Wednesday, September 01, 2021

Justin Trudeau and the Toxic Trudeau Haters

I was planning to write a post about some of the ridiculous polls this campaign has seen so far, or wait to find out what was in the Liberal platform.

But I just couldn't.

Because the only story worth writing about is the way the toxic Trudeau haters are targeting and threatening to kill Justin Trudeau.

For there he was in Sudbury yesterday, and so were the crazies.

It's hard to believe that some of those crazy Covidiots aren't in a mental hospital or a jail.

But at least this time Trudeau decided to fight back, and went after them AND Erin O'Toole.

And all I can say is it's about time, for the grubby O'Toole has been whipping up toxic Trudeau hatred for as long as I can remember.

And won't even condemn his deranged MP Cheryl Gallant for claiming that Trudeau is planning a climate change lockdown...

And by so doing encouraging those who would lynch him.

Even though as Gary Mason points out, this diseased hatred for Justin Trudeau isn't just bad for him, it's bad for Canada. 

It’s tempting to write off the noisy protesters who shut down a planned Liberal campaign event in Bolton, Ont., on Friday and who disrupted another in Cambridge on Sunday, as angry partisans with foul mouths. They are not. Many in those crowds are far more dangerous than that.

And they are not going away any time soon.

People will say there have always been protesters and demonstrations at political campaign stops. This is true.

But the ones we are seeing these days are different. The vitriol and red-faced rage is next level stuff. This is why security around Mr. Trudeau has been bolstered dramatically. And it’s likely to stay this way for the rest of the campaign. This is not something the other federal leaders have so far had to worry about.

We are on a perilous course right now. And unless we attack this problem with vigour, horrible things are going to happen to this country.

As for me, I'm proud that I have fought for years to try to fight the growing horror of toxic Trudeau hatred.

Unlike others at Progressive Bloggers, like the Disaffected Lib, Politics and its Discontents, and the ghastly Warren Kinsella, who have all poured fuel on the flames.

I still believe that the Liberals will win the election.

But what those old Cons have done and are doing to our country and its democracy, can never be forgotten nor forgiven...


Anonymous said...

The daily poll-focused horserace stories are just lazy journalism. I wish some enterprising reporters would get off their asses and investigate the loudmouths at Trudeau's rallies. I'm willing to bet there's a very interesting story there showing huge overlap between the protestors and corporate-funded Con astroturf groups like Ontario Proud and Canada Proud. I'm also willing to bet that Con paramilitaries like the Sons of Odin, Proud Boys and Three Percenters are involved. These groups thrive on hate. A few exposés might even embarrass the Con-friendly cops into some arrests. Nah, it'll never happen, but I can still hope.

Jackie Blue said...

I don't understand the ridiculous polls either, though I have my theories. I do believe, however, that they're driving the media's Trudeau-bad narrative and feeding the negativity. Or the other way around, they're a product of it. Go look at all the Liberal signs that have been vandalized with swastikas. None for NDP or CPC candidates, how about that. There's a special place in the bowels of hell for pundits who pooh-pooh this as a "desperate Liberal wedge issue."

I can't fucking believe this is Canada! This was the country that us Statesiders yearn to run away to when things go sideways down here. Where people apologize for bumping into furniture. Home of the Care Bears. Now what, where the hell are Canadians supposed to go if darkness descends a la Trump? Greenland? Thank the gods he didn't annex it.

Trudeau has a campaign phone number he posted online. I'm wondering if I should text him to let him know there's sanctuary if he needs it. Yes, we have a disproportionate share of nutbars here who treat the 2nd Amendment as gospel, but I'll gladly waive my 3rd Amendment rights if he and the fam need a bunker to hide.

Anonymous said...

I hope he does run away to the US. After all that’s where the last Liberal leader spent most of his life. Iggy? Remember that guy?

Jackie Blue said...

Fuck you anon. You're the ungrateful type who chased him away.

Go eat horse dewormer and GTFO.

Anonymous said...

Erin's stools screaming "leave our children alone" has to be the head shaker of the century. Here's an undeniable fact for all of you hateful covidiots. Justin Trudeau is trying to save your children. The sad part being, it's from you. You're all suffering from an acute case of right wing lunacy that has consumed America where everyday, more and more children are stricken with the unrelenting Delta variant because you and your ilk were too stupid to get vaccinated. And to add another layer of idiocy, you giddy-up and go take a horse deworming drug that some idiot right wing mouthpieces told you to take. People that dumb should be barred from having children as they are clearly incapable of taking care of them let alone themselves. So on that note and knowing you will willingly take a drug that was meant for animals, I propose and urge all right wing covidiots that to save the world from this deadly disease, please get yourselves spayed or neutered as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

Oh boo effing hoo. He's lucky the only pushback to his medical gulag is a handful of hicks yelling obscenities.

As for you liberal sheep, you'll have us wearing masks til it's 2031. Enjoy! You helped bring this hell upon us.

Anonymous said...

Mimetic Theory of Desire suggests that people want what others want which results in a trend that is not necessarily based on reality. Eventually a tipping point is reached where the desires are no longer fulfilled, if they ever were. Frustration and anger results which can easily be turned into scapegoating revenge before the crowd moves on. Traditionally some political and religious organizations have been good at scapegoating which still seems to be the case. The collective desire that has run its course is tied to the common vision of success shared by hard working white males and some of their female counterparts. Frustration started with rapid change brought on by globalisation and technology and has been compounded by Covid and climate change. Emerging desires seem to be based on inclusiveness and flexibility and those supporting the old wants are angry and demand a good old fashioned mob lynching before eventually moving on into the dustbin of history or being resurrected in a manipulated form.
Trump the showman gave his mob the storming of the capital and symbolic lynching. The Canadian Cons are more subdued but the scapegoat is highly visible. They have plans for the mob afterwards while the foolish dippers have a vision of shaping the new wants/desires once the mob has wrecked its revenge and then self destructs.,-Pandemic-Prophet-TWiV-773


Jackie Blue said...

Now there are two covidiots on this board who need to be told to go choke on ivermectin. Horse's asses of the apocalypse, you are.

Simon, Ottlib and I have been chatting back and forth about the polls. I know you wanted to avoid that subject in favour of the far more important one, which is death threats against Justin Trudeau and his candidates and now healthcare workers too. But like I said I have my theories, and one of them is that the daily tracker polls are messed up due to response bias, and they're skewing the aggregators to paint a different picture than what might really be there.

Case in point, Mainstreet has the Cons sweeping BC and the Maritimes, which is highly improbable. Yet 338 and CBC enter these bogus samples in as valid data points, and it freaks people out. (Lean Tossup is now under contract with Mainstreet so that's throwing their numbers off too.) At best, depending on the poll either the NDP are leading BC or it's the usual three-way race. There may be spots of blue in the Atlantic but in no way is it breaking for a massive blue wave. They haven't forgotten Harper's "culture of defeat".

QC will become clearer after tonight's TVA debate I think. Blanchet hasn't been winning people over as well with some of his positions and his arrogant behaviour. The theory about Ontario is that the Cons may be running up the score Alberta-style in their rural seats, but aren't breaking through Liberal strongholds or swing areas the way the aggregators believe. I don't know for certain because I'm not on the ground, but that's one theory about why it's "close".

I really don't even know why these trash polls are allowed to influence the populace the way they are but it's ridiculous. I never thought I'd live in a timeline where EKOS and Mainstreet are more bullish on the Cons than fucking Kouvalis and Fungus Reid.

Sadly I guess we won't know the real picture until Sept 20.

Simon said...

Hi anon@6:19 PM….You’re right to demand that our useless media get off their asses and start investigating who those Covidiots are. Yesterday they were blocking access to hospitals all across the country. So now those Con Covidiots aren’t just a noisy nuisance, they’re domestic terrorists threatening our Medicare system. We need to start arresting them, and hopefully sentencing some of them to jail…

Simon said...

Hi Jackie…I too find it hard to believe that this is Canada. Between the Covidiots and the dummies who would return us to the dark days of the Harper regime, I sometimes feel like I’m living in a madhouse. But I refuse to let any of this get me down. The pandemic has caused a tsunami of mental illness. I am confronted by the mentally ill almost every day of my life. At night the usually very safe neighbourhood where I live has so many troubled people it looks like the set of a zombie movie. I can handle it, but I do worry that all this craziness could lead us to disaster….

ottlib said...

As I have stated on my own blog these people are so angry because they know they are going to lose in the end. Although Mr. Ford's vaccine passport is wholly inadequate the fact he was finally forced to create one speaks volumes. The same is going to be true for other provinces and the federal government. Canadians are going to want to be safe when they get back to their lives and they know that vaccine mandates and passports will contribute to that.

My oldest friend lives in BC and unlike me he is not political. However, after the spectacle of the protests near the Vancouver hospitals he went on Facebook last night and tore a strip off of them. Keep in mind this guy fits in there as he is one of the mellowest people I know. I DMed him to remind him which party was the only one that was talking about imposing measures to force people to be vaxxed and he stated he knew and that he and his wife would be voting Liberal. He also stated that virtually all of the people in their social circle would be too, some of them for the first time.

These anti-vaxxers are angry but it could very well be that those of us who are fully vaxxed and did so with the expectation that we might achieve at least a semblance of pre-covid normalcy are also becoming angry. We may not be taking to the streets but that does not mean we are taking it lying down. I have stated before that if these anti-vaxxers make the remainder of this election about the pandemic, vax mandates/passports and the threat to going back to normal it will impact the election to the detriment of both the Conservatives and the NDP.

The country certainly is different from PM Trudeau's day. It was well known back in his day that he would walk from his office in the Langevin Block to the House of Commons across Wellington Street, by himself, or with staff members, minus any security. Now our politicians have to worry about wackos wherever they go. But that is what living under 30 years of trickle down economics will do for you. Look at these protesters and you will see mostly white, less educated, working class people. The very same people who are the main victims of trickle down economics. They are angry because they are not living the lives they were promised and many unscrupulous politicians are tapping into the anger and pointing them at their target du jour. Today it is Justin Trudeau and vaccines tomorrow it will be something else. The scary thing is it will probably get worse as the impacts of automation and climate change impacts these people worse than other segments of society. The solution of course is to help these people be less victimized by the current economic model that still dominates the world. A good start would be to change the model and that his happening albeit rather slowly. Then governments can do some useful stuff as well, where the ultimate goal should be implementing some form of UBI.

As Jackie says, if you treat Mainstreet and Ekos as outliers the Liberals are right where they want to be going into the second half of the election. And it is statistically valid to remove outliers. I have done it many times when analyzing data. When you remove those outliers the Liberals have a comfortable lead in seats and they can spend the next couple of weeks attempting to increase it.

Simon said...

Hi JD….You’re so right, those Con Covidiots are acting like animals. And this sickness is coming from America. You’d think those ugly Cons could act like Canadians for once. But no, they’re too far gone. And as for taking Ivermectin to treat Covid, every time I think of that I have to sit down. As Inwas telling Jackie the stress of the pandemic has caused an explosion in the number of people suffering from different psychiatric illnesses, but I’m afraid they are morphing into far right extremists groups, and in my opinion, if the police don’t jail them or forcibly quarantine them, they will soon become full fledged terrorist groups, and threaten us all…

Simon said...

Hi anon @3:52….Medical gulag? What are you talking about? We are confronting and defeating a huge threat to humanity, and if you crazies cared about others, you would do the right thing and help end the threat way before 2031. And what’s so hellish about wearing a mask when you’re indoors? You Cons really are a hysterical lot…🤡

Simon said...

Hi RT….Mimetic Theory of Desire? The things I learn reading the comments to this blog. Thank you. I’m going to read up on that. From observing, at a safe distance, the Covidiots who parade past my place on weekends, I am convinced that many of them are suffering from a massive case of group hysteria. And as I told JD, what scares me is that they are morphing into right-wing extremists. Our bought media is trying to play down the phenomenon fearing they could damage their darling O’Toole, but they’re wrong those Covidiots are becoming a threat to our national security, and must be treated accordingly…

Simon said...

Hi Ottlib….Congratulations on getting your friend to vote for the Liberals.😎 And I don’t blame him for getting angry. The Covidiots were blocking entrances to hospitals here and I was absolutely furious. When they directly threaten the health of sick people they need to be treated like domestic terrorists, and shown no mercy. And you’re right this country is a different place.
Pierre Trudeau used to walk from his art deco mansion on Pine Avenue, down to his favourite souvlaki restaurant without a single bodyguard. And I want that Canada back. But I wonder if that’s even possible, and I must admit that for the first time I’m starting to get a little nervous about where this campaign is going….

Jackie Blue said...

Churchill led the UK through its worst crisis, then got ousted by Clement Atlee. This election seems like it could end up similar, but reverse. O'Toilet is no Atlee and would destroy Canada's safety net, not build it up. He's no Churchill either. He's BloJo with no hair.

He'd give Blanchet whatever he wanted just to shut him up, and Singh would just dance again over gaining seats despite losing any hope of progressive policies. He'd just do what he's doing anyway, which is to blame Trudeau. The NDP would rejoice over getting "revenge" for 2015. This is why he won't coalesce with Trudeau. He wants Trudeau out so that the Liberals get degraded again.

The NDP clearly want a UK situation where the centrists are the rump party and anyone opposed to the Tories is forced into the polarizing position of supporting the extreme far left. Trudeau is all the Liberals have got. Misogynists hate Freeland and I can't see Carney making anyone feel enthusiastic. But Singh won't be PM either for obvious reasons. Canada is not that country. He doesn't get it.

My thing about Churchill is, he suffered from depression and was never the same after the war, or the 1945 election. For Trudeau, it runs in his family (though he's indicated in his book that he's suffered from it too). If he doesn't make it on election night, is he going to be OK? I know he has the love of his family and it's not like he's universally reviled, but there is a LOT of hate towards him, and a loss would be humiliating, as well as he'd get blamed for Stoole ripping up Canada -- seriously, is he going to be OK?

ottlib said...

Simon...I did not have to convince my friend. He was already convinced. He and his friends realize why we are seeing the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel. The continuing anti-vaxxer protests are just a vindication of their decision. If these protests continue, and I suspect we have not seen the last of them, they could very well lead to many more people like my friend deciding to vote for the only party that is pushing for vaccine mandates and passports at the Federal level. If the majority becomes really pissed at the minority there will be no stopping them regardless of what the Conservatives and their media supporters say.

I know personally that I would like to go to Jamaica again and if a vaccine passport will convince the airline, resort, tour company and the Government of Jamaica that I can safely travel there I would be very happy. If a lack of such a document denies me that vacation I will be pissed. I believe I am not alone.

I can understand why people would be discouraged with how the election is going right now. The negative news for the Liberals has been relentless. However, I would point out that even Mainstreet and Ekos are saying the race is tightening. If it was not for their wonky estimates on either coast they would be in line with the other polls showing a virtual tie and with the Liberals poised to win the most seats.

As well, the Liberals came through the last two-and-a-half weeks without any problems as far as I can see. They released their policy planks at their pace culminating with the release of their costed platform the day before the first debate. That was the plan and it does not look like they felt they needed to stray from the plan. The Liberals are where they want to be going into the second half of the campaign.

Now the last half of the campaign is going to be the Liberals pointing out the differences between their plans and the other plans and challenging Canadians to choose. Considering the Conservatives are on the wrong side of the Child Care, privatization of health care, abortion, gay rights, and the vaccine mandates/passport issues there is alot there that the Liberals can use. I really cannot see much that the Conservatives could counter with. They could respond with the cost of the Liberal promises but that just leaves them open to questions of why they have not yet costed their platform. Otherwise, I do not see much. So far the Conservatives have run a relatively positive campaign but now they are going to be pushed on the issues and we will see how they push back. I suspect we will be seeing alot more of "Justin Trudeau is bad" rhetoric in the coming days.

The Conservatives do have the media on their side but we are entering the phase of the campaign where the leaders begin to have multiple events per day and all of these events will be attended by both the national and local media and the local media are more balanced. I would point to the video of Erin O'Toole directing somewhat racist comments at Ms. Monsef that was making the social media rounds a few days ago. The national media ignored it but it made the front page of the local newspaper in Peterborough, the population heart of her riding. The PM coming to your little town is big news and it will be reported on at length because those local news organizations need content.

I am still pretty confident in my prediction of a Liberal victory but we will have to wait until September 20 to be certain.

Anonymous said...

Hey, my post didn't get through... I think that he should just cancel the election, I mean if it's not legal then he should just use the notwithstanding clause... after all, the other parties didn't want an election, so why should they complain...?

Simon said...

Hi Jackie….Justin Trudeau will be fine whatever the result of the election. Churchill was afflicted with depression because of a serious head wound he suffered during the Boer War, which makes his wartime performance even more remarkable. But the British people realized that what made for an excellent wartime leader might not make a good peacetime one. Trudeau has shown himself to be a good leader in all kinds of situations, so although he can be emotional as Margaret he has his father’s steely backbone, which is an ideal combination to take on anything…

Simon said...

Hi Ottlib….Whenever my optimism flags, I always enjoy reading your comments. But though I too am fairly confident that Trudeau will win the election as fall descends upon us and reason returns, there is something out there that caused or help cause the Liberal numbers to fall so precipitously, and I’m still trying to figure out what it is. I need one more round of polling from a serious polling company, and I might be able to figure it out. I say serious polling company, because the grotesque Disaffected Lib has a post quoting an Angus Reid Survey and he’s apparently never heard of the Angus Reid Forum, so he sounds so ridiculous you might think he’s senile. You should really straighten him out before he hurts himself further….

Jackie Blue said...


The precipitous fall for the Liberal numbers might be explained by a few things:

1) As David Coletto of Abacus Research points out, the mode of the polling is more likely to capture motivated "angry" voters willing to pick up the phone for unknown robocalls.

2) The CPC and NDP messaged the "unnecessary election" mantra HARD and it angered people enough to believe it. The caveat being Trudeau admittedly did not articulate very well his reasons for the election call. Canadians were not convinced that Parliament was dysfunctional, because they don't watch QP and media doesn't inform. Propaganda filled the void left by the piss-poor Liberal comms team that has never served Trudeau very well.

3) Once the narrative of a Liberal collapse took hold in the IVR polling, the downward momentum started to affect Internet panels as a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy, albeit to a somewhat less severe extent.

4) Neither Mainstreet nor EKOS did these rolling polls in the last two elections. Only Nanos did, and the combination of all three fed into the aggregators is what's causing their seat numbers to drop. If they only used weekly online polls that are showing less of a hit, the Liberals might still be in a better place. It's the daily releases that cause the aggregators to get hammered. The caveat of that being online panels can themselves be skewed with leading questions framing the Liberals/Trudeau negatively.

TL;DR it's a combination of factors: bad LPC comms and the media/pollster complex failing to inform and then riling up a volatile electorate.

Simon said...

Hi anon@5:07 PM….I’ve read a lot of crazy things during this crazy campaign, but congratulations your suggestion is the craziest yet 🥳🎉🎈Trudeau had enough trouble calling an election, if he tried to cancel it now (which he can’t) he’d have to flee to Paraguay….

Anonymous said...

You seriously don’t know why the Liberal numbers are in free fall? Do you even know how absolutely hated Justin is across wide sections of the country and political lines.

ottlib said...

Simon...My suspicion is someone wants to create the perception that the election is out of reach for the Liberals. To dampen Liberal enthusiasm for voting and to convince swing voters to swing to the Conservatives. I do not believe our balanced, unbiased media would be above such things.

Before the election all of the pollsters had estimates where the Liberals had 9-12 point leads on the Conservatives and the Conservatives were averaging 28%. Then the day after the election was called the polls said it was 33-30 for the Liberals. That is quite the swing in one day and of course it went from there. I do not believe it for a minute. Now of course we are seeing the usual wild swings from pollsters. Just yesterday one polls put the Conservatives at 37% while another poll put them at 29%. Which is the true picture? Probably neither one.

I would bet a fair chunk of change that the actual reality is the Liberals are down a few points and the Conservatives are up a few points but the spread is probably 4 or 6 points to the advantage of the Liberals. This is just a hunch, I cannot prove it and I could be completely out to lunch but that would explain the lack of urgency in the Liberal campaign up to this point, the lack of triumphalism in the Conservative campaign and the lack of the conservative media calling it for the Conservative Party.

I would also point out that the Liberals would not have risked an election if their data analysis team saw any possibility of what we are seeing from the public polls. Surprises happen in politics for certain but they would have made sure that this election was a close to a slam dunk as any political event could be. It is true they could have miscalculated but it would have to be a miscalculation of biblical proportions.

In the end this could all turn out bad for the Liberals but I just cannot shake this feeling that we are being lead down the garden path.

When this election began my gut said it would end with a healthy Liberal majority government. My gut has not changed its mind even if my head is looking askance at it. In a few more days I might reconsider but for now I am going to stick with trusting my gut.

Simon said...

Hi Jackie….That’s a brilliant summary of the different factors that could have caused the Liberal numbers to drop. In fact, so good that I feel I can avoid writing about the crazy polling situation, at least for a while. 😉 The only thing I can add is that people seem to have been forgotten the big role O’Toole’s foreign advisors are playing behind the scenes. There are more of them than most Canadians realize and they are playing a dirty game. I’m watching the French debate so I will probably be too brain damaged to write anything for a day or too…..🥱

Jackie Blue said...

Just checked and all the phone polls are now coming into agreement. There's still hope for the panels but it's fading daily. Right now it looks like this election seems to hinge upon a stupid, self-sabotaging ballot question of punishing Trudeau for having an election at all.

All the things Canadians claim to care about would be gone. They'd end up spiting the whole country just to spite Trudeau.

I am so heartbroken. 💔 😢

Simon said...

Hi Jackie....I think most Canadians are just starting to pay attention tp the election campaign, now that it feels like fall out there. And the polls that matter will be those after the English debate. Justin Trudeau will have to do a better job of explaining why the opposition obstructionism made an election necessary. But on all the other issues he is well placed to come out ahead...

ottlib said...

In a little over two weeks Canadians will be asked whether they want to change their Federal government or not. My guess is over the next two weeks they will decide to say "no". Many have not yet decided, even the ones that are answering these polls. I often say that when you find yourself behind that cardboard divider, at the polling station, it becomes real and what you might have thought leading up to that point becomes a little less concrete. I have known people who have stated they would vote for one party throughout a campaign only to change their mind when it came to writing that X on the ballot paper. That little piece of paper can focus the mind.

However, if the fact the Liberals called this election convinces them otherwise, despite what the Liberals have done for the last 18 months and what is a superior plan for the next 5 years then Canadians deserve their fate.

I still have faith that Canadians are smart and they will return a strong Liberal government but I guess we will see if they test that faith.

Anonymous said...

A few acquaintances who watched the TVA debate concluded that the Tool did not pass the sniff test. Now Blanchette is saying the same thing. Aside from his base the only new supporters the Tool is luring into his big tent are those who want permission to behave like his base but are socially constrained by the new norms. He can double talk on most issues but his stance on vaccine passports and guns makes that difficult.


Pierre D. said...

I wouldn't get too distraught, Jackie.
Polls this morning were 35 CPC 30 LPC with CPC at 144 seats and LPC at 143 seats. What does this mean? VOTE RED.

Additionally, Labor Day is still a few days away, this is a long weekends so...throw it all out. O'Toole was a massive disaster at the French debate on TVA and Trudeau came out swinging. Singh was self-effacing and Blanchet tried to land punches but did no damage. I am expecting QC numbers to show a dip from BQ to LPC.

We are still looking at an LPC Minority. As the Prime Minister said last night, we are looking at another election in 3-4 months if the CPC gets elected so...the choice is clear!

ottlib said...

Ok folks. As usual I checked the Liberal Party website to see what Mr. Trudeau is doing tomorrow. He is taking the day off again.

I know what the polls say. I know what the aggregators say. I know what the seat models say. They all say the Liberals seem to be in trouble.

So either Mr. Trudeau is sleep walking to his doom or there is a big disconnect in what the all of the public polls and stuff are saying and what the Liberal Party's internal are saying.

Two things about this. If this was a last minute decision and some event(s) had to be canceled it would be noticed and the media would talk about it for days as a sign of disarray in the campaign. As well, in 2019, which seemed like a less difficult campaign, Mr. Trudeau only took days off during the first two weekends of that campaign. After that he went straight through to the end without a break.

September 20 may prove me wrong but, as I have said before, I cannot shake this feeling that some vested interests are trying to lead Canadians down a garden path.

Anonymous said...

It infuriates me to see the shameless free daily pro Tool election campaign US owned Post Media is running. The Star is not much better but published a 2016 take on the Harper connived atrocity before they were bought out. Why do we put up with this crap, other countries would never have let the bums into their country in the first place much less tolerated their swill for this long.


Jackie Blue said...

Evan Scrimshaw just said Mainstreet and Nanos showed a Liberal spike after the TVA debate? Oh god I hope this isn't a blip and he does well in the two consortium debates. I don't know because the Anglo-media fracas in 2019 was a WWE shitshow and the moderators are all cons. Shachi Kurl is a pollster for Fungus Reid, the Rasmussen of Canada, she shouldn't be moderating a debate. How would cons feel if Frank Graves or Bruce Anderson was at the centre of the table??? Instead Liberals have to watch their leader be interrogated by the female version of Darrell Bricker? The actual fuck?

Why can't there be a TVO debate like there is a TVA? Steve Paikin is an actual journalist. Contrast that with Pentagon Barbie from Goebbels News, and Evan Solomon the conflict-of-interest art dealer who is what you get if Sean Hannity was a Calvin Klein model. At the very least I hope Trudeau just says to O'Stoole at some point, "Will you shut up, man?"

Pierre D. said...

So Ivison (!) has been attacking The Tool pretty hard on this gun policy, which surprised the heck out of me. Could the backroom be smelling a non-majority already and getting the knives out, via John Ivison, of all people?
Stranger things have happened on the campaign trail, like Nardwar sinking Harper in British Columbia in 2015...