Sunday, September 19, 2021

Why A Vote For The NDP Is A Vote For The Cons

One of the worst things about this ugly election campaign was seeing Jagmeet Singh turn into a real Con monster.

Morph into a vicious toxic Trudeau hater who attacks the decent Justin with a passion that verges on the homicidal.

And my deepest regret is allowing him to get away with murder.

But not any longer.

Because this is obscene.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh launched his most pointed attack yet on his Liberal opponent today, saying Justin Trudeau is a failed leader who is "bad for Canada."

"We think Mr. Trudeau is bad for Canada because he's failed on the crises and made things worse, not better," Singh said, condemning Trudeau for voting against non-binding NDP motions on pharmacare and long-term care homes.

"He is bad for Canada. He was an abject failure," Singh said of Trudeau.

Can you believe that?

The prancing poseur with no record of achievement, the millionaire who would have us believe he is a man of the people, the do nothing if ever there was one, attacking the leader who led and is still leading us through the worst crisis in modern Canadian history.

It's disgusting, but like a man with Trudeau Tourette Syndrome, it seems that Singh just can't help himself.

Even when he’s touring the Conservative heartland, and he’s asked to please answer just a single question without mentioning Justin Trudeau’s name,Jagmeet Singh can’t help himself.

He has to slam the Liberal leader.

“Mr. Trudeau has been all for show. His decisions have hurt people. He has shown whose side he’s on. He’s not on your side,” Singh said.

He just can't help attacking Trudeau, and stirring up hatred against him on a daily hourly basis. 

Even as Con mobs try to hurt him and kill him...

It's disgraceful, it's shameful, it's totally un-Canadian. 

And to make matters worse, if that's possible, even as he attacks him Singh claims credit for Trudeau's ideas.

Something that NDP leader Jagmeet Singh has been wildly proclaiming since the beginning of the pandemic was that many of the benefits that kept Canadians going throughout the various states of lockdown/mockdown were thanks to them and them alone. Singh frequently cites things like the level of wage subsidy as an NDP “victory,” when he had absolutely no influence on the decision at all – Bill Morneau’s office was consulting with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, and the Canadian Labour Congress, and they both quickly convinced him that the ten-percent subsidy would be insufficient, and he changed course to 75 percent by the time that weekend was over. The NDP like to take credit for this when they were not inside the tent being listened to. Nevertheless, Singh repeatedly taking credit for it is frequently cited by NDP partisans and it has become part of their mythology.

Likewise, with the extension of certain benefits, Singh likes to say that it was thanks to his negotiation that they were prolonged in exchange for a confidence vote, when there was no way the Liberals would have let those benefits expire while people still needed them. He pushed on an open door, and then declared victory – something that happened time and time again over the course of the last parliament. Meanwhile, the budget implementation bill for the fall fiscal update, which contained a number of new COVID-related supports, took six months to get passed thanks to the five months of procedural warfare that the NDP were gleeful participants in alongside the Conservatives and Bloc, but they don’t like to say that part out loud.

Can you believe that? 

If we had a decent media in this country, the sleazy Singh would have been accused of fraud long ago. 

But if all of that isn't bad enough, the man with the hollow crown also seems to have the hots for Erin O'Toole.

He clearly enjoys his company, and says he is prepared to prop up an O'Toole government, even if the Cons are riddled with racists, misogynists, and homophobes, the kind of scumbags Singh would have us believe he opposes.

When in fact Jagmeet Singh is only in it for himself.

But the scary part is that in many ridings in this country, the NDP vote threatens to make the difference between a Con and a Liberal victory.

And slaughter the hopes of at least two generations, and everything we have built, on the altar of Singh's diseased narcissism, and toxic Trudeau hatred.

And the good news?

We still have time to stop him and his New Depraved Party, or at least limit the damage, before his marriage to Erin O'Toole and his filthy Cons is consummated.

All we have to do is spread the word from coast to coast to coast.

Scream it from the rooftops if necessary.

Jagmeet Singh is a fraud, and a vote for the NDP is a vote for the Cons...


Jackie Blue said...


They fucking won't give Trudeau any credit whatsoever! "His six-year record leaves much to be desired"??? Did they forget about all the accomplishments he has made? Yet they only "very reluctantly" gave a tepid endorsement of Trudeau "supported by a strong mandate for the NDP"?




Anonymous said...

You're absolutely right, Simon. Anyone who votes for Singh due to their hatred of JT would be cutting off their nose to spite their face. They are risking the horrors of a Conservative government led by the most useless of tools and if they're harboring delusions that somehow the tool would be good for them then they are loonier than the typical loonie left. The reality is that a useless tool government would do nothing for them on the existential threat we are all facing. Climate change. In fact, the tool would only compound the problem as any of the right wing governments has done around the world. They simply don't give a fuck or are too stupid to see what we're facing. First they didn't believe the science. Now they're ignoring what's staring them right in the face and which is exactly what the science warned us against. That level of stupid ignorance is astounding and will kill us all.
So, if you vote for Singh and help elect the tool, you will only help him and his ilk speed up the dangerous trek to a path we'll never recover from. A Liberal vote is a vote to save the planet.

Gyor said...

Singh is 100% right, Trudeau is bad for Canada, and anyone who feels they have to run on blackmail and fear, especially in a way that exploits a broken electoral system that this same person promised to get rid of, does not deserve to be Prime Minister.

It's looking like it's going to be a minority thanks in surprising part to Bernier, so that should be a fun metaphorically civil war in the right to watch.

Gyor said...

That is blackmail, vote Liberal or you'll get Stephen Harper, er Andrew Scheer, er Erin O'Toole, blackmailers don't deserve to be Prime Minister. And no one is to blame if we do get a Prime Minister O'Toole then Trudeau because A) He didn't reform the electoral system like he promised B) he called an unneeded and unwanted election in bid to gain more power.

So no, I won't vote Liberal, I'll vote NDP, but I will NEVER Liberal.

rumleyfips said...

There will be two ads in jobs wanted after the election. Failed political leader, mediocre lawyer seeking employment. Good luck inour new lives Jasmeed and Errant.

Anonymous said...

I am okay with a status quo result. Besides, even if it is the absurd result of the Tories having more seats (but not a majority) it is not the end for JT assuming that a supply-and-confidence can be arranged before the house sits.

Jackie Blue said...

You're right Gyor. Trudeau should have reformed the electoral system, to ranked-ballot your party of self-serving saboteurs into the oblivion they so deserve. Instead he gave your party of self-serving saboteurs an opportunity to collaborate so that you wouldn't wail that he was "rigging" the election in his favour. Your party of self-serving saboteurs then went ahead and joined up with the Cons to hijack that committee like the party of self-serving saboteurs they are. Your party of self-serving saboteurs won't accept anything other than the perennial chaos of PropRep, because you figure that's the only way to gain an undeserved 50-60 seats in perpetuity. You're even OK with Max and his cadre of ragtag Internet Nazis gaining just as many seats as the NDP or Bloc, because it means more "democracy." If the Cons and PPC form a coalition government out of that arrangement, that's just fine with you, isn't it? Who then would be to blame for Herr Chancellor Bernier? Not Trudeau but Singh. "Because it's 1932."

Perhaps you should take a look at how much of the Green party is flocking to the Max cult. Tesla Tories as they're known. Full of racists, eugenicists, and antisemites, just like the NDP. Then you should perhaps take a look at Austria -- yes, Austria, if that doesn't sound an alarm -- where the ecofascists are in coalition with the IDU Nazi wunderkind Sebastian Kurz's party, under a strange-bedfellows PropRep system. If that's what you want for Canada, then your party of self-serving saboteurs has no goddamn right to call themselves progressives. But hey, Singh also said that Trump of all people had done a better job addressing racism than Trudeau. Shows what shade of orange has rubbed off on the NDP. I don't buy for a minute that Singh is ignorant. I think he's a racist or a coddler of racists himself. History is replete with the biographies of turncoats, kapos and Uncle Toms. I'm done with his sellout ass. He's Canada's version of Dinesh D'Souza.

Who committed blackmail again? That would be Singh's senile pit bull Chucklefuck the clown, who extorted a useless show trial testimony from Trudeau under the threat of hauling his ailing mother before a Kafkaesque star chamber. Destroying a children's charity in the process and riling up hatred against the Trudeau family and the poor Jewish couple who owned the speaking engagement agency. The same Charlie Fungus who wanted JWR fired and even said she had "blood on her hands," but then quickly made a 180 to sing her praises ad nauseam once she became a convenient cudgel to use against Trudeau. Singh and his merry band of chucklefucks are bad for Canada. Trudeau has tried in vain every step of the way to make this dysfunctional minority parliament work, and if the same result comes out of this next one he will do his damnedest yet again. I'm sure he'll be cockblocked every step of the way by your party self-serving saboteurs, who don't actually want him to accomplish anything because he's effectively made the NDP useless.

Next time try reading the article and engaging with actual facts instead of vomiting up Dipshit talking points like a Tik Tok trollbot. Jagmeet Singh is bad for Canada and so are the rest of the self-serving saboteurs in the Narcissistic Derangement Party, aka the No Damn Plan party, the Nihilistic Destruction Party. The racist, misogynistic, Bernie Bro shit disturbers of the NDP.

Steve said...

Remember the Hubris of Layton and the fallout.

Steve said...

The media in Canada is a one way street

Pierre D. said...

Anyone see O'Toole getting into a black limo (hearse-reminescent) with Tory brass today? Took no questions because he has no answers.
They know what we know, that the Liberals will win tomorrow and the only question is minority size or majortiy if we are truly blessed.

Nothing would please me more than seeing both Erin O'Toole and Jagmeet Singh looking for work in two days.
And the Toronto Star's "endorsement" is an absolute, shameful, farce.
The Star is "reluctantly" endorsing the Liberals?

It truly is up to blogs and e-papers like the Nat Observer to carry the progressive load.
Stay tuned...still one day in this one, folks.

Jackie Blue said...

Updated polls: Ipsos and Abacus (online panels) show a tighter race between the Liberals and Cons than the telephone pollsters, which has been the case throughout the campaign. Cons lead on topline, but Liberals are ahead in Ontario, Atlantic and (marginally) Quebec. Abacus says it's too close to call, while Mainstreet, EKOS and Innovative have already made their "shot call".

Mainstreet's final poll will be out later on this evening, while Evan Scrimshaw's final projection and wrap-up analysis is coming later tonight. Polly A.I. still has the Liberals at a stronger minority (163) while Election Prediction Project has them at L151-C117. Frank Graves has yet to release EKOS' final seat projection as well. His polling numbers have been all over the place but they did get the seat count correct for the past two elections.

In the end this will boil down to the all-important question of motivation and turnout. Nothing is in the bag, so LIBERALS GO VOTE!

Jackie Blue said...

New update: Polly A.I. now has the LPC two short. Leaked NDP internals are showing five short. This according to a tweep who reportedly has family involved with the NDP campaign.

Earl Washburn just announced that EKOS is short to release their final poll/seat projection.

Still waiting on Quito and Joseph's final tally from Mainstreet.


ottlib said...

For those pollsters that publish the undecideds, the average is around 8%. Watch them. They are the late breakers. The voters that decide on who to vote for on their way to the polling station. l

The interesting thing about these voters is they often do not have strong feelings about the election and they often break in one direction. This time I suspect most of them will be generally happy with the Liberals' COVID response and stick with them.

It was these voters that gave Stephen Harper and Justin Trudeau their majorities.

If, as I suspect, this is not a change election they will break for the Liberals. If the Liberals GOTV effort is not as successful as they would hope the Liberals win a minority government. If their GOTV is successful they will win a majority.

Simon said...

Hi Jackie….Yes, the Star is a pathetic little rag, so far removed from the big paper it once was. But of course, compared to the National Post it’s practically The New York Times. We really must try to take those Con clowns down in the next few years. It won’t take much, some of them are teetering on the edge, so a little push should do. One of the few good things about this election is that the media has been exposed for what it is, and it will never recover its reputation…

Simon said...

Hi JD….As you may know, I was once an NDP supporter until the loser Mulcair took the party further to the right than the Liberals, and they were totally humiliated. Sadly they never recovered, and became a party of bitter losers, obsessed with revenge, and so I’m not surprised that the freaky Jiggy Singh is now it’s leader. He may win a few more seats with all his lies and cheap games, but the NDP will eventually realize that Singh is only in it for himself, and it be The End….

Simon said...

Hi Gyor….Goodness, two comments for the price of one, you must be in a desperate state. Just a week ago you were so sure the Cons were about to destroy Justin Trudeau, and now you don’t know what to think, and it’s driving you crazy. But don’t worry you’re not the only one feeling like that. I’ve been deleting comments from Cons and DipperCons for hours. And boy are they a mess. Sadly I can’t feel sorry for them, because like you many of them have been conned by the Con artist Singh. He really is a scumbag, and no decent person should vote for him or his cult members. So please don’t get so worked up. It’s only an election, and there is only one Justin Trudeau…😎

Jsb said...

So I compared a few polls from 2019 and how they were compared to the regarding the final election results... for this year, I have the conservatives at 34%, the liberals at 32% and the NDP at 18%...

Simon said...

Hi Rumleyfips….When I see how Singh and O’Toole look at each other I wouldn’t be surprised if they elope together. They share a deep rooted Con philosophy, and we know that Singh would do ANYTHING to get a Con cabinet position. So It could have a happy ending, unless of course one or both of them are found guilty of fraud….👮‍♂️

Simon said...

Hi anon@2:45 PM….I would also be quite happy with status quo. I think the election was useful to show Canadians how low our political system and media have fallen. And as for Justin Trudeau, I honestly believe that he can be Prime Minister as long as he wants. Asshat O’Toole is a joke and so is Tik Tok Singh…

Simon said...

Hi Steve…As I just said, I believe the media re the biggest losers of the election. They have dropped their drawers, bent over, and exposed their bias. No sane person could ever take them seriously again. As for Layton, I was an NDP supporter back then, so that discussion is censored….😉

Simon said...

Hi Pierre…Yes, I did see O’Toole getting in to his getaway car and rushing off without answering any questions from the media. And on Twitter I couldn’t help but wonder why Captain Outhouse is such a coward, and what is he hiding? I suppose there are enough idiots in this country to make him Prime Minister, but he’ll never be my PM…

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, it's time to rev the Liberal fear machine into high gear with the old "Vote NDP and elect a Con" routine. It doesn't work and we're all tired of hearing it.

I live in "fortress T.O." The Cons couldn't elect a dog catcher here, especially with Mad Max eating into their wingnut votes. I feel perfectly at ease voting NDP and knowing that my vote will help reclaim Layton's legacy. And if it denies the Libs a majority, all the better.

Myworld1916 said...

Yves Francois Blanchet is one biggest pain in the neck than O'Toole for some reason. Keep in mind that in situations like the english debate where he was called 'racist' is just another example that if you don't vote for him, you're with the 'federal crooks' and no true loyal quebecer with its history and culture. As if the Bloc is the only party allowed to be angry at anything Quebec bashing related, ever since the battle of 'Les Plaines d'Abraham'. Thus monopolising the issues with every right! I just hope the electorat will remember for what they voted for during his mistakes from the 'Troisième Lien' in Quebec city to when he did not let Badawi's wife speak first at a question!

Jackie Blue said...

Final polling update:

Frank's highly anticipated seat projection. Liberals 5 short but plausible to get there.

Mainstreet a little lower on the LPC count but similar to Frank's.

Research Co final poll has tied toplines but Liberals ahead in the most seat-rich provinces (ON, QC, ATL).

Forum (penultimate?) poll calls for an LPC minority despite absolutely bizarre regionals. Including 0.5% Bloc support in *Ontario*. WTF. Has PPC at 10% though, so the Max Factor is real and not just... made up.

Nanos one-day sample: National toplines within the MOE but Liberals ahead. NDP drop and PPC rise. Pay attention to the ranges of possibility and the undecideds (per Ottlib's comment). Tweeted out here:

Evan Scrimshaw has the Liberals seven short. Right between Mainstreet and Frank (and Polly and the NDP insider).

Reminder: Polly the A.I. called the Liberals two short and there is a tweep claiming to have high-up connections with the NDP showing internals similar to Polly and Frank.

This is all encouraging but it means nothing if Liberals don't GET OUT THERE AND VOTE!

Anonymous said...

In my riding, if it weren't for the NDP siphoning left wing votes from the Liberals, the Liberals would have easily won the last 2 elections. The NDP have never had a hope in hell of winning my riding and I can guarantee that this scenario plays out in many ridings in the east. So again I'll state as Simon has, a vote for the NDP is a vote for the tool and right now the tool's counting on all the useful idiot votes he can get.

Jackie Blue said...

Anon, Jack Layton's "legacy" was Stephen Harper. Period. Just like Bernie Sanders' legacy was Donald Trump.

How good of you as a "progressive" to laud the man who saddled Canada with ten years of the Reign of Error. If any statues ought to be toppled, it's that man and his stupid bicycle. Rest in piss, Mal Jack.

Dippers don't really want progress. They want purity and sabotage. You're proud to cast a vote for the guy who posted a video of him in the shower? What do you think the response would be if Trudeau did that? And people have the damn nerve to call *him* a creep!

I hope Singh underperforms massively tomorrow and gets turfed such that the NDP have themselves a civil war that would burn them to the ground. Sadly I don't think they will because they're an empty cult of personality just like the vapid "Squad" they stan for so much.

The dirtbag left are scum and the DipperCons and Bernie Squad can FOAD for all I care. I am done giving them the benefit of the doubt.

Simon said...

Hi anon@9:21PM….You can call it the “Liberal fear machine” but I call it the NDP whining machine,. For anyone who could vote for the Con man Jagmeet Singh after reading Dale Smith’s excellent report on all his lies and inventions can only be called a whiner or a loser. I understand why your feeling down, but you fail to accept reality. Vote splitting is a real threat that could elect Cons, and the real problem is that try as they might, the NDP can’t rise beyond its third party status and so will always be more spoiler than anything else, and a gift to the Cons.. Sorry….

Simon said...

Hi MyWorld1916….The Bloc is a third rate party of separatist racists, and we have to thank Shachi Kurl for rubbing life back not their grubby leader Blanchet. Calling Quebecers racists was an appalling mistake which will galvanize the chronically insecure in my beloved province for at least a week or two. As I’m sure you know, it has been that way for a long time, and probably won’t change until the old bitter generation is finally dead and buried, and a new generation takes over….

Simon said...

Hi Jackie….Thank you for your great contributions to this blog’s coverage of the election campaign. Your energy and commitment to the fight against the far right should inspire us all. Despite all that polling info I still can’t be sure you is going to win. But irrespective of the result the campaign is has done great damage to the Cons and their NDP stooges, and we will win the war. And don’t worry Seb and I and two of our friends will be heading off to vote soon, and are looking forward to helping to give O’Toole the boot, like we did to Harper and Scheer . Forward and onward! !!!

Anonymous said...

Election day. Regardless of the outcome, hopefully the turmoil will create an opportunity for Karma to strike and sweep the Con media and their stooges to the dustbin of history. For the past 5 years the fake propaganda machine not only targeted Trudeau but anyone associated with him, his family, co-workers, friends, charities, etc. The stooges like Singh are not even smart enough to realize they are much more vulnerable than Trudeau and will only be kept around as examples of who not to vote for once the Liberals are dispatched. Its a big hope but sometimes Karma strikes in unexpected ways!


Cathie from Canada said...

I have been increasingly disturbed by the level of vitriol that Singh is showing toward Trudeau - it's very personal for him, beyond politics, almost a jilted lover level.
Just an irrelevant aside, but I have wondered, actually, whether there have been some personal exchanges between the two men, where maybe Singh asked for a cabinet seat in exchange for NDP support and Trudeau brushed it off because he knew that Singh couldn't possibly guarantee the votes of the NDP caucus, not with people like Charlie Angus involved. I have also wondered whether there was some kind of deal between Singh and O'Toole, also for NDP support, because Singh doesn't seem to have a single negative thing to say about O'Toole at all.
I think Singh has essentially caved today by saying the NDP will support the party that agrees to tax the rich - no one could ever believe that the Cons would do this, and, as Dale Smith notes, the Liberals can just say they will "work on" it for the next two years.
Singh's TikTok shower stunts and tarmac handstands are getting really bizarre - though I'm old so maybe I just don't get it.

Jackie Blue said...

Please Canada, hear it out from a Democratic Party voter since 2004:


Listen to your heart before you tell him goodbye.

Love you guys. Love to Justin and the fam too.

Jackie Blue said...

Cathie -

I suspect things went sour between Singh and Trudeau right after the 2019 election, when Singh pushed to have a formal coalition and Trudeau rebuffed him. Singh is power-hungry and has delusions of grandeur that he seriously can become prime minister. The NDP cult enables this, in fact Tom Parkin was out on Twitter yesterday saying that he could, "just not immediately after Monday".

The long game objective is to diminish the Liberals into oblivion with a Conservative government that would see Trudeau out, and force polarization around the anti-Tory vote being the far left party, with the centre-left being ground up to nothing. That was Jack's gamble just as it was Bernie's and the original antifa in Germany. As I've mentioned on this board before, look up the phrase "Nach Hitler, Uns" or "After Hitler, us." See also The Walrus "Fake Left, Go Right."

Plan B is to force a coalition government whereby the person leading the party that wins the most seats is not necessarily who becomes the PM. You see this all the time in European countries that use PR. Far from being "democratic," PR coalitions often result with bizarre backroom deals like the one you see in Israel, where Bennett and Naftali made an agreement to actually swap the role after two years.

This IMHO is Singh's gambit, as has been pushed for by the NDP membership or backroom strategists. They all viscerally hate Trudeau for eating their lunch policy-wise and for "stealing" the brass ring in 2015. They are desperate to push their way through to the halls of power in the PMO and they only have a certain set of levers (unprecedented in Canada) they feel they can do it with.

They don't really care about progressive policies, not as long as it's Liberals implementing them while the NDP sinks further into irrelevance. They're willing to make all kinds of deals with the devil out of their hatred of Trudeau. Like you I get the sense that the two men do not like each other very much. Singh's animus is borne of narcissistic jealousy, however. Trudeau's is more principled, in other words why are you lying about us and why are you threatening to throw everything away and bring harm to Canadians for partisan gains?

Also, on a personal level I can't see any reason why Trudeau would get along with Singh after the unconscionable attacks that Angus made against Margaret, which Singh implicitly condoned by not reining him in. If Trudeau wins another term and it's a minority, he may go along to get along in hopes of getting things passed (assuming the NDP doesn't obstruct again), because he genuinely wants to see progressive policies be implemented. But the NDP's personal hatred of all things Trudeau has poisoned the well for possibly generations to come. We saw how he reacted, and rightly so, to the vicious thugs who made unrepeatable heckles toward Sophie: "They went after my family." I could be wrong but it would not surprise me if he feels similar sentiments towards the parliamentary gravel-throwers of the NDP.

Simon said...

Hi Jackie…. As I tried to say in my post I too am deeply disturbed by Jagmeet’s Singh behaviour. I have watched with dismay as the Cons turned our politics into a jungle, where lying is normalized, and their opponents are smeared over and over again. So seeing Singh using the same tactics really bothers me. His hatred for Trudeau is so great it has made me wonder whether he is all there, and his latest Tik Tok video has only deepened my concern. If you’ve read my blog over the years you will know that I have objected to the American-style politics that Stephen Harper imported from the Republican world. Quite apart from their policies I believe their bullying behaviour is an existential threat to this country and its values. So what explains Singh’s behaviour? I think it’s just another example of macho bullshit. He has studied martial arts and think he’s still in the ring. Pathetic….

Anonymous said...

OMG! I was checking CTV for the latest numbers at 9:40PM and there she was, JWR on their commenters panel. I wonder who their western commenter will be, Ezra? What a joke. I'm now on CBC.

Jackie Blue said...

We did it. Oh, I'm so happy.

Back to where we started, but hey, I'll take it. Tool is going to be knifed and Jagmeet might be too. Butts doesn't think this is JT's swan song so... I'm just going to breathe a sigh of relief for right now.

I love you guys. I love Canada right now. I love Justin.

Gonna pop the bubbly -- a big ol' bottle of Canada Dry.

"Ain't nothin' better... we beat the odds together..."

Pierre D. said...

Good guys win and mail-in ballots could still make a majority.
See ya O'Toole!

Anonymous said...

Anon@2:45 checking in. Status quo it is. Good night.

Simon said...

Hi JD...Inviting Saint Jody on an election panel is about as low as you can go. All it does is give her a chance to spew her anti-Trudeau bile, and flog her trashy book. But it does, yet again, make it clear how low the Con media has fallen. Have they no shame?

Simon said...

Hi Pierre...O'Toole's loser speech was absolutely disgusting. He showed absolutely no class, and is now spinning another big lie, claiming that Trudeau is planning to hold another election in 18 months. The idea is no doubt a crude attempt to head off anybody who might be tempted to replace. I hope it fails miserably, and am looking forward to seeing the mail-in ballots inflating the Liberal numbers...

Simon said...

Hi Jackie...We did it indeed. And how sweet it is. Some Cons and the Con media were trying to play down Trudeau's victory, claiming that nothing much had changed. Or that nobody wanted the election. But a win is a win is a win. And after the way the Cons and their NDP stooges behaved it's a huge victory. It has allowed us to turn over some rocks and see the Con bugs wriggling away, and we have stopped O'Toole's Harperite agenda dead. Trudeau seems up to the challenge of what lies ahead, and after all we have been through we have all earned the right to relax. At last.....

Pierre D. said...

The best part is that now the CPC are harping on the popular vote, when they mocked Hillary Clinton supporters for the same statements. Pure claptrap, they know they are losers for the foreseeable future and they are hanging on to something, I guess.

I think my favourite moment was CBC had Gerald (Gerry) Butts and Lisa Raitt on to discuss the election...

Lisa: "The Liberals won when they went hard after the gun lobby."
Gerald: "Well, we don't want assault weapons in the streets of Toronto, right?"
Lisa: "That isn't what I said at all!" and she was fuming and it wsa glorious!

And the LPC member in Vancouver_Grandville is up 34 (!) votes up on the NDP with 1 ballot box to open! Oh, if the LPC won there it would be a glorious comeuppance for Jody Wilson-Raybould. Hahaha!

Jackie Blue said...

I promised Simon I'd put my blog back up if the Liberals won and I did. Shameless self-promo incoming.

Your key takeaway, from a Canada politics junkie who hails from the home of the Halifax Christmas tree. On the subject of whether the Liberals should knife Trudeau (spoiler: they damn well shouldn't and they'd be stupid if they tried)

Apologies for the mixed sports metaphor, but if you ask me (and no one has), for the Liberals to turf Trudeau fils after he won them a hat trick, even though the past two results haven't been as stellar as they might have wanted, would be like firing Tom Brady because he won two Super Bowls by a field goal rather than a blowout. Which is kinda what Bill Belichick did, and how's that working out for him?

A ring is a ring, isn't it? Trudeau is a Capricorn. Trudeau is the GOAT.

Pierre D. said...

They will not axe J.T..
Gerald Butts was asked about this and he basically said (paraphrasing) "Well leaders are leaders until the voters vote them out."
If Justin Trudedau is defeated at the polls, he will walk away; I know that P.J. Fournier and MSM are salvating at new leaders, but I can't see it LPC side, and NDP seems to stay with Sing for the foreseeable future.
With O'Toole the only remaining question mark, we'll see, but they likely won't knife him when he just said he wants to fight another election within a year and half...

So now we have stability, and I am hearing "four years" more and more.
It looks like we will have our "Justin national" as we call him here in QC, until 2025 and we may see his dreams of mostly electric vehicles come true at last.

Steve said...

No matter what angle you look at it from this was a victory for JT and the Liberal party

Steve said...

I am looking forward to Perrie Penis or Wine taster as the leader of the op, how do you spell majority.

Jackie Blue said...

Spicy gossip on the subject of the champagne brocialist --

I just heard a report on the CBC that a major NDP organizer stated Jagmeet Singh spent his campaign funding branding himself...this person says its more about Singh than a political movement...

It was the president of the York-Simcoe NDP EDA, Jessa McLean

NDP federal council took the rebates from the local Ridings and poured it all into Jagmeet Singh's image and campaign. We invested nothing in the ground. Two elections : Down 11 seats. PPC made more gains than us. We’re not a movement. We’re an ad campaign.

Read down the thread. This person is NOT happy, and if others feel like she does, Jagmeet may end up having to go back to his old job as a... um, DJ and "influencer".

And people say Trudeau never had a real job and is self(ie) obsessed and indulgent. At least he already had a brand and didn't rob from the Liberal coffers to pump vanity PR. Remind me again why the NDP exists?

Maybe this election wasn't about nothing at all. Maybe it was exactly what needed to happen for the vapid opposition to destroy itself.