many "progressives" hate Justin Trudeau? Former LPC staffer calls upon the left-of-centre/anti-Con vote to unite around the Liberals, and stop sabotaging progress in the name of "moral perfection." Which I call jealousy.

Simon said...

Hi Jackie….Your polling reports are quite amazing, even if my mood goes up and down with them. 😧 I don’t know what to believe, and I am really pissed off. I live in the Liberal bastion of Trinity Spadina, but I can’t cast a vote for the Liberal candidate because he’s no longer the Liberal candidate after the party removed him for a sexual assault charge that was dropped, but that he “forgot” to tell them. If elected, as he almost certainly will be, he will sit as an independent. So all is not lost, but it really makes me wonder what kind of screening the Liberals have been doing. I think Trudeau was right to call an election, but this kind of sloppy behaviour can kill us….

Simon said...

Hi UU….I feel like you do. I used to enjoy reading Progressive Blogger, but with toxic Trudeau haters like Kinsella and the Disaffected Lib, I no longer do. It’s like jumping into a pool of Con excrement. But don’t blame Scott, he has done a magnificent job of giving progressives an aggregator to showcase their work but he can’t be expected to judge who is a real progressive and who isn’t. But having said that, if he decided to take Progressive Bloggers down after the election I wouldn’t be too upset…

Anonymous said...

Considering the NDP argument against ranked ballots is that the Liberals would win supermajorities forever, your comment doesn’t make sense. He doesn’t support PR, NDP would rather have FPTP than ranked ballots, and CPC want to keep FPTP. The opposition demanded a majority on the committee and teamed up to decide on a referendum between PR and FPTP without an option for ranked ballots, because ‘no one wants ranked ballots’ begging the question as to why they we’re afraid to let voters decide. Nathan Cullen threatened that if Trudeau pushed ranked ballots through with his majority that it would be like triggering nuclear war in Canadian politics. So Trudeau dropped it. In retrospect he probably regrets not pushing through ranked ballots, no one could have accused him of breaking his promise, or be able to complain about strategic voting, or claim he loves FPTP.

Anonymous said...

The entry of the Adf into parliament has been toxic, especially for women parliamentarians. The rise of the far right is fairly recent - we are now seeing how it is effecting Germany, even though they have so far not had to form a coalition with Adf as a part of it. But there are legions of countries to look at, cherry picking countries that did not have hardright or far-right parties till recently is not analogous to Canada. If the PPC got 7% of the vote under PR they would have 23 seats. Singh said Bernier shouldn’t be in the debate because his rhetoric is dangerous, but now says 23 seats is fine? All of this is moot in any case, PR will not win a national referendum when it hasn’t won in a provincial referendum because people find it complicated to understand and while most voters would probably be okay with a change to ranked ballots, PR is structural shift that leaves many uneasy, and the lack of discussion about how government is formed does not help - proportional representation does not mean proportional power, there is a reason that voters with PR as their system are as disgruntled as voters without it. There is no perfect system but we could easily make our system more democratic with ranked ballots.