Monday, August 30, 2021

Are The Con Crazies Trying To Kill Justin Trudeau?

Justin Trudeau has lived in the shadow of death for a long time. No Prime Minister has received so many violent threats.

During the last election campaign he was forced to wear a bullet proof jacket under his shirt at a rally in Ontario. Last summer a heavily armed reservist tried to attack him at his Rideau Hall home.

And nobody is smeared by his political opponents as much as he is, day in day out.

But this is the limit.

A protest so ugly a Liberal rally had to be cancelled.

Even the Con media that has done so much to whip up hatred against Trudeau, said they had never seen anything like it.

With the Con fluffer John Ivison claiming to be horrified.

In two decades covering federal politics, I have never seen the kind of frenzied contempt directed at a politician as that aimed at Justin Trudeau at campaign events in Ontario on Friday.

There’s no doubt that if the 200 or so protesters in Bolton, a town 50km northwest of Toronto, had been able to get their hands on the Liberal leader, they would have torn him limb from limb, such was the manic rage.

But somehow still managing to blame Trudeau.

Trudeau wants to go forward and create a world made in his progressive image. “I’m ready to do big things,” he said. 

Yet he has no tolerance for anyone who dissents from his vision of the future. Those who disagree are not just in error, but in sin. There is no recognition in this vision that it is as divisive, if not more so, than Stephen Harper’s brand of hardball politics.

Leaving Susan Delacourt to denounce the toxic Trudeau haters who are poisoning our country.

It’s time to talk about this rage against Justin Trudeau — not just the mob spectacles on the campaign trail, but all the toxic strains of that fury simmering through Canadian politics for some time now.

The incredible scene of Trudeau haters in Bolton, Ont., their faces contorted in gleeful rage, has elevated this phenomenon from an ugly undercurrent to a force that needs to be reckoned with in the current election campaign.

The poisonous rage that is directed toward Trudeau on a daily basis, churning through social media 24/7, landing as flaming parcels every day in reporters’ email inboxes, and now manifesting itself as a high-level security threat in small-town Ontario, is another order altogether. It is woven with threads of racism, xenophobia, sexism, conspiracy theorists and COVID/vaccine deniers. It has been emboldened by a small cottage industry of commentary that portrays a “woke” Trudeau as the destroyer of all that holds the old Canada together.

Delacourt also points out that Erin O'Toole, who claims he doesn't share that hatred, is directly responsible for spreading it. With some of his Cons turning up at that monstrous rally in Bolton.

And his foreign advisors putting out revolting attack ads like this one...

On the very eve of the current election campaign, O’Toole’s own party put out a video depicting Trudeau as a spoiled, flouncing girl having a temper tantrum. This wasn’t some rogue partisan, cobbling together a video in his parents’ basement. It appeared (now revoked for copyright reasons) on the official Twitter account of the Conservative party. 

Delacourt also points out, like I have over and over again, that misogyny and homophobia are at the heart of this beast.

This business of feminizing Trudeau to demonize him has deep, enduring roots. (Note to email correspondents: calling him “Justine” is neither original nor witty.) For years, Trudeau haters have been spewing the same kind of bile they usually hurl at women politicians; mocking his hair, his family and casting any success as the product of smarter men around them.

And if that beast is not brought down, it will lead us to an even more fascist place...

For that was Cambridge, Ontario.  

And so was this:

And how is Justin Trudeau reacting to all those  threats?

By refusing to back down, but still treating those who would kill him, or at least celebrate his death, with class and compassion. 

I don't know how Trudeau manages to be so generous with his vile Con opponents. I couldn't do it.

But it is how a Canadian Prime Minister should behave,

The crazies are showing us who the Cons really are.

The monstrous evil of the Bigot Party is being exposed at last...

And if they keep it up, they could give the Liberals the boost they need to win the election.

Oh irony, I love you...


Anonymous said...

Simon, I haven't posted here in a year or two. Better to lay low and just read/learn from those more in the know.

This vitriol is happening in the U.K., to BBC reporters, no less.

I call it rampant vigilante'ism. These people will not be controlled till some of them get locked up for sedition.

Jackie Blue said...

I really hope Justin Trudeau is able to eke out at least a minority government after Sept 20, and that the NDP stop dicking around and actually cooperate with him. If he does, I suspect it will be his last go around anyway, because the frothing mob has gotten completely out of control. If he does actually manage to turn this around, I honestly believe that the Con base will pull a January 6 on Parliament Hill because they'll declare the election to be rigged.

What's even worse is that Jagmeet is pushing the same thing to his Tik Tok cult. Elections Canada flubbed on-campus voting, so now the low-info NDP youth base are claiming that the "LibCon duopoly rigged the election". Americanitis is infecting Canada, and the undermining of democracy is not strictly a right-wing thing. Recall that Bernie said the same shit about Hillary, and look where that ended up.

The Samara Institute for Democracy has been monitoring social media in this election. The vast majority of negative, toxic or hostile messages on Twitter, Facebook and other platforms have been aimed at Liberal candidates -- and in particular, at Justin Trudeau.

I actually think the Trudeau family may end up needing to leave the country or at least go radio silence in the next few years. Canadians have been riled up to hate not only PMJT but his loved ones too. There is a troll website called Conservative Beaver that published vulgar and libelous fake news about Sacha worthy of a serious lawsuit. We know what the NDP-Con alliance did to Margaret at the WeGhazi star chamber and it's well documented the things that hacks like Fife insinuate about Sophie. Canada, you need to "stand on guard for thee," because I feel like a Cassandra warning that I don't like where things could go after this. This is the dirtiest election ever.

Simon said...

Hi anon….welcome back!! I read about that disgusting ambush of a BBC journalist, and how he had to run for his life. I consider these violent anti-vaxxers to be nothing less than cowardly domestic terrorists, who deserve to be jailed before they kill someone. Law enforcement has been far too lenient with them, and that better change before tragedy strikes…

Simon said...

Hi Jackie….I still believe that the Trudeau Liberals can win a least another minority government. But I admit I have been horrified by the rise of O’Toole and his bigoted hordes. Hopefully when Canadians focus on the election in the next week or so, they will regain their sanity and understand what a Con government would do to this country. Unfortunately O’Toole’s foreign advisers have been able to manipulate public opinion and fool many Canadians, who it must be said are not the brightest lightbulbs in the universe. I’ll have more on how they managed that in another post. But the shorter version is that the Cons had much more money than the other parties, they were able to pay for not one but two first class agencies, and the Liberals have been left looking very old fashioned and out of it. This wouldn’t be a major problem if the media wasn’t so biased, but it is, and Justin will have to perform extraordinarily well to make up the difference.. I am still confident he can, and I’m hoping the debates will be his chance to take the lead again. But if he falls short, and the Cons get a minority, two years in power should be enough to destroy both the Cons and the NDP. And if I’m wrong about that I’ll be setting sail for Scotland before the Poilievre Police get me….😉

Anonymous said...

When are the Libs going to come out swinging? While it's fine for JT to show compassion for the Typhoid Marys who hound him, the party has to play hardball with the likes of Con MP Cheryl Gallant.

Gallant is a long-time CCRAP/Con crazy who posted a video featuring JT with a noose around his neck. So where are the party's complaints to Elections Canada, the Ethics Commish and the cops? The Cons were fast off the mark with their complaint to Twitter about Freeland, so why don't the Libs have Trudeau's back over something far more serious? Where's the pressure on O'Toole to condemn her conduct and sanction her? Wake up! There's an election on and we're behind in the polls!

Jackie Blue said...

Simon, you may need to look at this for your next post. Those anti-vax nutters have been stalking him. This is why I think regardless of what happens on election day, he and his family may need to leave the country shortly thereafter.

Also, contrary to what the aggregators have been saying, the race may actually be tighter than it seems. Ottlib and I have been talking about why the telephone polls show ridiculous Con leads that the panels do not. More polling outside of Mainstreet and EKOS seems to corroborate this. Roughly forty percent of the country isn't engaged at all right now. The only ones who are, are the anti-Trudeau animus crowd willing to tell the pollsters how much they hate J.T.

It remains to be seen, however, if this is yet another way Cons and the media are intentionally screwing up the picture and gaslighting the electorate, or if there's just a genuine outlier sample that the media has been lapping up.

Regardless, this really has been one of the most vitriolic and hateful elections I've witnessed in a long while. On another discouraging note? The neo-Nazi party has made gains in Germany...

Jackie Blue said...

Mainstreet and EKOS are out of range with everyone else and it's making 338/CBC look messier than usual. The race is tight and JT/LPC definitely needs to hit a home run or at least a triple over the next three weeks, but it's not quite the bloodbath it's being made out to be.

Fungus Reid (Con house effect): C 33 L 30
Research CO: L 33 C 32
Leger, Abacus and Innovative all release later this week.

David Coletto, Quito Maggi and Greg Lyle all agree that the bulk of attention should be more focused after Labour Day. Coletto indicated in a tweet that there is a response/oversampling bias in IVR polls that is not being picked up by online panels. Mainstreet's riding polls are once again showing a discrepancy with their nationals. Anecdotally, these are similar to what the Liberals reportedly actually have before them. It's the rolling trackers that are right now making a mess.

This campaign really lasts three weeks. LPC still have time to turn it around because the IVR polls are showing a "blue mirage". The Cons are nowhere near 38%. That being said, LPC will have to drop some nuclear bombs on O'Toole's candidates, because the media keeps running interference for him (and Singh) even worse than they did in 2019. The small salve I can take away is that Singh's low-info meme cult probably won't bother/be able to vote.

And as for the media, Ivison is one sick bastard, victim-blaming Trudeau for the hatred he's incurred every day for just trying to make Canada a better place to live.

Anonymous said...

@Jackie Blue, EKOS and Mainstreet aren't even live operator polling. They are basically a robocall. It is EKOS and Mainstreet who started this whole "LPC in freefall narrative" David Coletto is seeing in his polling a repeat of 2019. He told Frank Graves he does not have the CPC at majority. Coletto has an interesting analysis. He believes CPC supporters are motivated and more than willing to waste time with IVR polling. Nanos showed a statistical tie this AM. I know EKOS is wonky because Frank has the CPC and LPC in a statistical tie in Atlantic Canada. He has them leading with the 18-49 demographic. I don't think it's time to pull the panic button just yet. We have a rather disgusting biased Conservative media. If it was an angry mob of domestic terrorists attacking Erin O'Toole they would have the complete opposite view. Most of our pundits/columnists are little more than professional trolls. Exhibit 1 would be Andrew Coyne. Exhibit 2 would be John Ivison. Exhibit 3 would be Bob Fife. Exhibit 4 would be Mercedes Stephenson. There are numerous others but those are 4 of the more egregious trolls.

ottlib said...

The most passionate and lively I have seen Justin Trudeau is his reacting to the protesters. There were flashes of the Justin Trudeau that took the Liberals from 3rd to 1st in 2015.

These protesters could actually help the Liberals because it could remind Canadians of what the Liberals have done for them over the last 18 months and it could remind them that the work is not done. The Conservatives and the NDP desperately want to prevent that from happening.

I am becoming somewhat confused. While I discount polls others do not so with the polls being brutal for the Liberals for sometime they are still not reacting like there is a problem. The polls say that he is losing Ontario so what does he do today? He goes to Iqaluit, by way of Granby (currently held by the Bloc), a riding that was taken by the NDP last time.

I really, really, really would like to see what their internal data analysis is telling them because they are still being very casual. Then again, a campaign that chases the polls is usually a losing campaign.

On the other hand, I am not seeing much elation in the Conservative camp either. I am not talking about Conservative supporters on social media. They have already called the election. I am talking about the campaign. Around this time in 2019 Andrew Scheer had a bit more spring in his step and his dimples were a little deeper because I believe the campaigns were seeing a very close race. The public polls are saying the Conservatives are winning but you would not know it when you watch Erin O'Toole.

The Liberals still have time but they are running out of runway. (So are the other parties). However, they still have a few arrows in their quiver going forward. The release of a costed platform is probably just days away. They should start contrasting their policy positions to the Conservatives on health care, climate change, vaccines, daycare and other issues very soon as well. The second half of the campaign will be different from the first and it would seem they believe they will come out on top.

Pierre D. said...

The Trudeau family is not going overseas or anything like that.
His dad stood at an open window and had FLQ terrorists throw bricks and bottles at him. The son will keep at events and not back down. If he loses and decides to go back to the private sector, the protestors will turn their vitriol to whomever else they don't like, whether it's a political figure or whomever.


This was interesting, from one of the people at Innovative Research:

Greg Lyle
Imagine what would happen in #Election2021 if everyone was paying attention. The week before Labour Day. 40% of voters we surveyed said they have heard nothing lately about any party. And these are survey takers! Lots of room for even more movement when they tune in. #cdnpoli

So...forget Mainstreet, forget Nanos, forget Ekos. No one is even paying attention right now. Things will get serious next week, the week after. LPC will ramp stuff up, we should still end up with a minority Lib government.

Oh, and the RCMP know who is behind the protestors. Amy McPherson on Twitter has already ID's her.

ottlib said...

One other intangible to the campaign. Whenever there is a change election there is a buzz surrounding that change. That buzz is usually generated by the excitement of the winning campaign and that excitement is always created by the leader of the winning campaign have big boisterous rallies.

Erin O'Toole has a bunker mentality. He is doing announcements to rooms full of cameras and reporters but no supporters. Maybe he is afraid of COVID or he is afraid of meeting people.

In 2015, there was a palpable excitement leading up to the Trudeau victory. That was created because each night the news would show him wading into a group of cheering, smiling supporters. It gave his victory a sense of inevitability. That is not happening on the Conservative side. Certainly some in the media are trying to create that sense by pointing to polls but as Jackie and Pierre point out those polls are not really showing that inevitability and the polls can and probably will change.

Maybe the Conservatives will change tack later in the campaign. Maybe not. However, Mr. Trudeau is campaigning like he always does. With three weeks to go people are going to notice the difference.

One final note and I am dreaming I know but the next time Mr. Trudeau is faced with protesters I would love to see him attempt to engage with them. Imagine the pictures on the evening news of the PM, with adequate security, attempting to engage with them and hear what they have to say. If they shout him down he wins. If he actually manages to engage with them and hear them out he wins bigger even if in the end they cannot agree on anything. If he were seen to actually engage with the howling mass that would be the election right there. Anyway, it is a nice dream but it probably will not happen.

Jackie Blue said...

Frank says Liberals are waking up? Enough to get angry and tell the computer robocall how much they don't want Tool to march his anti-vax MAGA hats in lockstep with Ford? Didn't that riot occur in Ontario?

Ford just cancelled the vaccine passport program, probably after a few phone calls from his federal cousins. As far as I'm concerned, Trudeau has every right to break the "non-aggression pact" because Ford did it first. Time to start "campaigning against the premiers".

Not to worry of course, his buddy Kouvalis just got done from another bender at Kelseys to finish up a poll that probably has the CPC winning 47% of the vote. WK was tweeting about it and will probably have a screed about it soon in the Toronto Stun.

The media-polling psy-op complex in Canada is MASSIVELY CORRUPT.

Cathie from Canada said...

Just adding that Frank Graves at Ekos is tweeting with confidence that he still believes Trudeau will achieve a majority due to increasing strength in Ontario and Quebec.
Oh I do hope he is correct!

jrkrideau said...

@ ottlib

These protesters could actually help the Liberals because it could remind Canadians of what the Liberals have done for them over the last 18 months

Cannot agree more. Vaccination rates for adults in Canada look to be over 80%. I cannot get my mind around a strategy but is there a way to use these rabid demos as a plus for the Liberals? Having Con campaigners at such a demo seems like pure gold to the Libs.

sisyphus said...

The toxic atmosphere surrounding this federal election stems from three sources:
1. Anti-J.Trudeau bashers want and do behave exactly like rioters did at the Washington Capitol and will continue since they are legally allowed to do so because they are tacitly encouraged to continue by both the con party and the con media – you can only imagine how each confrontation would have turned out if they were allowed to bear arms!
2. J.Trudeau’s call for an election is perceived by most Canadians as unnecessary while the country is grappling with a pandemic fourth wave and economic woes of unprecedented debt by both provincial and federal governments.
3. The dysfunctional and noxious Parliament’s atmosphere stoked by the likes of Poilièvre and Rempel helped unwittingly by the NDP, the Bloc and the miasma from Ontario and Alberta was bound to implode since the current government faced obstacles for every policy to advance its agenda: climate change, child care, indigenous rights, anti-black racism, federal taxes, wireless and broadband affordability, a disability benefit, etc…
Tabarnak de câlisse, how could J.Trudeau continue to govern while being always caught between a rock and a hard place? I perfectly understand his suicidal choice for an election because he had no other choice!

Simon said...

Hi anon@8:15 pm….I understand how you feel. I also would like Justin Trudeau to go after his enemies, as hard as he can. But that’s not his style, and if he descended to their level we would find ourselves in a place that would look very much like Trump’s America, and we certainly don’t want that. The Liberals are starting to be a little more aggressive, but they are counting on their policies to convince Canadians to vote for them. That may not satisfy you and me, but it is very Canadian….

Simon said...

Hi Jackie@8:21…Yes, I have seen the same protesters out in the rural wastelands as I see marching past my place every weekend, and it’s clearly an organized conspiracy. The Cons may be trying to intimidate people from voting, but hopefully it will backfire. If those crazy Covidiots keep acting like they are, it will be time for the anti-terrorist squad to step in and reveal who is really pulling their strings, or paying for protesters in Ontario to fly all the way to BC….

Simon said...

Hi anon@9:01PM….Yes, Coyne, Ivison, Fife, and Stephenson are the worst of a bad lot. They have disgraced themselves, cannot be considered journalists any longer, and are dragging this country to a very bad place. Decent Canadians should be doing more to denounce them, but it’s just not something we do, and it could cost us our country….

Simon said...

Hi Ottlib….O’Toole’s campaign does indeed have a bunker mentality. It may be because he doesn’t dare face the public, or because he’s afraid of Covid. But I think it’s mainly because his foreign advisors don’t want his to stray from the script they have written for him. Everything he does is tightly controlled and everything he says is drawn from deep data diving. I am hoping that most of the polls at this point are not as ominous as they appear, and that if they still look as bad closer to the election date they will actually encourage more Canadians to vote against the Cons rather than for them. But Covid has left deep scars, many Canadians aren’t who they used to be, so I think anything is possible….

Simon said...

Hi Pierre….I must say I am enjoying the new and more aggressive you. I wish more Canadians were angrier about what the filthy Cons are trying to do to our country. Apathy at a time like this one could prove fatal. I agree with you, trying to intimidate Justin Trudeau will prove as futile as when a mob tried to intimidate his father. And I also agree with you that it’s too early to take most polls seriously. The temperature my be falling, but like many others I’m still clinging to my summer,🌻

Simon said...

Hi Ottlib @11:16PM….I share your dream, but unfortunately I think it’s just too dangerous. The Covidiots are all potential terrorists, and even Trudeau’s bodyguards couldn’t guarantee his safety. They need to start arresting people and finding out who is paying them. Canada hasn’t seen anything like them, and we’ve got to stop pretending that it can’t happen here….

Simon said...

Hi Jackie@….I like and respect Frank Graves a lot. But lately he has been tweeting some wildly optimistic stuff, only to delete them hours later. I don’t know what’s going on, but it’s not good….

Simon said...

Hi Cathie….As I just told Jackie, Frank Graves has been tweeting some really optimistic stuff, only to delete them a few hours later. However, Abacus’ latest poll shows the Liberals back in the lead. And if the difference between the two parties remains very tight, many NDP and Green supporters will probably vote for the Liberals. But let’s face it, we are living on the edge of disaster, and so is our country….

Simon said...

Hi jrkrideau….I have no doubt at all that if these deranged Covidiots keep up their attempts to get at Justin Trudeau, the Liberals will benefit from a massive sympathy vote. Most Canadians I’m sure will consider what’s going on to be abhorrent, and not something that should be happening in Canada. If they don’t then we will know that the Cons have corrupted this country beyond recognition, and that nothing can save it…

Anonymous said...

That was quite the display of rabies from the tool's lowlife supporters. I cannot fathom why the ones hurling death threats against JT weren't arrested on the spot. Same with the ones with posters depicting JT about to be hanged. I mean WTF! Uttering death threats against the PM in plain sight and then these assholes get to simply walk away? Only in Canada.
And as Anon 8:15 pointed out, Cheryl Gallant posting a video of a noose around JT's neck is another in a long list of disgusting, hate-fueled things this creature from the upper Ottawa valley has done over the years. And then the hypocrite tool himself who says there's no place for those violent types in his party while once again failing to condemn Gallant for her violent rhetoric and conspiracy theories. He was asked multiple times about her and he completely ignored the question.
We need to keep reminding people of the many, many pimples on the boil that is the CPC. The tool's words mean nothing when his own caucus has fueled these dangerous protests while he stands idly by, hoping he wont lose their votes.

Jackie Blue said...

This is my "copium" for right now. Darrell Bricker and Nick Kouvalis will certainly beg to differ but this kid has been pretty accurate.

Simon said...

Hi Sisyphus….I think you sum up the situation well. The Harper Cons started us down the road to where we are now, but the last Parliament was so toxic no government could be expected to tolerate it. Justin Trudeau needs to better explain to Canadians why he had to ask for an election, as well as warning them what another Con government could mean. It would be an absolute nightmare, one that could tear this country apart…

Anonymous said...

Lo and behold the CBC has the disturbing video Marjorie Taylor Gallant put out and the one the tool just can't seem to condemn let alone acknowledge. She should be booted from the party but gets another pass from the tool. Disgraceful.

Jackie Blue said...

Excellent read by Mark Bourrie on the anti-vax hired mobs, and the media malpractice in covering them and this election overall.

A mob has made Trudeau unpopular, a sin to journalists who vale popularity over courage. This shows up in their coverage, gets picked up by voters, is reflected in polls, and a campaign that is victimized by a small mobile mob becomes a campaign in trouble. A mob that has this much success is bound to stick around and try for more.

A leader is not in political trouble when this is allowed to happen, or when a mob is encouraged by publicity and its own media clippings. It is democracy itself that’s in trouble.

Yet the Conservative campaign, literally operating out of a TV studio in downtown Ottawa, is said to be doing fine because no one is screaming at Erin O’Toole.

The consequences of horse-race reporting

ottlib said...

Simon...Like I said it is a dream. However, I am not so certain that he would be in that much danger. These people are there for the spectacle. I am certain if the PM actually appeared before them and said let's talk they would be more flabbergasted than anything. If he could actually then engage with them, with the cameras rolling, it would be a defining moment of the campaign.

Jackie...Mr. Scrimshaw and I came to the same conclusion last week. The hill the Conservatives have to climb is very steep. As well, his gentle needling of Mr. Maggi is not unwarranted since it would appear that Mr. Maggi does not really trust his own polls either. His tweets on the weekend were instructive.

Mr. Graves' cat and mouse game seems to indicate that he is not trusting his polls either.

I think the most interesting finding of the Abacus poll was almost 50% of respondents stated they expect the Liberals to win while less than 30% said the Conservatives would win. So even those saying they would support the Conservative believe if will not do any good. That would seem to indicate that the unrelenting campaign by the media to paint the Liberals as "losing" the election is not getting through. It must be very frustrating for the media types to realize that nobody cares what they say anymore.

Of course those results are a double-edged sword. On the one edge it could convince those who vote Liberal to stay away because they do not believe they need to vote. On the other hand it might convince some Conservative voters who are considering the PPC or the Maverick Party to do just that because the do not believe the Conservatives can win anyway so they can send a message to the party brass about their displeasure at the party.

None of today's polls are great news but as Mr. Scrimshaw states they do seem to indicate that the Conservatives cannot win at the moment. That might explain the continued casual approach of the Liberals to the campaign. (And the continued lack of any triumphalism from the Conservative campaign.)

Simon said...

Hi JD...Yes, it was or is quite a show isn't it? It reminds of a really bad zombie movie. I fully expect them to turn up at some Trudeau event munching on an arm or a leg. It's absolutely disgusting, and I can't understand why the police aren't arresting the ugly Cons. They are clearly working for O'Toole and are trying to ensure that the Liberal message is drowned out. I don't recognize my Canada anymore, but I want it back, and the Trudeau Liberals are the only ones who can do that. I was on my way home today when some Covidiot came driving down the waterfront road in a truck done up with crazy anti-vaxx signs and using a megaphone to demand that Trudeau be arrested. Lucky for the covidiot, and me, I had both hands full lugging groceries home, for I don't know what I might have done. Afterwards I thought that I should have let fly with a couple of tomatoes, but he looked like the kind of Con who takes a gun to the toilet, is I'm glad I didn't. But I am so sick of those Con scumbags, I want the police to arrest them and jail them. However on the positive side, with them as our enemies how can we lose?

ottlib said...

Apparently the Liberals will release their platform tomorrow. It should be costed so we can all look at the numbers.

I think that event will mark the shift in the Liberal campaign. I hope and believe that they will ramp up their campaign.

Simon said...

Hi Jackie....Thanks for the link to that Mark Bourrie article. It's very good and it says what needs to be said. It's a criminal conspiracy, it's threatening our democracy, and both the Covidiots and the Con media share the blame for what is happening. As for Evan Scrimshaw I like what he is saying, although I couldn't like anyone who claims to "absolutely loathe" Justin Trudeau. But I'm going to say away from polls for a few days. It's too early to draw any conclusions, and there is only one story, the attempted murder of Justin Trudeau...

Simon said...

Hi Ottlib...Maybe Trudeau could arrange to have a safe confrontation with a group of Covidiots, but let's not kid ourselves some of them are very dangerous. The RCMP doesn't close down a rally for nothing, and it's clear that many of them are seriously mentally ill. As I told JD, I had an encounter with one today who was driving around my neighbourhood in a truck adorned with absolutely insane messages, and when I wondered whether to challenge him and throw a tomato at him, I took a close look at him and realized he might kill me. They may be small groups of crazies, but they are everywhere, and they are threatening our democracy...

Jackie Blue said...

Hi Ottlib

I'm hopeful that the Liberal platform marks a reset too and that Trudeau does well in the debates and it's enough to bump his numbers up. According to that Hill Times article I left on your website, there are plans for more oppo drops too.

The problem as usual is the media putting their thumb on the scale.

Some new polling is out as well that keeps proving the discrepancy between phone polls and Internet panels.

But I really hope the Labour Day hypothesis bears fruit, and that people start coming to their senses realizing that even if they're annoyed by an election, it's not a good reason to take Canada backwards by tossing out the LPC.

Jackie Blue said...

Here it is

God, I hope it's enough to turn the tide for them.

Especially with what just happened in Texas.

We can't afford for Gilead to spread North.