Friday, September 10, 2021

Justin Trudeau and the Debate That Disgraced This Country

I was really looking forward to last night's final leader's debate. 

I was hoping that Justin Trudeau would finally get a chance to get his message out to Canadians, without having it distorted by the Con media, or drowned out by violent mobs.

So needless to say I was bitterly disappointed.

For thanks to Shachi Kurl and her other Con media "moderators" the debate was an absolute horror show.

They turned the debate into a lynch mob designed to muzzle Justin Trudeau. And their foul assault on our democracy will live in infamy forever.

As John Doyle wrote it was an absolute farce.  

What happened across multiple Canadian TV channels was the worst of the worst, an example of utter failure in Canadian television, and a disgraceful insult to the intelligence of viewers and voters.

Who won? A cat would cackle at that question. Given the ridiculous format and Kurl’s persistent interruptions, the only winner was the moderator’s attitude. Apparently, the format was to sometimes allow a leader to answer a direct question but also allow hectoring interruptions from another speaker and, at that point, the original speaker was told to shut up.

So the Cons managed to muzzle Justin Trudeau again, and their violent mobs will no doubt keep on trying to hurt him.

And at the end of that monstrous debate he looked really disappointed.

But he is not alone. Now it's up to us to help spread his message.

I will be writing a lot of posts in the next ten days, and going after the toxic Trudeau haters harder than ever.

The ugly Cons will not steal the election.

And our beautiful country will be saved...


Steve said...

The con network is saying JT was rattled. Erin was cool. Watching democracy run by the con network would rattle anyone.

Jackie Blue said...

Yeah, it already seems to be showing up in the polls (or at least that weird Polly-ASI tracker) and he'll probably take a hit over the weekend. I hope it's a small one he can recover from, but the truth is Salome did just what she was assigned to do, which is to deliver his head on a platter.

As though that wasn't bad enough, Judas Wilson Raybould has returned for another stab front and back. Cons are already hyping "excerpts" set to drop in the daily rags this week and drive coverage to drown his positive policy message out.

I hate people. "Add women, change politics" -- sad to say he learned that lesson the hard way. Some people are just deplorable regardless of gender. Kurl and JWR certainly fit that bill. Stinging bee itches the lot of them.

I hope he can get his message out in the final days and eke out a win. He's certainly got a lot of headwinds against him. I would say even more than 2019. A lot of big money clearly wants him gone.

The debate commission should be dismantled. Canada's institutions are attacking its own democracy like a cancer from within.

I'm really scared.

Anonymous said...

I think this sham debate will have little effect on the polls or the few who actually watched it all. Any sane person of all political stripes would be appalled by the "moderator's" behavior and would have changed the channel to something less offensive such as The Walking Dead or Dr Pimple Popper. Exceptions being the Con base who I hope were wearing their bibs as they drooled giddily at the proceedings. Again, nothing gained or lost there.
I took a peek at your October 2019 blogs, Simon and I had forgotten how close the polls were back then and yet with all the Con media bias favoring the hapless Scheer, JT still managed to win a strong minority. Barring any disastrous occurrences, Justin can do it again by finishing strong. A little help wouldn't hurt either. If we can lure "Bubble Boy" O'Tool out of his controlled setting where they lob smurf ball questions at him and maybe toss a few of these his way. "Hi Erin, JD here from MS Media. Do I really need a gun that can turn a deer into a screen door in five seconds?" Or this one. "Do you think calling people radical, dumb liberals will compel them to vote for you?" Okay, one more. "Can you guarantee that you or the majority of your climate change denying/homophobic/anti-woman/conspiracy theory spouting caucus wont try to do what the most of you want?" Good luck with that one.
Given that the polling is a dead heat, I shall remain optimistic that when push comes to shove, JT gets the push and the tool gets the shove. In the meantime, here's the link to Simon's 2019 election day blog entry culminating with my favorite, the final victorious comment from our beloved Jackie Blue. We did indeed do it then, Jackie. And I believe we will do it again.

rumleyfips said...

The overnights show a different picture today. Liberals up and everybody else down. Who said debates don't change things. Regionals look better for Libs too with Ontario shifting.

Jackie Blue said...

I don't know and I'm still worried. Churlish Kurl might have helped Blanchet more than Legault did, and that only helps Tool. Quebec shifts en masse in the final days of the campaign, and media coverage there has been all about Kurl's "attack" over Bill 21.

Trudeau has not waded into the issue this time and even condemned Kurl's tone. But it could end up being just the impetus Blanchet needs to declare that the Bloc is the only one that will stand up for "Quebec identity interests."

We really won't know what effect the debates have had until Tuesday. Graves deleted his tweet predicting an LPC win, and Maggi is now saying that there are "signals in his data" indicating "potential tightening" after a good run for the LPC numbers over the past few days.

Some have said the debates didn't get good ratings amid the fray of sports broadcasts, but I sadly think/fear they did/will have an impact based on the coverage afterward. Negative for Trudeau and the bizarre wildcard in QC. It takes time for sentiments to settle over the weekend, by which point we'll know for certain.

Trudeau is in Mississauga today; the optimistic view is that he's there to deliver a message condemning the Cons for Islamophobia on the anniversary of 9/11, while the pessimistic view is that LPC internals show them hooped in Ontario.

We just don't know.

Cathie from Canada said...

I'm not looking forward to the Saint Jody coverage over the next week, though actually the timing may work out because her vitriol may just get lost in the sea of political coverage we will be seeing up until the election. The media won't likely give her 'revelations' the wall-to-wall treatment they might have if the book had come out during a quieter time in the news cycle. And with the campaign going on, she's not going to be getting any support in Trudeau-bashing from other Canadian Indigenous leaders.
I read an interesting tweet yesterday that "Why did Trudeau call the election" has become the "But her emails!" of this election coverage, with the media showing the same fact-free obsession as they did with Hillary in 2016.

Gyor said...

LMFAO this is truly entertaining, which I'd like to thank Shachi Kurl for.

The debate was a first class disaster for Trudeau which means the Lier in Chief's goose is cook, even if the Liberals manage to sqeek out a minority with NDP support (which will cost the Liberals alot more as the Libs going to the polls again would make Tory or NDP government almost certain), Freeland will no doubt have a knife ready for Trudeau's back and the back door open for his walk in the snow, like his father before him, although there will be no come back for Justin.

And Erin O'Toole is about as scary as the Cookie Monster,odds are if he gets the minority he'll shift even further left in order to govern.

O'Toole isn't Harper and who ever wins will have to cut a deal with Jagmeet Singh, if Jagmeet himself doesn't pull off a surprise upset win.

We all said no we don't want an election, but you Liberals thought you knew better, now your up ship's creek without a paddle.

One of these days Liberals should try practicing humility and listening to Canadians.

Jackie Blue said...

Geez, Gyor. You really aren't doing much to put paid to the notion that an NDP is just a Con but in orange. You hate Trudeau so much you want to see the Liberals lose even if it means Canada suffers under a Con government. You're absolutely delusional if you seriously think Jagmeet can become PM and so is he.

If anything the biggest shift is happening in QC thanks to Churlish Kurl's attack on Blanchet that's getting spun into ugly jingoism all over the province.

You're also delusional if you sincerely believe Tool would "shift left" rather than dump Jagmeet like a rotten hot potato. He lies and says anything in order to win votes, and that goes for Jagmeet too.

Why do so-called progressives hate Canadians so much? Why did Bernie bros hate the American people so much that they put Hillary hate over pragmatism? I guess never underestimate the ability for voters to put their hatred of one person ahead of love for their country.

You brocialists disgust me.

rumleyfips said...

Errant old fool moving left : I doubt it. He threw in with Leslyn's and Sloan's right wing nut jobs to beat Max , another ,right wing nut job. They are now all fight wing nut job and move to the left by the old toole would result in the party running his ass up the flag pole like a swastica pennant .

There is no left in the reformatory camp, there is no middle, there is no moderation. There is only hate, racism, misogyny, homophobia and anti science confusion.

Jackie Blue said...

Jagmeet today was asked yet again if he'll prop up a Con minority. He deflected by saying Trudeau voted for Harper's budget... in 2009.

I guess there's your answer. Jagmeet is a Con sympathizer and the NDP have no ground to stand on when complaining that Trudeau invokes Harper. Dippers don't care if Canada has to suffer a Con government as long as it gets rid of Trudeau and allows them to gain meaningless extra seats. Fat lot of good Layton did to "push Harper left" and achieve progressive policies in ten years of the Reign of Error.

I said it once, I'll say it again: If Canada is going to exhume its dead icons and topple their statues, then it's long overdue that Bon Jack have his canonization revoked and his bicycle statue removed for the tongue bath he gave Harper over the course of a decade.

"Nach Harper, Uns." Worked out just great for Germany, didn't it?

Jackie Blue said...

One more, Gyor. How can you support a party that is just as hostile to science-based medicine as the Cons are? Cons are anti-vaxers, while the Neuro-Diversity Party equate life-changing treatments for autism to anti-gay conversion "therapy" and the cultural theft of residential schools. That's the flip side of anti-vaxerism. It's Woke Scientology. Trudeau got an endorsement from Obama last year. Maybe Jagmeet can pick up hat tips from Tom Cruise and Jenny McCarthy.

You do recall that it was your party that went balls-out on social media during the incredibly and unnecessarily vitriolic debate over Bill C-7, comparing that law to Action T4 and likening Trudeau to Hitler? Do you have any idea how abhorrent and offensive that is both to people who are seeking a humane end to their suffering as well as Holocaust survivors and their descendants? Is this a joke to you?

You claim to stand up in support of people suffering mental illness, even as Charlie the tuna spent an entire year dragging poor Margaret Trudeau through the mud, and framing her activism as graft from a fame whore riding the coattails of her son and husband's last name?

Seriously, what the fuck kind of "conscience" does the NDP even bring to Parliament anymore? Did they ever? Seems like your gambit to overcorrect for Tommy Douglas' support of eugenics is to flip the discourse upside down and bass-ackwards, falling down the rabbit hole of loony-left identitarian woo while portraying Trudeau as a Nazi.

Your agenda is bunk at best and actively harmful at worst. Shame on Jagmeet and his Extremely Online cult base and shame on the NDP.

Simon said...

Justin Trudeau had every reason to be rattled, with everyone attacking him and never getting a chance to reply. But I thought he kept his cool and only looked disappointed. While O'Toole and Singh lied like thieves.

Simon said...

Hi Jackie....I still remain very confident that the Trudeau Liberals will win the election. From what I hear from my friends in Quebec, Blanchet is only popular with a certain kind of rancid nationalist. And in the rest of Canada Jagmeet Singh is finally being exposed as the Con man he is and is slowly losing support. Now that the Cons and the NDP programs are being costed, I expect them to lose support all the way to the election...

Simon said...

Hi JD...Thanks for digging up my old election eve post. I don't usually read post from the past, I'm afraid of what I might have written. But I must say that I thought that post held together quite well, considering the state I was in. And I'm proud that I never lost my optimism, or hope that Justin Trudeau would win. I feel the same way this year, even though I recognize that the Con Death Machine, with the help of our disgusting Con media, has smeared Trudeau even more than they did last year. And the Covid wars have left me with a case of chronic fatigue. But I don't care what happens on the 20th, I will never stop fighting the Cons until the day they are destroyed....

Simon said...

Hi rumleyfips...Yes I have noticed that the polls are looking a little better for the Liberals, and I expect that to continue as more Canadians are forced to choose between the Liberals with their Canadian values and the disgusting Cons. I expect O'Toole's Bigot Party to try every dirty trick in the book to try to suppress the progressive vote. And that will be made easier by the reduction in the number of polling stations thanks to Covid. In my riding they have gone from 56 polling locations in 2019 to just 15. So it will be important to get out and vote as early as possible, or use the advance voting options...

Simon said...

Hi Cathie...I refuse to pay attention to anything Saint Jody has to say, and I'm sure a lot of other Canadians feel the same way about her as I do. She's just a bitter Con waging an absurd vendetta against Justin Trudeau to try to make us forget her own failings. Does she really think we should give up a great national childcare program, and so many other things, to soothe her bruised feelings? When her ghastly book is remaindered, about a week after the election, I will try to get hold of a copy so I can use it to start my traditional late fall BBQ...

Simon said...

Hi Gyor....Are you feeling OK? You seem somewhat agitated, and if you were impressed by that ghastly debate, I would urge you to seek treatment. For quite frankly most of what you wrote is delusional, and I feel you are going to have a very hard landing. Sadly for you, O'Toole is still as right-wing as you are, and the poseur Jagmeet Singh is NEVER going to be Prime Minister. All he, and you, are good for is reminding Canadians how far the NDP has fallen...

Pierre D. said...

Mainstreet's poll tracker had the Libs at 163 today, seven short of a majority. The filthy Con media has tried it all..JWR book, Amanie Paul invoking JWR (for which she will NEVER be elected) and hair-Kurling debate terror...but Canada as a whole is a moderate, welcoming place.
I'd bet a lot of advanced voting is going red...and that we will all be pleasantly surprised in 8 days, with a minority or perhaps a near-majority LPC result.

And with Pierre Poilievre the next CPC leader, the fight will never stop...

Anonymous said...

The largest newspaper chain in Canada that is using its massive audience reach to promote pro Con election propaganda and drown out any smaller news chain diversity is now claiming Trudeau and a Liberal government is plotting to limit free speech. Wonder when management directives that encourages their journalists to become pro Con and use AI bots to push "news" articles through MSN and other outlets has become a symbol of free speech. In Con alt reality money and free speech are equivalent.


Jackie Blue said...

Hi Pierre

Abacus Research says that few people watched the English debate. Which I guess is a sigh of relief.

That said, we'll have to see what Leger picks up in Quebec and if they're recording the same Bloc protest vote that Mainstreet is. (They're PKP's moneyball team so I don't doubt it.)

Kouvalis is in the field but I don't trust him any further than I could throw him. Or a security guard at Kelseys could throw him.

I like Frank Graves but his polls are incredibly swingy. I don't know what to think of Nanos anymore.

Evan Scrimshaw still has them brushing majority territory, the wildcard being Quebec as it always is.

Tool bombed his interview with Rosie and the anti-vax mob are going to piss off the entire nation by storming hospitals today. These are Tool's people. He's trying to deflect over to Max while not losing their votes to Max. Satisfying no one with his equivocation, except... well, Max. And Trudeau, if he keeps splitting with Max.

David Akin has been trying to push the idea that the Liberals are in trouble because Trudeau was campaigning for Anita Anand in Oakville. Except for the fact that he was in a Bloc riding before that, he needed a place with a drive-in theatre (to do what Biden did), and he's done a big rally in the GTA in the last week for the last two campaigns. The most recent being the one in Mississauga in '19 where he had to wear a bulletproof vest because of friendly sausage makers who Michael Wernick warned about. It's not an indicator that the LPC are struggling to hold the fort, much as Akin wishes it were true.

But, like you said I guess we'll see what happens in eight days.

ottlib said...

Yes Jackie and right after the big rally in Oakville Mr. Trudeau went out West.

If his government or even his objective of a majority government were under threat it come from Ontario and Quebec. The fact he chose to leave central Canada at the beginning of the last week could mean that the threat of the Liberals losing seats there is overblown.