Saturday, August 14, 2021

Erin O'Toole and the Monstrous Attack Ad From Hell

It's sometimes hard to imagine why Erin O'Toole is such a threat to this country and its values. I mean look at him.

He reminds me of a loser zombie, losing pieces of his rotting flesh almost as fast as he's losing supporters.

But of course to think that would be a fatal mistake.

For this is who O'Toole and his Cons really are.

And it's disgusting.

Can you believe that?

The Cons have always tried to feminize Justin Trudeau, to pander to the misogyny and homophobia of their rancid base.

But this ad is so crude and so badly made, you might think it was put together by a crew of nine-year-olds, high on crack or whatever.

But if you thought that you'd be wrong, because the ad is the carefully constructed product of Erin O'Toole's two foreign advisers Sean Topham and Ben Guerin.

For whom producing crappy ads for right-wing leaders like Boris Johnson is just part of their campaign strategy.

Purposefully low-quality memes based around popular shows such as Game of Thrones were used in a bid to drive interactions – good or bad – at any cost, on the basis that this would boost the reach of future Facebook posts.

“We’d make them really basic and deliberately lame because they’d get shares and lift our reach; that made our reach for the harder political messages higher,” an anonymous individual told the Sydney Morning Herald, dubbing the strategy “boomer memes” as the content appealed to older audiences.

The Tories’ political opponents lined up to mock the image, inadvertently sending it viral and ensuring it was seen by a wider audience.

Now I can't see it ads like that inspiring most Canadian boomers, apart from kooky misogynists, homophobes, and toxic Trudeau haters like the Disaffected Lib.

And although It worked in Australia, and it worked in Britain where Topham Guerin was credited with winning Johnson a majority.

 I can't see it working in Canada which has, or had until the Harperite cult infested this country, a more refined political culture.

And running ads like that can only make Erin O'Toole look even more like a sleazy pig...

And even less like a would be prime minister. If that's possible

And the even better news?

That piggy is going to market, after falling into a Liberal trap. 

For when the government announced it was going to require vaccinations for all federal public servants.

Transport Minister Omar Alghabra announced today that the federal government will soon require that all public servants be vaccinated — a mandate that he said will also be implemented by Crown corporations and other federally regulated businesses in the coming weeks.

Despite the fact that vaccination mandates are very popular with most Canadians, this is all Erin O'Toole could come up with:

In a statement, a spokesperson for Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole said vaccines are "the most important tool in the fight against COVID-19" and the party encourages "every Canadian who is able to get one." 

But when asked about the federal mandate, the spokesperson said that "Conservatives support Canadians' right to determine their own health choices."

For a very good reason, the many SoCons and anti-vaxxers in his grubby base would not stand for it...

So he's caught beween a rock and a hard crazy place. And that is going to cost him. Big time.

The Cons are now offside on vaccinations, offside on climate change, and after that ghastly ad, offside on our political values.

I like to think that most Canadians are better than that.

I like to think that Justin Trudeau best represents those Canadians .

So I firmly believe that the ugly Cons are heading for the place where they so rightfully belong...


Anonymous said...

I will never forgive CONservatives under Harper and O'Toole for changing Canada's role in Afghanistan from peacekeeping to combat and deploying our forces to Khandahar, a move that cost the lives of 158 Canadian soldiers.

I will never, ever, forgive the NDP at the time for voting in the HOC along with the CPC to support the change.

Never vote NDP, never vote CONservative...always vote Liberal.

Jackie Blue said...

In response to a troll we had the other day. The Liberals and NDP are requiring proof of vaccination for their candidates, but the Cons are not. Neither are the Bloc (how fitting, since the French came up with the term laissez-faire) or the Greens (the "wifi causes cancer" party). But O'Toole is requiring proof for the staffers and media surrounding him, proving what a self-serving hypocrite he is. As though being the figurehead for a toxic misogynistic party isn't bad enough, he's letting anti-vax MPs go out canvassing in their ridings putting their own constituents at risk. SMH.

Now, about the Veruca Salt ad: I have said for years that Justin Trudeau is Canada's male Hillary Clinton. All the same memes and conspiracy theories attached to her, and the negative hyperfocus by the media, were just Xeroxed onto him. It's a lazy go-to meme to psychologically profile women as being secretive and deceptive, hence the constant accusations of "Liberal corruption" i.e. "Hillary's emails," "Justin's We-Mails," or charges of "fake feminism." But more so than the "corruption" narrative, the homophobia as attached to Trudeau is what I call male misogyny. The fact that Trudeau derangement syndrome in its myriad variants comes also from mean girls like Smurfy Brown and Rempelthinskin, and media hacks like Gerson and Urback, only makes it that much worse. But plenty of women hated Hillary too, yet couldn't articulate exactly why.

The nice hair ad was just dumb in 2015, but this derangement syndrome on the Cons' part (and the NDP starting to echo them) has continually devolved into the downright perverse. How interesting to see some token Cons making a show of "pushing back" against this god-awful clip, but where the hell have they been for the past six years? Where the hell is the "LGBT ally" from the riding of Oklahoma-Nose Pick, calling out her own rank and file who've spent the better part of a decade shitposting memes of PMJT in drag, and calling him Princess Justine, Fruity Trudy, TruPaul, and the Prime Menstruator?

Honest to god it's sick. It's borderline pedophilia by proxy. Grab your barf bag because the next 36 days are only going to get worse.

rumleyfips said...

Is hiring Kiwi kreeps not an admission that there is not a single Canadian conservative with a thought in their pretty little heads ? Wornout must be livid, losing cash to those two.

This fiasco just shows the intellectual vacuum around the errant old fool. No matter how bad Trump and Johnson's minions are, the dull tool follows them brainlessly.

Anonymous said...
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Simon said...

Hi anon@2:14 pm….I share your contempt for the way the NDP collaborated with the Cons to give us ten years of Harper. And I may write something about Afghanistan. But I would ask you and the others to please not go off topic. We are getting ready to go to war with the Cons and their shabby NDP stooges, so I want everyone to focus on that. Thanks…

Simon said...

Hi Jackie…l don’t want to underestimate Tophan and Gudrun because they are very good at what they do, they have been very successful in the past, and they take data diving to a whole new level. But I think they have made a mistake thinking that what worked in Australia and the UK will work here. And I’m pretty sure it will come back to haunt them. That deliberately trashy video may please their grubby base, but it will not win them any more moderate supporters. It may also help alienate some supporters and reduce their enthusiasm to vote for O’Toole. So considering that the stater’s gun has not yet gone off, I think the Liberals are in a very good position….

Simon said...

Hi Rumleyfips….When the Cons were asked why they hired those two Kiwi clowns they said that there policy is to “hire the best people for the job.” It was a pathetic answer, but then they are desperate and the prize fool Boris Johnson has always impressed O’Toole. BTW did you notice that Harper’s old guru Lynton Crosby is also tied in with the Topham and Guerin gang. So it’s a full blown far right conspiracy and a warning that we will be fighting for the future of this country….

Simon said...


I was forced to delete a number of comments because they were off topic. With an election campaign I don’t want to waste any time answering comments that have nothing to do with the post I have written.🤨

ottlib said...

I watched that ad with the sound off and it was brutal. I could not bring myself to turn up the volume.

For the most part the reaction has been rather negative, which I would expect but I found a some rather interesting defences of it.

The first one was, it has been viewed more than a million times to this point. That is certainly impressive but social media views are not votes and just because more than a million people have viewed it does not mean that a million people liked it. The power of social media cannot be denied in modern election campaigns but I find many overestimate that power a great deal. In the end elections are won by hard work. Social media can be a compliment to that not a replacement.

The second is that old saw that there is not such thing as bad publicity. That is flat wrong. Ask Kim Campbell about that when her communications team decided to make fun of Jean Chretien's face. Ask Paul Martin when his team decided to release the "Guns in the street" ads in 2006. When I saw them I was finally convinced the Liberals were going to lose, the only variable left being by how much.

The third is the ad was directed at the Conservative base. Ok, it has been Conservative strategy since 2006 to pump up the base during the first part of the campaign before pivoting to attempt to shake loose votes outside of the base during the second half. If that ad was to accomplish the first part it was extremely ham fisted in its approach. It smacks of trying too hard to accomplish what should be rather easy for the Conservatives.

In the end I doubt the ad will really make a difference one way or another.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who finds that ad is funny and/or effective in this day and age either have the maturity of a ten year old and/or serious mental issues. Sadly, that maturity level is indicative of the Con base and majority of their MPs who've been peddling this type of garbage since JT announced he was running for the Liberal leadership way back when. However, this one has hit an all time low. This will only appeal to the petulant morons who were already voting Con and will only cause sensible Canadians to shake their heads in disgust. So, it may turn out to be very effective, for the Liberals. As well, one can only imagine what other offensive ads are brewing in the Con vomitorium of bile and delusion. It'll undoubtedly be more of the same trash that will remind us all that these immature bullies are in dire need of a permanent time-out.

Jackie Blue said...

On a more positive note, did everyone like the Liberals' debut ad?

I thought it was refreshing, a nostalgic return to the Sunny Ways aesthetic that won over the electorate so broadly in 2015. I would think that Canadians looking for a "return to normal" after the long and drawn-out misery of the pandemic might respond positively to it.

It also demonstrates that far from being a liability as his opponents and the media would have it, the LPC themselves are firmly certain that Trudeau is their best asset.

Ironically, it says the opposite for O'Toole, in that Trudeau probably appears more often in their marketing materials more than he does. Singh splits the difference, with as many vacuous glamour shots of himself as he delivers cheap shots at Trudeau.

Anonymous said...

Haha, maybe Justin will trot out the old ‘secret agenda that Liberal mooks fall for over and over again.

Steve said...

I still think the most discus ting live political act was Andrew during the last debate call out all his Rempel fantasies.

Anonymous said...

With 1.3 M views the Con attack ad certainly achieved the objective of being noticed. Its unlikely that portraying girls as selfish temper tantrum prone brats is going to win them a lot of votes outside of the manly man and incel crowds.


Jackie Blue said...

Anon, it's not a secret if it's being blasted out loud. The Liberals aren't the ones who attract the likes of Mad Max, Derek Waterford and Petey Peckerhead Pigeon. The Liberals aren't the ones who want to nationalize the whole goddamn country and upend or ignore the constitution. The Liberals didn't spend a year attacking O'Toole or Singh's kith and kin as a "crime family". The Liberals tried to pass positive policy in this toxic parliament but got roadblocked by CONs running out the clock, while the NDP twiddled their thumbs and let them do it just so the Liberals couldn't take credit.

The opposition's agenda is as ugly as the day is long and it's right there in plain view for anyone who chooses to look. Not their fault there are none so blind as those who refuse to see. But it's quite obvious the Cons and their sidekick NDP keep trotting out the old "Trudeau bad" agenda that CONDP mooks fall for over and over again.

Anonymous said...

Its likely the juvenile attack ad is targeted to distract their base from noticing that not so great leader is talking about climate action plans and supporting vaccinations and the right to choose. Although its just hollow fluff the base would self destruct at the mere whisper of this type of treasonous talk. Although it is difficult to resist being sucked into the social noise these ads generate, the real kryptonite is asking Cons what they think about the Tool's climate plan, encouraging vaccinations, and protecting access to abortion.


Simon said...

Hi Ottlib…Your decision to watch the ad with the sound turned off was a wise one, because with the sound on it is even more misogynistic and disgusting. The Guardian article explains why Topham and Guerin believe that lame and vulgar videos can raise the number of followers, so they can reach more people with “serious” messages. I can’t see that working here. But the problem O’Toole has is that while he needs to broaden his support, he is scared of losing some of his ugly base to Bernier’s party. He is caught between a rock and a hard place and hopefully the Liberals can take advantage of that…

Jsb said...

Sorry to say this, but the election call was a stupid Idea... I don't think that the liberals will win any additional seats, and they might in fact loose some... I mean, it now seems that in Nova Scotia, the liberals there will loose...🤔
So, I wouldn't be surprised if the conservatives win...🤔😬

Simon said...

Hi JD….Only members of the diseased Con cult could enjoy that perverted attack ad, and hopefully it will backfire and encourage decent people to fight the Cons harder than ever. As you point out, the Cons with the help of their bought media have been smearing Justin Trudeau from the moment he entered politics. And by now they are so corrupted that’s all they know what to do. Good. That will make it easier to defeat them. And defeat them we must….

Simon said...

Hi Jackie…I love that new Liberal ad and can hardly wait to juxtapose it with that ugly Con ad. Like you I believe that Canadians are ready for an ad that celebrates them and this country, and a return to normal. As you say their agenda is as ugly as the day is long, and now it’s out there for anyone to see. The ugly Cons live in a toilet and I welcome the opportunity to flush them….

Simon said...

Hi anon@12:12A M…Ha ha yourself. I hope the Liberals do go after the Con’s hidden agenda, because there has never been so much hidden agenda, and it badly needs to be exposed. The Con Coven has magd to get away with murder, but not for much longer…☠️☠️☠️

Simon said...

Hi Steve….I can’t remember Andrew Scheer calling out his Rempel fantasies, but maybe I did hear him and I’m just traumatized. 😉

Simon said...

Hi RT….Yes, I noticed that the ugly video attracted a lot of viewers, but like you I don’t think it will help the Cons. About half of those views were progressives checking it out, and the ad would only make them more determined to vote for our side…

Jsb said...

Judging by the fact that you are quiet on the liberals calling the election, I assume you are not as confident as you were before...🤔
Also, what is going on with web Twitter, I can't read the threads anymore... there's always an ad saying I should sign up or download the app?...🤔

Jackie Blue said...

So the campaign has kicked off and already O'Foole is a disaster. He won't commit to vaccine mandates and he has promised to axe the Liberal childcare plan just like Harper in 2006. Also, his "policy" book makes him look like a goof. He slammed Trudeau for the shoot with Sophie only to release a memeable "vanity fair" platform where he looks like Mr. Clean. The toxic macho is palpable in this party.

Anyway, anybody happen to know why the Liberals aren't hitting the NDP for their role in nuking childcare? My only guess (or hope) is that contrary to (various but not all) public polls, they don't sense a threat yet? Or Layton is still so much of a sacred cow that they're wary of the "optics". Regardless, all Singh does is bash Trudeau in the negative while avoiding the Cons. So much for sunny ways. CBC article this weekend revealing that he seriously has delusions of grandeur believing he has a chance to become PM. Still early though, so maybe the Liberals are keeping their powder dry.

I wonder if this could be the year the underdog pollsters perform better than the expensive media hounds like god-awful pundit Nanos. He's the only one still talking about the "unnecessary" election while saying there could be "turbulence" over lingering questions about the election call (that only he keeps asking).

Meanwhile, Frank Graves and Bruce Anderson both have great podcasts (Frank is on Herle Burly while Bruce has a panel on Sirius XM with Chantal and Peter Mansbridge, the last remaining decent journalists in Canada). Greg Lyle at Innovative is much more bullish on the Grits, aiming to prove the other aggregators wrong.

Simon said...

Hi Jsb…..I don’t know if you noticed, but where I live at least, the first signs of fall are upon us. And I’m determined to enjoy every last bit of summer, so politics will have to take second place at least for the early days of the campaign. As for Twitter I have no idea why you can”t read the threads. But why don’t you just join Twitter? It’s easy and it”s free. And you can annoy me more than you already do…🤨

Simon said...

Hi Jackie….Yes, I must say that Captain Outhouse is impressing me. Losing so many points on Day One does take some doing. I’m not surprised that the Libs aren’t going after the NDP since it’s their supporters who can give the Liberals a majority, so you don’t want to annoy them too much. I’m confident that Singh will sink his own ship. When he talks about being Prime Minister I don’t know whether to laugh or laugh. That poor narcissist is going to be bitterly disappointed. That’s not to say that he couldn’t deprive Trudeau of a majority, but believing he could become Prime Minister is a bridge too far….